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The Healing Power of Crystals for Stress Relief, Meditation and Health

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Crystal healing stones are embedded in thousands of years of human history. From the ancient Sumerians to the Greeks all the way to us today. The benefits of crystals were known globally. Baltic Amber travelled to Britain and Jet was found in ancient gravesites in Scandinavia. Today, crystals for stress relief, crystal healing stones and gems of good luck and wealth are still used.

The Healing Power of Crystals

The healing power of crystals comes from the earth. The energy of the earth’s vibrations flows to the person using the crystal. In turn, the crystal or gem takes the bearer’s low energy and transports it back to the land where it is purified by gaia, completing the circle of flow that is found in nature.

Over the ages, healers have learnt the specific healing properties of stones and crystals. For example, amethyst crystal aids in the cleansing of the mind, giving clarity and clear sight. Ruby assists with blood flow. Fluorite is one to have on you when you need to focus and enhance your mental abilities.

Crystals are used in healing settings, placed around the house (especially for protection), held or kept close during meditation and worn (or even placed inside a sock for those who don’t tend to wear much jewellery).

The crystal user should be open to the healing power of the crystal they are using. Allowing its energy to flow naturally is key.

Crystals for Stress Relief

There are many crystals, stones and gems available to us today. Thankfully, nowadays, we do not need to go on a world voyage to obtain the crystal we need for healing. A most popular request I have are crystals for stress relief.

Which stones or crystals are best for stress relief? Rare black crystals which have been activated with the Vedic traditions of ancient India. These crystals have within them an immense power.

How should the crystals or stones be used? The ultimate context to allow the energy of the crystal to flow is during meditation. Meditation relaxes the mind and body, opening it up to the healing power of the crystal chosen.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on the benefits of crystals and which will help you with a specific goal. From improving mental resilience to clearing negativity, and healing, I can help.

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