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What Others Have to Say About Meditation and Dealing with Stress.

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I am someone who has tried to reconcile themselves to meditation for a great number of years with varying degrees of success. I’ve hit a lot of brick walls but still, know the potential to be immeasurable, and therefore have begrudgingly pursued the practice.
It was not until I stumbled across Senka’s meditation group that I started to notice a considerable shift in my progress – more akin to a noticeable leap forward, then progress that could only be noticed in hind-sight. The meditation atmosphere is one of a relaxing, inviting haven; and the guided meditations allows an individual to effortlessly achieve great effects with very little time or experience.

Senka is a generous person driven by the desire to help people to become more at peace and spiritually evolved. During the meditation she will one-on-one, channel energy into each participant. This acts to clear and align, and is a very noticeable phenomenon.
Since attending the group for a few short weeks, I’ve had some powerful experiences I cannot explain via conventional methods. My own personal meditations are deeper and more unhindered; my mind is considerably less cluttered and more controlled. 
It’s fair to say that this seismic shift forward occurred from the time I started attending the groups, and therefore credit logically belongs there. I look very much forward to the future and all it brings, while very much enjoying the present and the journey itself. “


“I’ve resisted posting a testimonial for Senka’s meditation classes for purely selfish reasons. I wanted to keep her meditations a secret out of fear that she will either get swamped or put her prices up, or both (!).
I have been taking her meditations for about a year and a half, and have done her 6 month meditation course. I’ve studied eastern thought and practiced what I would call more traditional meditation off and on for 30 years. I am also a scientist and so my approach to all of this has been one of experience and empirical evidence. I go with what works – I do not let science stand in the way because quite bluntly this is beyond science – all science including even quantum physics.
Almost everyone that attends the meditation classes experiences positive– in many cases remarkable – results but most chalk it up to just being relaxed. It is much more than that.
The effect on me has been tangible, real, consistent, unmistakable, repeatable, and astonishing.
It took me quite a while to figure out what it is, partly because Senka is so modest. However, when I took an intensive meditation session from a Swami from Melbourne about six months ago, where this phenomenon was heavily advertised, the penny dropped and I knew that it was in fact the legendary, mythical and mystical, spiritual energy – “shakti”. The transfer of spiritual energy – “shaktipat” – is rare. I had never experienced it before despite having done meditation for almost 10 years in my 20’s from a serious follower of Swami Sivananda.
For me it started out subtly and grew in Senka’s meditations. Even though I am just at the very beginning – nothing compared to what has been written about kundalini or shakti energy – it nonetheless has profoundly changed the way I think and feel and interact in the world. On days when it is strong, I literally cannot think a negative thought. It has had a major impact on my lecturing as well as on my ability to do traditional meditation.
It has been and continues to be a profound experience – one that has changed my journey from an intellectual exercise to an experience. I am not sure exactly where it is leading except that it is undoubtedly upwards and I have no choice but to pursue it. I am truly grateful to have stumbled upon Senka, by sheer providence. “

“After yesterday’s meditation, I feel amazing, peaceful and relaxed. I slept so well like a baby. y heart ususally beats the day before my assignement is due however after your meditation, my heart is so calm. I am just amazed and i would like to experience your meditation once again. I have listened to couple of your meditations last night and this morning, they are great but meditation person to person is what i found to be more working for me.
I have to tell that after my meditation, i was more confident to ask questions in the class and had more energy to absorb information in. Things started to work miracelously.”


“I started meditation classes with Senka as I have numerous health issues, one being high blood pressure. After 4 weeks my blood pressure had dropped so significantly that my GP has decided to take me off my medication and will monitor it to ensure that it continues to stabilise. I know that the meditation classes have played a vital role in improving my health as I feel so much better and a lot calmer. I cannot thank Senka enough for her amazing classes and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stressed out and in need of help. She really takes an interest in you as an individual and her professional manner is so refreshing.”


“After being diagnosed with some health issues over the past few months, I found that I have been feeling quite anxious and at times not able to ‘switch’ my mind off, which can be quite emotionally draining. I used to practice Bikram Yoga but just found that this wasn’t as beneficial to me anymore. I decided to try meditation and wow am I glad I did!! Senka’s guided meditations take me to such a calm, soothing place in my mind, which helps calm me down, sooth my soul and feel very at peace, which can be so hard in this fast paced lifestyle we all seem to lead today. After only one session, I slept more soundly then I have in months, and I just feel like I am in a much calmer, more positive frame of mind. Her Tuesday evening sessions will definately now be a regular occurance in my weekly schedule. Thank you Senka for all of your guidance and support and I look forward to many more classes with you.”


“I went to bed shortly after you left. I felt my body was heating up and my legs tired. My head was clear, but tired. I woke up after 5 hours, with a dry throat. And still is. I’m feeling like my body went through a detoxification. Three hours later I got up again for work. In the past, I’ll be tired and need a little push to get up to face another day. But this morning even though I’m tired, no push is needed. Sitting here at work right now, my mind is clear, with no worries and anxiety from thinking too much on my own issue. And am able to focus more at work. Since this morning it felt as if my head had been spring cleaned. I can now manage and think one issue at a time, rather being bombarded with all at once and feel frustrated, angry, anxious and emotional I feel fantastic. All after only one healing session with you. Simply amazing!”


“I had been feeling overwhelmed with grief since the passing of my Dad, feeling unbalanced and as if I were just about to fall into a black hole that I might not have been able to get out of. I knew I couldn’t get through this by myself and asked Senka for some help. She did a one on one earth healing with me. That night I had the most amazing nights sleep with vivid dreams. The following day I felt strong, balanced, and clear and more at peace with what had happened. This was a truly amazing turnaround and still to this day I feel emotionally strong. Thankyou Senka for a wonderful healing session.”


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“Meditation allows me to give my mind a complete rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It takes me to a special place where I can receive and give universal love, ask for assistance in areas of my life that require improving and embody peace that I would like to see in the world. The mind is a powerful tool, and the intensity of the energy that we give and receive during a meditation session with Senka is relaxing, healing and leaves you with an overall feeling of peacefulness and contentment within yourself.”


“Myself and my friend Karen attended the Healing and Meditation class with Senka basically to De Stress and to help my friend with some healing after an operation. But while in the meditation I experienced something that I didn’t expect, and it was the best feeling that I have ever had and made me realize something that I wasn’t doing, involving the passing of 2 family members. So, I will be attending classes every week. Thank you very much Senka…. “


“After my first meditation course I couldn’t believe it. It taught me to take time away from my hectic world and to look inside me and build my strength. I felt completely refreshed like a long energising sleep”


“My first class in meditation was on a summer evening with Senka. Her joyful guidance of visualisations and colours was like taking a holiday and quickly became a regular ‘pit-stop’ for practicing de-stressing as part of my managing a healthier life. What is most special and like an unexpected gift is the extra balancing work that Senka almost magically performs on you and around you, bringing at times an emotional and physical relief that grows through the following weeks. Deep and long-term headaches, shoulder pain and tightness in both chest and throat have been soothed during these gentle moments of highly intuitive energy shifting. It is essentially this respect for energy, self and community that acts like a groundswell of harmony and healing even after only a few months. I am grateful and happy.”


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“‘Senka’s meditation classes have been my absolute jewel of sanity amongst my tumultuous sea of drama that has often been my life. When I walk out of class I feel like I have been charged with the energy & clarity to work through at times this trying human existence – Thank you Senka for sharing your light & allowing us to find our own!”


“I felt embraced with warmth in Senka’s circle and journeyed through to a world that I created with my imagination. During meditation, I felt a black cloud lift off me. From then on I shone to the world. After having lifted the bad energy off me, my eyes felt like they opened up and felt alive as did my soul. Everyone noticed the difference and kept complimenting how I stood out from the crowd. Thanks for helping me.'”


“It is safe to say that I was a huge sceptic of meditation or any type on non conventional methods to reduce stress and relax. This all changed when my friend and I started visiting Senka for her weekly guided mediation classes in Leichhardt. I have always found it difficult to shut off from the work day and I have always “worried about everything” – this inability caused me to breakdown a few months back so I called Senka and talked through my issues hoping that she would fix them right then and there! She suggested the classes so we went along and I haven’t looked back. Meditation has allowed me to think and make decisions in my life with a clear mind. I have less stress and anxiety or at least, I know how to manage it better. More importantly, I am much happier in me which means I am a better Mother, Wife – a much better Marcella! Thanks Senka…”

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“I attended Senka’s meditation classes a number of times because I needed help with my stress levels. I was also unsure of my life path and basically depressed. I can honestly say without hesitation “I am soooo happy that I gave it a go”. Senka takes you through a meditative state of relaxation, she has such a calming voice that is easy to follow. She inserts energy into you while you’re in your relaxed state and she also gets the class to do a group meditation to help different parts of the world. I found her to be generous with her classes. After my 3rd class my sleeping patterns improved, I no longer woke up in a state of stress, I was a happier person and I also had a few answers to the direction of my life plan. It was the best and most affordable present I have given to myself. Definitely worth a try, it worked for me and I’m a skeptic…”


“‘I am writing this short message to you to sincerely thank you for your introduction to Meditation I found your Internet website some months ago and decided to call you so I could learn to meditate. After my initial phone call to you, you invited me to one of your classes witch I attended at Leichhardt on a Tuesday night some months ago – which by the way I have not missed since then.. I was going through the most difficult time in my life! A separation from my wife of over 16 years my heart was broken and I was is an emotional roller coaster ride, I needed to find myself again and heal all the pain, hurt, despair, and much more but most of all learn to find an inner peace again. Meditation has helped me tremendously learning how to meditate with you and the many people in the class has helped me heal, find out who I am, and slowly ease the pain BUT the one thing that I have learnt the most is to “make my thoughts my creations”. Writing things and thoughts in the healing books you have “HAS WORKED” in such a short period of time many of my wishes and thoughts have happened – Its Amazing. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart I truly recommend anybody interested in meditation to attend your classes for we all require a time to be at peace within ourselves and have love back in our lives.”


“Thank you so much for today! I really really appreciated it and I have called three people while I was waiting at the station and told them they must do it! I have tried everything this year and this meditation with you has been the most beneficial thing I could have ever done for my self. I still feel great and I can’t believe it. I am still shocked over what I have learned about myself and what I saw and learned during the session. Amazing is all I have to say and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at 10:30 again. I will be earlier next time.”


“‘At first I was a bit apprehensive about attending meditation but after a few days I started noticing the effects. I was unable to think negative thoughts and even if I did they would lightly brush over me and I wouldn’t dwell on them at all. After several months I find myself happier and more content with where I am with the world thanks to meditation classes. With Senka’s classes we are taken on a wonderful journey filled with beautiful imagery that helps us become more aware of ourselves and more positive in the days to come. Thank you so much.”


“Meditation opened my mind and cleared it of all the bad energy, worries and confusion – I soon had clarity and recovered the optimism that I had lost – I have dealt with day to day issues with better judgement and also calmness. Since starting meditation classes with Senka in October 2009, I went through a life-changing period and I can only be so grateful for it. I know I only need to focus on what’s important to go forward in life, the rest will fall into place. Thanks so much again for this journey Senka”


“Just thought I’d let you know that I DID have such a wonderful sound sleep last night. The first time for me after meditation. For me, once I have had a positive response to an experience, it just gets easier! So I know that with continued meditation it will continue to get better… so I again send you my heartfelt thanks for your commitment and dedication. You are helping so many people and it is like a domino effect. As you help people to change, they in turn help others etc etc. So a BIG thank you !!! “


“I may have been guided to you for a reason, it certainly seems to be the case. I had bookmarked your site months ago and accidentally opened it when looking for another site yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much for the class last night and your understanding and healing. It was a very intense experience, I probably only vocalised a tiny amount of what I actually felt in meditation. My shoulder has had a similar reaction before when my osteopath works on sacral occipital release techniques, which are a very gentle, nerve based form of osteopathy. Last night after I left I could not lift my shoulders, I felt like an intense weight was at the end of my arms and just left my arms limply in my pockets. I had an intense hunger and a complete aversion to eating meat, so we had a simple vegetarian meal. I could not drink any alcohol, I drink quite a bit, only in the evenings and am rarely drunk but I do tend to drink to take away the neck pain and help me sleep. Last night was the first day in months I have not had a drink and I really didn’t want one. Clearly something you did had a serious effect. A positive one I believe. Thank you for everything, I very much intend to keep coming to classes”


“Just thought I’d check in with you about how I’ve felt this week after meditation. I’ve felt much more relaxed and focused!! It’s been great to feel some of my old self come back to me, as I’ve lost alot of focus and self happiness over the past few years. Really love your meditation class. See you next Tuesday”


“You bring the happiness and the light to people and fill their lives with the hope, and inevitability of love and infinite joy. You do the work of all that is good and righteous, and are guiding many other people to the way. Senka, you are a great teacher and I thank the one that put me on this path of great learning. After a bad past experience I have been living in fear of what might harm me, but I feel very safe that I have your energy to lead and guide me into the safety of light and love. This week has been a big one for me since Tuesday’s class with you, I am awakening ever more quickly. I now am able to see the light and protective guidance stronger than ever before, so I let fear go and have meditated at home since. These experiences have been “eye”-opening, and are becoming ever more potent. I can feel my crown chakra and third eye singing, and have had many enlightening dreams and peaceful rest. I feel a greater connection to plants and the earth that I once had when I was younger, but had since forgotten/lost. It’s great to know that we are fully capable of re-awakening and remembering that we are all one, and that we need to look after each other and the earth, for in doing so, we will be looking after ourSELF. In your meditations I can see the golden light buzzing around the room, filling it with love and light. In the beginning I thought it was just the candlelight but discovered after last week’s session that it was not, it is the energy you’re drawing into the room. And to my immense happiness, I was able to draw that energy myself in one of the meditations I did at home, and an angel helped me to clear my chakras. I’m learning to call on this energy on a daily basis and for longer periods of time, and look forward to learning more about life and love so that I can eventually give back what I receive, as do you. More and more people are awakening, and ever more quickly. We are learning that we have lost our way and we need great teachers like yourself to put us back on track. Thank you. “


“Senka’s meditations have helped me greatly with my health, happiness and overall wellbeing. After only just 3 sessions I have started to see results and feel a lot lighter after each session is completed. I can have a good night’s sleep and I am noticing myself being happy and content for no reason at all. A change for the better has happened and am confident with a few more sessions my health will be back on track again.”


“I’m only 39 years old but I have multiple chronic diseases that affect me in both a physical and psychological way on a daily basis. Negative feelings of despair, hopelessness and a lack of self-esteem, self-love and self-worth was all I knew. I suffered from insomnia, severe negative thought patterns and constant worry/anxiety. I let these diseases define me. My Husband found Senka’s meditation just by conducting a simple google search online. He truly believed this could be of great benefit to me even though I was very sceptical. I attended the 1st group meditation with pre-conceived notions of it not being something that would work for me. Well, I admit I was wrong. Senka’s meditations have been a wonderful saviour, not only to me, but my Husband as well. After only attending twice, I have much better sleeping patterns. I feel refreshed in the morning. I have a sense of inner peace and calm within myself. I feel internal happiness. I feel more positive in my mind. I feel I’m being awakened from the inside out and I haven’t felt such internal wellbeing in years. It’s such joy to be more aware of my actions/thoughts, and not allowing myself to slip back into the negative thought patterns I once had, that I allowed to control my behaviour and my life. My anxiety has somewhat lessened and I find myself wanting to be a better version of me. My Husband and I are more aware of our thoughts and actions. We both feel our relationship growing deeper. I also love the Magical Unicorn Oracle card reading we do at the end of the meditation. On both occasions, the card I chose is 100% accurate. I can’t thank my Husband enough for introducing us to this. Thankyou also to Senka for her wonderful, kind, welcoming, thoughtful and inspirational nature. My Husband and I are looking forward to continuing with the meditation as it’s enriched our lives, so much so that we are enrolling in the Elite Channeling Meditation Course.”