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Senka has been practicing meditation in Sydney for over 30 years. She is an intuitive meditation guide and author. She takes participants on a  guided meditation journey to release their body, mind and soul from stress and routine. Senka is the director of her own internet marketing company by day and rescues and cares for wildlife by night. She has worked with both national and international companies, being her clients. She credits a great portion of her professional success to the benefits of meditation.

I started meditation when I was 18 years old to help me get through the HSC – I couldn’t get my brain to switch off at night. With the help of meditation, this was quickly corrected. Throughout my life, I have turned to meditation to get me through some rough personal times. My usual coping mechanism to stress was to distance myself from family and friends and bury myself in my work. This clearly was not a good stress management technique, when I started to regularly meditate and then started to guide meditation groups…I’ve never looked back!– Senka, Meditation Guide Healer & Author
Meditation has given me inner strength and power, enhanced stress relief in both mind and body, and has provided improved clarity of thought and heightened creativity. From what I have learnt over the years I have created a unique Four month Meditation Course that participants can listen to every day. It is important in today’s fast-paced and stressful world that we stay grounded and clear headed so that we make the decisions that are best for us at any given moment. Guided Meditations can help you to stay sane when things around you feel out of control. A great way to feel anchored, like a tree in the eye of the storm.”– Senka, Meditation Guide Healer & Author

Senka’s approach in her meditation classes is to help you find that centeredness within, offering many benefits in your life. She guides meditation to help focus your mind in ways that leave you refreshed and energised.  She takes a relaxed approach and is all about balancing and aligning your chakras, mind, body and spirit.

Senka has a passion for animals and volunteers for Saving Sydney Wildlife Australia in her personal time. She has been volunteering for over a decade now. Rescuing both species of possums, native birds, a variety of lizards and has wildlife living naturally in her very small inner west garden! Part of the rewards of healing the earth right where you live, here and now!

See more about what Senka does and how you can get involved to help our wildlife. With the climate getting warmer and changing each year, our wildlife needs all the help we can offer them. As one individual, you can save many. A great way to reduce both stress and high blood pressure.

Your life with meditation

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With the natural ability to connect with spirit and directly channel through all the guided meditations I share. Meditations regularly channeled each week will be recorded and uploaded to the new membership course section to the site in 2020. Join me to help you regain your balance with the re alignment of your mind, body and spirit.

The membership section of the site will be filled with unique meditations only shared with those that join.

My guided healing meditations in Sydney are quite unique, as I work directly with the earth element energy that is channelled into everyone third eye when they attend. Think of it as filling your mind and body with light and extracting the darkness I discharge afterwards into the earth, where it is then changed into positive energy once again. I guide you through a journey to clear and heal all of the main chakra points through the body.

One to one healings with Senka are by appointment only. These are quite powerful sessions where either the earth or fire element will be used to assist with healing the client.
The earth element is directly channeled through the third eye and fills the body with light, while at the same time sucks out the toxic energy from the body. Works very well for those suffering from intense stress, anxiety, insomnia and more.
The fire element is very good at clearing auras and any attachments or entities that feeding on the hosts energy. Also very good and removing any bad energy directly aimed at individuals.

The one to one meditations are ideal for those with very busy lives. Once again, by appointment only.

The benefit of the one to one meditations, is to have a direct experience of clearing and aligning all the chakras. The earth element is channeled directly into the third eye to clear, activate and open. The shaktipat shared, then flows through the third eye to all the main chakras through the body. Very good for immediate stress relief.

The five week guided healing and relaxation meditation course is idea for beginners. I have designed the meditations in such a way that when you arrive, you set up the blankets over your yoga mat, lay down and relax. Close your eyes and follow my voice. Once everyone is settled, relaxed and comfortable, I then begin the meditations with a guided journey and breathing before we move into the clearing, balancing and aligning of the chakras.

Meditation Course, Healing Session and Course Pack Sale

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Taking bookings now for the next meditation course starting the 4th February 2020. Updated details on the three links and dates in the table below.

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About Earth Element Guided Meditation in Sydney

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Earth Element Guided Healing Meditatation has been created to help guide those that attend to heal, detox energetically and once again connect to your very own soul clearly. Lets ascend together.

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Achieving a Quiet Mind – since even wild animals can gradually be trained with patience, the human mind also can gradually be trained step by step.


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THE SEEDS OF SPIRITUALITY – The essence of all spiritual life is your emotion, your attitude towards others. Once you have pure and sincere motivation, all the rest follows.