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We are directly across the road from park, nearest cross side street is Allen Street. Enter the studio via far right door facing the street and not the side.


220A Norton Street,
Leichhardt NSW 2040


+61 2 9569 6580


[email protected]


220A Norton Street,
Tuesdays 7:30 pm to 9 pm
Monday – Saturday Bookings

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Bookings only for one to one healing and meditation sessions.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Please fill out the form below, email or call.

Australian Native Flowers with sunlight - guided healing meditaton in sydney by senka


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Tues 27th June> 25th July 23Taking Bookings
Tues 16th May> 13th June 23SOLD OUT
Tues 21st March> 18th April 23SOLD OUT
Tues 7th Feb> 7th March 23SOLD OUT
Tues 15th Nov> 13th Dec 22SOLD OUT
Tues 4th Oct> 1st November 22SOLD OUT
Tues 23rd Aug> 20th Sept 22SOLD OUT
Tues 12th July> 9th August 22SOLD OUT
Tues 24th May> 21st June 22SOLD OUT
Tues 5th April> 3rd May 22SOLD OUT
Tues 2nd Feb> 2nd March 22SOLD OUT
Tues 2nd Jan> 8th February 22SOLD OUT
Wed 10th Nov> 8th December 21SOLD OUT
Wed 29th Sept> 20th December 21SOLD OUT
Wed 18th Aug> 15th September 21SOLD OUT
Wed 7th July> 4th August 21SOLD OUT
Wed 19th May> 16th June 21SOLD OUT
Tue 21st April> 19th May 21SOLD OUT
Tue 10th March> 7th April 21SOLD OUT
Tues 30th Feb> 27th April 21SOLD OUT
Wed 27th Feb> 24th February 21SOLD OUT
Wed 9th Feb> 9th March 21SOLD OUT
Wed 25th Nov> 23rd December 21SOLD OUT
Wed 14th Oct> 11th November 20SOLD OUT

One to One Meditations or Healing by Appointment Only
• Monday 12pm – 8pm
• Wednesday 12pm – 8pm
• Thursday 12pm – 8pm
• Friday 12pm – 5pm
• Saturday 12pm – 8pm
• Sunday 12pm – 8pm

All payments for the in-studio 5 week meditation to be made via this link.
Our Meditation rooms are located in Hatha Yoga Disha Centre – Free on street parking from Allen Street, James Street, William Street and the park side on Norton Street.
Email or Phone to book in for a one to one healing with Senka.

Call us on 02 9569 6580 or Email: [email protected]

Please email me on the link above for now as my contact form is not working at the moment. The developer should have it fixed in the next couple of days.


Kirlian photography of leaves, nature and human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?


Classic rule for home page, guided chakra meditation in Australia for beginners

    Meditation Course, Healing Session and Course Pack Sale

    Taking bookings now for the next meditation course starting on Wednesday the 14th October 2020 as Zoom Meditations. Updated dates in the table below.

    When Covid restrictions are fully lifted, the meditation rooms on Norton Street will then reopen.


    Classic rule for home page, guided chakra meditation in Australia for beginners