Healing Chakra Crystal Necklaces and Pendants

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Handmade Authentic Chakra Necklace Jewellery

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Chakra balancing jewellery aids in grounding, healing, and manifesting balance in the body, mind and spirit. The most common jewellery types are the chakra balancing necklace and heart chakra necklaces. Not only are they functional, but they are also beautiful.

 Shipping is available worldwide for those looking for authentic chakra jewellery for sale. Even though I am based in Australia, my meditation courses and chakra jewelry (including my popular heart chakra jewelry) can be posted worldwide.

Chakra jewellery is worn to help strengthen, renew and clear chakras. Some people pair chakra jewellery with chakra meditation.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the main energy centres within the human body. For example, located at the base of the spine is the root chakra. Every chakra has its own characteristics and influences the physical body, mind and spirit of the individual in unique ways. If one chakra is blocked, the natural flow of energy through the body reduces until the blockage clears. When clearing chakras, it is important to look to the root chakra first as the main grounding energy centre. When it is clear and flowing, then it becomes easier to re-align the others.

The literal meaning of chakra is disc or spinning wheel. When you attend the chakra meditation course guided by Senka, you will start to feel each centre get cleared and realigned through each and every chakra and colour. For example, red is the colour associated with the root chakra. There are quite a few healing crystals that are best to use, red agate being one of them.

A Welcome to Those Embarking on a Journey into Chakra Crystals

For those who have recently started their exploration and understanding of chakras, welcome! You are embarking on a journey that will enlighten you spiritually and heighten the vibrations of your mind, body and spirit.

Heart Chakra Necklaces

The heart chakra necklace is associated with the colour pink, rose quartz and love. Rose Quartz is the strongest crystal for the heart chakra. It is the crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. It heals, purifies and opens the heart on all levels.

You can find the heart chakra located about 3 cm above the breast along the sternum. The same spot is located on your back along the spine.

Heart Chakra Physical Body Connections:

As with every chakra, the heart chakra is connected to particular organs and areas of the body. The heart chakra is indeed related to heart health. It extends to nerves and blood supply to the heart and nearby organs such as the lungs and thymus gland. It is also connected to the arms and hands.

Heart Chakra Metaphysical Connections:

The heart chakra is linked to the physical and metaphysical heart and the soul is anchored in the same region of the body. As such, it is the chakra to strengthen in times of emotional turmoil or grief. It is what gives us the feeling of light-heartedness and eases the flow of love and sharing. When the heart chakra is flowing, it strengthens the chakras above and below it, facilitating the flow of energy through our physical and metaphysical states.

Purchase chakra balancing jewellery for yourself or a loved one today, to assist you with the benefits shared above.

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