How the Earth Element Energy Healing Helped Get My Family Member out of the Emergency Ward

Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally, pure energy healing session with earth element one to one

Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally with Pure Energy

Late last year, I underwent an experience no one wants to face when a close family member was urgently rushed to the hospital’s emergency unit via an ambulance. Her blood pressure alarmingly peaked at 207, accompanied by excruciating lower back pain and severe muscle spasms.

Once in the emergency room, she was immediately connected to a monitor tracking her vital signs, including pulse rate, blood pressure at an all-time high of 207, respiratory rate, and heart rhythm. The medical team swiftly conducted examinations on her heart and upper vital organs and ran various tests. Remarkably, nothing was found and no medications were administered initially for her high blood pressure, except for morphine, to alleviate the intense lower back muscle pain.
When I arrived to relieve my sister, it was a confronting scene. I engaged my family member in conversation to calm her down while observing a nurse utilising an ultrasound device to examine her lower back. As she settled a bit and was comforted by my presence, I shielded her from the bustling activity in the emergency ward by closing the curtain for privacy.

In emergency ward Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally, pure energy healing session with earth element

A scene no one wants to see their family members in.
An emergency ward in a hospital is a toxic place to be.

Instant Earth Energy Healing

I then initiated an Earth Energy healing session by using my lotus beads and placing my earth element finger on her third eye. With a prompt request to close her eyes, I commenced the first round of Earth energy frequency healing transferred through her third eye using the five elements mantra. Astonishingly, as I withdrew my finger, I witnessed the blood pressure monitor rapidly declining from 207 and the numbers flickering down to 175. I beckoned the nurse and inquired if she saw the drastic change. Surprised, she acknowledged the improvement, expressing her amazement.

Continuing the healing, I again applied my earth element finger and channelled another round of healing energy. As soon as I lifted my finger, the monitor further plummeted from 175 to 155, restoring her blood pressure to average. The nurse smiled and resumed her duties while our family member felt more at ease, more comfortable and began conversing again.
The doctor later confirmed that she would be monitored for her back and indicated a few days’ stay in the hospital. Remarkably, she received no medication for her blood pressure, which remained within a normal range from that time onwards and still good today.

By the fourth day in the hospital, they began administering aspirin for her back pain. I insisted on her discharge by the fifth day, ensuring her care was taken over by the family. Despite the morning delays, with my sister’s arrival at noon, I pressed for her release. Eventually, the nurses and the doctor coordinated her discharge, allowing her to return home, away from the hospital’s stressful environment.

This experience has prompted me to share this profound journey with you, marking the first time I witnessed the swift and decisive effects of Earth element healing measured by a monitoring device. The two-decade-long practice of one-to-one healing sessions has significantly refined this technique, amplifying its effectiveness I channel through to my clients and meditators joining my meditation courses.

High blood pressure 207 - Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally, pure energy healing session with earth element
High blood pressure 175 drop - Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally, pure energy healing session with earth element
Normal blood pressure 155 - Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally, pure energy healing session with earth element

Energy Healing Session.

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