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1. Healing Crystals – Powerful Black Crystals
Used for Effective Stress Relief

Black Crystal Healing

These mysterious black crystals have been activated with an ancient Vedic, secret formula over 7000 years old. Ready to help wash your stresses away! These powerful crystals are the most effective tool we’ve found for healing and assisting with stress relief! Can be used anywhere, anytime. 

When you’re stressed out over work, studying, family or personal problems, these crystals can help wash away your stress and balance you quickly. Black hyperstene comes with an instructional scroll and a fabric pouch to protect the crystal. The scroll contains instructions on how to clean and care for your crystal and also more detail about the unique properties of this crystal. The scroll also contains a short, effective and very ancient meditation transcribed from the ancient sanskrit texts and flown out from the temples specially to share with you, showing your how to effectively wash away your stress.
The black crystals are charged with an ancient energy, and act as a magnet, to absorb all negative emotions, out of your body. You’ll be astonished at how effectively it helps drain away your stress and anxiety. These unique crystals make an excellent aid to our meditation course, and can also make a great gift for those you care for. Each crystal is unique in shape and size, so you’ll be assured of receiving a tool that is as distinctive as it is powerful.

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Stress Busters – ONLY $37

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2. Selenite Crystal Pyramid – to be placed in your bedroom for protection

Selenite Crystal Pyramid

Understanding the properties of Selenite and why it is such a great crystal for meditation.

Translucent selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher chakras. Accessing both angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Pure selenite is a link to the light body helping to anchor it in the earth vibration. It is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.

The selenite  pyramid when placed in your bedroom forms a protective grid. Creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in. So you can sleeep deeply with pleasant dreams.

Psychologically, selenite assists judgement and insight. Mentally, it clear confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It brings about a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level. This is a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions.

Selenite Crystal Pyramid – ONLY $37

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3. Amethyst Crystal – excellent for clearing the mind and third eye

Amethyst Crystal

Understanding the properties and attributes of Amethyst. It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack transmuting the energy into love. A natural tranquilizer. Amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Its serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers and enhances spiritual awareness. It overcomes addictions and blockages of all kinds. Used at a higher level, amethyst opens to another reality.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding. Mentally it helps you feel less scattered, more focused and in control of your faculties. It enhances the assimilation of new ideas and connects cause with effect. Mentally it calms and synthesises and aids the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It is helpful where insomnia is caused by an overactive mind. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviating sadness and grief, it supports coming to terms with loss. It is one of the most spiritual stones promoting love of the divine. It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts and stimulates the third eye.

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4. Tourmalinated Quartz – another great meditation crystal

Tourmalated Quartz

Understanding the properties and attributes of Tourmalinated Quartz

An effective grounding stone, it strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences. It releases tensions at any level. This stone harmonises disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts into positive ones. It is an effective problem solver.

Tourmalinated quartz harmonises the meridians, the subtle bodies and the chakras.



Tourmalinated Quartz crystal

Tourmalinated Quartz – ONLY $37

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5. Stromatolite assists in balancing emotions


Stromatolites encode the role that ancient microorganisms played in the evolution of life on earth and in shaping earth’s environments. In many respects stromatolites are the most intriguing fossils that serve as our singular visual portal into deep time on earth, the emergence of life, and the eventual evolving of the beautiful life forms from Cambrian to modern time. This is a stone of transformation assisting healing at an emotional level. Stromatolite gently removes blockages within the meridians and chakras. Stromatolite is a good meditation aid assisting with past life recall. This crystal teaches the purpose of life on Earth and our part in it. Use this crystal to bring steadfast persistence, stability and connection to the essence of life. Also enhancing resilience and versatility within you.

What an incredible energetic role these fossils provide in terms of supporting evolutionary changes, particularly in the cycles of creation and in the shaping of our reality. They have the very patient, steady energy of a jasper as well, bringing temperance and steadfastness to any process or person. This stone promotes adaptability as well as encodes information for the evolution of consciousness as extrapolated from ancient times. Stromatolite are the only fossils encoding the first 7/8th of the history of life on earth.

Stromatolite – ONLY $37

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