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Earth Healing and Earth Star Chakra Guided Meditations

Instudio Group Meditations near Rozelle, Birchgrove and the Balmain, inner west suburbs of Sydney In [...]

How I began group guided meditation and my experience meeting a Tibetan Monk called Sonam

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Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety and Fear

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The healing power of Tree Meditation

The healing power of Tree Meditation It has been proven Trees communicate through their roots, [...]

Guided Healing Meditation for Anxiety and Paranoia

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How the Earth Element Guided Meditation Relieved Anxiety for Helen

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Benefits of Earth Healing Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation Course A testimonial from a meditator in Russel Lea, Inner West of Sydney [...]

Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Best Guided Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety Anxiety can have a major negative impact on your [...]

New Meditation Course format 2016

Happy New Year to you all as we start a new 2016, also know as [...]

Healing Power of the 5 Elements Meditation

Meditation in Sydney will continue again on Tuesday the 29th July onwards. Healing Power of [...]