Best Meditation Kit for Beginners 4 Month Course

Channelling Meditation Starter Kit Package for Beginners

“Thank you! This has been the best meditation kit for me to get started as a beginner”

Do you want to bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance? To be more in control? More grounded? Less stressed and anxious? Ancient channelling meditation is being revived as mainstream society turns inwards for healing. Some people cannot attend Senka’s meditation classes in person or via zoom. And, beginners like yourself, want to get started with learning the correct ways to meditate from an expert. This starter kit package is best for beginners yet all can benefit from it. The channelled meditations give meditators everything they need to self-heal. Extra resources inform how and why ancient meditation techniques are so effective. This truly is a complete package and is unlike any others available. Very rarely are people given access to such remarkable insights and guided meditations.

Over four months, the course teaches and assists meditators to:

• Self-heal.
• Reduce (and eliminate) anxiety, stress and early stages of depression.
• Clear stress-related headaches and nervous tension.
• Completely relax the body and mind.
• Improve sleep – falling and staying asleep.
• Raise consciousness and energy.
• Release fears, self-doubt, anger, and worries.
• Empower yourself to get rid of addictions such as tobacco and alcohol abuse.
• Develop life-long skills.

“No one should ever have to try to live with these sorts of things. I have been through many of these experiences so, I know personally how beneficial meditation is. This is why I created this package.” – Senka

IMAGINE, what you could accomplish if you start your healing journey today!

This four-month course is the perfect way to re-train and strengthen the brain – and improve health and wellbeing.

AUD $427. Now only $347 Reduced even further to $177 (only 8 left to clear).