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This page contains a very inspiring collection of testimonials I have collected over the many years of guiding the meditations.
The unique videos are audio captures from meditators that joined my courses.

Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka

Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka
  • Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka

    Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka
  • Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka - Audio Testimonials

    Benefits of Guided Meditation with Senka - Audio Testimonials
  • Audio Testimonials Sharing Benefits Gained of Meditation with Senka

    Audio Testimonials Sharing Benefits Gained of Meditation with Senka
  • Why you should do Yoga

    Why you should do Yoga

A huge thank you to you all, that have been kind enough to share all these heart felt testimonials

As a healer, it is my intention to use my skills and knowledge to provide my clients with quality healing for the heart, body and mind. Every week, people with pain, injury, addiction, stress, lack of focus, anxiety and more join me for guided meditation.

I am fortunate to see so many people leave my classes and sessions feeling whole, healed and light. I am with you every step of the way, to support you through the challenges and to celebrate the wins during your meditation journey with me.

A lovely meditation testimonial from Matt - Film Producer

I am someone who has tried to reconcile themselves to meditation for a great number of years with varying degrees of success. I’ve hit a lot of brick walls but still, know the potential to be immeasurable, and therefore have begrudgingly pursued the practice.

It was not until I stumbled across Senka’s meditation group that I started to notice a considerable shift in my progress – more akin to a noticeable leap forward, then progress that could only be noticed in hind-sight. The meditation atmosphere is one of a relaxing, inviting haven; and the guided meditations allows an individual to effortlessly achieve great effects with very little time or experience.

Senka is a generous person driven by the desire to help people to become more at peace and spiritually evolved. During the meditation she will one-on-one, channel energy into each participant. This acts to clear and align, and is a very noticeable phenomenon.

Since attending the group for a few short weeks, I’ve had some powerful experiences I cannot explain via conventional methods. My own personal meditations are deeper and more unhindered; my mind is considerably less cluttered and more controlled. It’s fair to say that this seismic shift forward occurred from the time I started attending the groups, and therefore credit logically belongs there. I look very much forward to the future and all it brings, while very much enjoying the present and the journey itself.


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