How the Earth Element Guided Meditation Relieved Anxiety for Helen

Guided Meditation for Stress, Anxiety and Depression. To help anxiety. This was Helen’s experience after the first meditation she tried in the last course.

Sharing how my Guided Meditations Relieved Anxiety for Helen

Let me share this inspiring story with you, of a very talented and energetic young lady.

Like many women in Sydney, Helen was married to a man who gave her twins, two beautiful daughters. In a few years sadly, he abandoned his family and left Helen to raise her two daughters alone.

With the wonderful love and dedication, a mother gives her daughters, she has raised two lovely young women that are now professional violinists. In this time, Helen managed to acquire a master then honours in fine arts.

Many years later Helen started a second relationship with a man who was in banking. Sadly, this banker was more like a psychic vampire and left her after ten years.

Helen was left alone once again. An amazing woman who was left suffering from anxiety and unable to continue with her amazing creativity as a fine artist, with the aftershocks of these experiences.

I invited Helen to join my healing meditations to help clear her of the anxiety she was suffering from as a result of her past experiences. Unfortunately, many women in Sydney have suffered the same.

This was Helen’s experience after the first meditation she tried in the last course.

“Each of Senka’s meditations is an amazing experience and definitely one of the best meditation places in Sydney.

After my the first class, I felt a lot of tension was coming out of me for several days like a river of negative feelings. Those negative feelings were not connected to anyone specifically. They felt more like bad energy stored for so long flowing out of me from deep inside.

I had a diagnosed anxiety problem for years, and after meditation, with Senka I feel more immune to other people’s opinion and more centred within myself. Overall I highly recommend meditation classes with Senka if this is the result of the first class.”

This was Helen’s experience after the third class in her words;

“I think your session really shook me well in a good way. I remember in the first part I fell into a trance-like state. I could not follow your words any more as you sounded far away. I could hear your voice, but I was fading away from the room. When I got back, I thought that maybe I fell asleep and I was thinking I hope I was not snoring… hahaha… as I usually snore a little. After I got back, I started feeling shivery and as the tension was building up again especially around my neck area and my stomach area was painful.

In the end, the pain passed and as you know, I was full of energy. I felt good and then I had that emotional meltdown. OMG so much change in just a few hours. I went to sleep around midnight and slept so deeply, like a baby and woke up around seven.”

After the fifth meditation class in the same course, this was her next experience;

“I had an amazing experience during the session that made me cry. In my mind, I was at the exact same place when I visited you a year ago. I could see a beautiful landscape in front of me. Forests, rivers, mountains and the sea.

The air was fresh and filled with sunlight, like after the rain when everything is so clear. This time I was not a bird flying over the forest. I was me in human form standing somewhere, in the corner of my “vision” I could only see my back as I was facing the ocean.

At that moment I saw a giant woman. Tall and slender she covered the ocean and the sky. She was dressed up as a medieval queen in a long golden embroidered gown with full white sleeves. I could not see her face as her head was covered with some kind of tall golden headpiece.

She stood there and then opened her arms and gently but firmly ordered;

“Come to me!” Then I saw thousands and thousands of animal souls rushing to her and disappearing in her arms. When they were all absorbed within her, she stood there for a moment. The then opened her mouth very wide, and she let out a very long almighty scream, as she was letting go of all the pain and suffering these animal souls endured in their lifetime. It did not sound frightening to me at all, and it did not scare me.”

After the course, she now feels so much lighter and brighter. Also much more positive. I think she still needs another course or two before she can start to bounce out of bed in the morning and start painting again with her fantastic inspiration and natural love of life unleashed.

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