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First time meditation experiences

Through regular practice of the channelled meditations that I guide my participants through, the layers of thought and emotion that block our view of the inner landscape with unhealthy thoughts are cleared away and we begin to get glimpses of a different reality. The many participants in my meditations have shared many kinds of experiences in the courses such as – seeing lights, visions, heavy hands, sinking into the earth in a deep relaxing way, intuitions, feelings of love or bliss, an almost tangible sensation of energy flowing through the body, often in the region of the head through to the spine, altered patterns of breathing or spontaneous physical movements and momentary flashes of an enlightened state. These are vert healthy signs of progress and the earth element energy working through all levels within us, that I directly channel through the third eye.

As the experiences of meditation above may sound quite dramatic above, meditation is not just about having a few experiences: it is about a complete inner transformation. The regular dipping into the still waters of the inner space gradually permeates our everyday lives. We are more able to remain calm and centred and bounce back more quickly from setbacks. Meditation is a process of inner purification, of coming unstuck from our ruts. As the landscape of the inner territory alters, so does the platform upon which we live our lives. The incredible state of being your start to live into is the complete re alignment of mind, body and spirit. This is the state of being that allows you to be happy, healthy and give you the ability to create an amazing and beautiful world around you.

Guided Meditations

My Guided Earth Element Chakra Healing Meditations are channelled directly from the celestial masters that guide me in each and every course. Each class is a unique journey, guiding you to meet you spirit guides and angels. Breathing exercises assist in relaxing you, before we commence the journey to meet other high divine beings, to then continue with the healing meditation. Once we reach the extra ordinary worlds, we work through the clearing, balancing and aligning of each chakra together, connecting you to your higher self, power and wisdom. Our meditations are combined with the practices of ancient Tibetan, ancient Vedic and new age meditation techniques. The Tibetan singing bowl made and blessed with a thousand blessing directly by Lama Rinpoche is also used during our meditations.

The second part of the meditation, we focus on healing the earth and awakening all of human kind. Most of all we a heavily focusing on Australia, to heal and protect her pure and pristine wild places. As we near the end of the meditation, we close down our chakras, create protection circles around us, then everyone is ready to get back into the world.

I am delighted to share my 10 minute guided chakra meditation for you to enjoy

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Chakra Guided Meditations - Buddha head meditation divider

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