Guided Meditation for beginners

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The practice of meditation is a practice, healing journey and way of life

Beginners Guide to Meditation

• What type of meditation?
• What is involved in meditation?
• What does meditation feel like?

For thousands of years, humans have been meditating. The image of a Tibetan monk sitting cross legged and chanting may come to mind when you think of meditation. This is mantra meditation. Here at Meditation in Sydney, meditators are guided in chakra meditation, visualisation and energy healing.

Chakra Meditation for Beginners

Imagine yourself floating above the earth as experienced in astral travel. Attached to the base of your spine are cords that connect you to the earth. When the earth chakra is blocked, we are not grounded, and our root chakra needs cleansing. We are more stressed, easily distracted, tend to be lost in daydreams, easily frustrated. Our health is negatively impacted.

As with everything, we need a balance. Guided Chakra meditation teaches the skills to bring us back down to a calm, grounded state. Both mental and physical health improves as our spirit, mind and body is realigned and balanced once again.

What is Involved in Meditation?

Whether you are in a course with other beginners or in a one-one-one session, you will start sitting or lying comfortably. In the meditations guided by Senka, you will be laying down through the course. This is the most comfortable for most westerners and keeps the back straight.

The space will be quiet and free of distractions. Once you are comfortably settled and start the meditation, you won’t instantly become relaxed. Meditation is a skill that when practiced becomes easier and more natural. As the meditation session progresses, you will subtly drift into a relaxed state.

While laying down on your blanket covering the yoga mat and moving into quiet stillness, you may feel uncomfortable. This is normal as it is the beginning of the healing process when the toxic energy starts to surface to leave your body. As your meditation journey continues, you will find that the moments of distraction that take your thoughts elsewhere will increase before it starts to reduce. Every time you become aware of your thoughts racing and moving away from the meditation, know that the stress is leaving your brain and detoxing of the low energy very quickly. The earth element energy I channel into you and the guided meditations start to extract and remove the toxic energy from your body you no longer need to carry. When the mind, body and spirit is filled with the light of the earth element, the low energy can no longer stay within you.

What Does Meditation Feel Like?

Once the session begins, you will start to feel grounded to the spot you are on and you will relax. The state of relaxation is similar to how you feel just before you drift off to sleep. Meditation brings a sense of calm and raises our awareness. Awareness of thoughts, feelings, aches, pains. In time, beginner meditators start to notice the awareness practiced during meditation emerge in their day to day lives.

Human beings give and take energy from everything and everyone around us. Some of it good, some of it negative. Meditation builds resilience by very subtly growing our strength, empathy and patience. It allows our body to heal and reconnect with the five elements.

We are 10,000 Years Old

The human body and mind are the same as they were in humans who lived 10,000 years ago. Technology, industry and cultural norms continue to move forward while we try to adapt. One way to adapt is to come full circle and return to our roots. Cleansing and reconnecting our chakras, starting with the earth root chakra is more important than ever.

Start your meditation journey supported by an experienced meditation guide. Cleanse your body and mind of negative energies that cause illness and grow your strength.

Senka, founder of Meditation in Sydney runs regular courses and one-on-one healing sessions.
Book your place as soon as you can as courses fill up quickly.

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