Searching for a Spiritual Mentor Near me? Understanding the role of a Spiritual Mentor Online.

What is a Spiritual Mentor Online, find a Spiritual Mentor Near Me, the Role of a Spiritual Mentor. Jon Davidson

What is a Spiritual Mentor?

A spiritual mentor can be compared to a lifeguard at the beach. Life can pull you away like a rip in the ocean, an undercurrent within you that you cannot see. It is only when you go deeper into your experience that you become aware of your own undercurrent of emotions and feelings that can pull you away from yourself. For example, repetitive patterns may keep you trapped, such as attracting the same unhealthy relationships repeatedly.

From a more holistic perspective, a spiritual mentor can help you fully integrate into your life and experiences.

Also supports to deepen one’s understanding of self and connection to a higher purpose. Through personalised guidance, a spiritual mentor assists in overcoming your very own emotional and spiritual challenges, fostering growth and alignment with one’s true path, promoting holistic well-being.

What is a Spiritual Mentor Online, find a Spiritual Mentor Near Me

Why do I need a Spiritual Mentor?

A spiritual mentor facilitates the process of unbinding ourselves from within. As we begin to unfold from within the path itself is revealed before us. Ultimately our direct experience should be our guide, because we are not in a true relationship with life there is a gap between what we feel and what we experience.

We compartmentalise as we are trapped in the experience and cannot see out of it. This approach allows us to unbind ourselves from our experience and release what is trapped and open up to a greater sense of self that is more fluid and adaptable to life. Less rigid, bound and caught up what we are normally fixated upon by our pursuits and endeavours. A relationship with spirit allows for a broader perspective, if we cannot see ourselves on the map how do we know where we are going.

The first step is seeing ourselves in relationship to the one life which is spirit. Our goal through this process is to bridge the gap between what we feel and what we experience. To develop the solid sense of self. Unbound by the past, clear in our intention, fully in the present. No longer caught up in the psychic world of impressions. Living in true relationship with the spirit within and without.

So we come into this world with two bodies, our soul and the spirit. Our goal in life is to bridge this gap between our soul and the spirit, like the river merging with the ocean. The soul is what experiences the life in the body through impressions, thoughts and feelings.

Senka Channelling Guided Meditation in the Royal National Park in Nature

I was introduced to Jon by a meditation client and soon booked a one-on-one healing session with him. He came to my home that Saturday, and the session began. My first experience with Jon was astounding. He is, in many ways, my Dr. Strange. He used various healing energies, channeled from the spirit, and during the session, my ancestors communicated through him, sharing valuable insights and knowledge from my lineage.

In addition to the healing energies, Jon worked with unique vibrational frequencies that were new to me. These frequencies facilitated further shifts, complementing the energies already moving through me. At one point, I felt as if there were three versions of me, all realigning and clearing simultaneously. Towards the end, Jon asked me to sit in a chair. With his powerful healing hands, he worked through my aura, realigning all parts until I felt integrated and whole again. The shifts were incredible, and in the following days, many new opportunities opened up for me. Jon successfully uncovered deeply buried traumas, releasing hidden energies and allowing for greater flow. During my meditation sessions, my clients noticed a significant increase in the level of healing I was able to facilitate.

That evening, I was awakened by a warm, powerful energy flowing through my abdomen and chest. This energy moved in a circular motion, providing both warmth and healing. Since that first session, I have had five more, and I eagerly look forward to each one. I highly recommend booking a one-on-one healing session with Jon. His unique and powerful approach will surprise you with its effectiveness and transformative impact. Jon is a true professional in every sense.

Senka / Meditation Guide

Your Spiritual Mentor Online

Spirit, Soul and Mind.

When the spirit is embodied, it manifests as the soul. The soul functions through the body as mind. The spirit is the witness of the lived experience as the soul in the body. A Spiritual Mentor helps you realise that we are alive as energy beings, not just as energy trapped in form.

The goal in life is to bridge the gap between the soul and the spirit. Between what we feel and what we experience. Instead of bridging this gap, many spend their life filling this gap.

Jon Davidson - What is a Spiritual Mentor Online, find a Spiritual Mentor Near Me, the Role of a Spiritual Mentor.

We fill the gap when life is about getting something rather than bridging the gap that is about growth.

Being in a relationship is about growth however having a relationship is getting something that is based on expectation which is our pain.

There is a relationship with life, not just being attached to that person. When they die they are not there. All you are left with is your memory, the shadow of the past. What we think is a relationship is just us projecting on the other person.

Really, relationship is about life. Relationship with life ultimately realising it is a spiritual journey. The beginning of the journey is the recognition we are spirit. Relationship with life is about growth rather than just about getting something.

When we don’t get what we want from life, feelings come up. What those feelings are telling us is more important than what we wanted. If we don’t process those feeling they will continue to manifest in our life as obstacles on our path. The role of the spiritual mentor is to clear the obstacles and guide you on that path.

Growth is an integration of self.

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Written by Jon Davidson
Spiritual Mentor and psychic medium with over 20 years of experience.
Clients both in Australia and overseas.

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