Membership section will be coming soon in 2020

This section is yet to be developed and will be full of exciting features.
It will be filled with original meditations that will be uploaded on a monthly basis, pdf articles to read and videos to watch.

The unique channelled guided meditations will assist with the healing of many conditions and guided by spirit.

Meditation Course, Healing Session and Course Pack Sale


Taking bookings now for the next meditation course starting the 4th February 2020. Updated details on the three links and dates in the table below.

Tuesday 24th April22nd May 2018SOLD OUT
Tuesday 12th June10th July 2018SOLD OUT
Tuesday 31st July28th Aug 2018SOLD OUT
Tuesday 18th Sept16th Oct 2018SOLD OUT
Tuesday 30th Nov27th Nov 2018SOLD OUT
Tuesday 29th Jan26th Feb 2019SOLD OUT
Tuesday 12th March9th April 2019SOLD OUT
Tuesday 7th May4th June 19SOLD OUT
Tuesday 25th June23rd July 19SOLD OUT
Tuesday 20th August17th September 19SOLD OUT
Tuesday 8h August5th November 19SOLD OUT
Tuesday 19th November17th December 19SOLD OUT
Tuesday 4th February3rd March 20Taking bookings