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Searching for Spiritual Retreats near me in Sydney?

Spiritual Retreats near me. Dalai Lama budhist meditation retreat

Photo from the workshop I joined with His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Seven Stages of Meditation – Sydney, Australia a few years ago.

Keep watching this site for the exciting Meditation Retreats we are planning, to help you escape the chaos of Sydney. Weekend workshop retreats are currently being developed and will be posted up soon… 

The first one is to share ancient secret formulas and mantras gathered from the Brahmin Priests, who have safely guarded the ancient palm leaf manuscripts for thousands of years. This exciting course will show you how to completely clear yourself of stress and any form of negativity you have absorbed in your lifetime, bring you back into balance and then start raising your energy and awareness exponentially through super consciousness to assist in healing the world and others. 

THE FIVE ELEMENTS – Earth, sky, fire, water and air are the five pillars of creation. The Five Element Process reveals how to use the divine power of the elements to heal stress, physical, emotional and mental disorders. This powerful process also provides the ability to send healing over long distances, and to open your channels to communicate with the angels. By following a set of precise formulas and techniques along with the appropriate mantras for each element, meditators can achieve a new higher level of consciousness.

Visit our Channeling Meditation Course‘ section, section, for more great information and we look forward for you to join our fabulous online meditation course spanning over 4 months with loads of support and guidance. 

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Chakra Guided Meditations - Buddha head meditation divider
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