Remove and Undo a Curse Spell, Voodoo or Evil Eye

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How to Remove & Undo Gypsy Curses, Witchcraft Spells, Voodoo, Hexes & Evil Eye

Remove Curse Spell, Getting Rid of a Curse, Voodoo and Evil Eye. Curse Breaker works with a powerful vibration in the mixture over 5000 years old.

The ‘Curse Breaker’ helps remove a curse, spell, hex or voodoo powerfully, as it contains a vibrational formula mix that is over 5,000 years old.

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We are very excited to include this very unique product created to help dissolve and break curses, spells, hex, bad luck and voodoo. Introducing our very own “Curse Breaker”.

This potion is made in small batches over a full moon cycle using ancient Sanskrit techniques. If it is sold out, please check back or contact us.

Ancient Sanskrit Elixir for Breaking Curses & Purifying You & Your Home

Safely Break a Curse and Clear Negative Energy

The Curse Breaker potion is easy to use. It improves bad luck, raises vibrations, clears negative energy, and removes:

• Curses and spells.
• Hex spells.
• Gypsy (Romani) curses.
• Evil eye curses.
• Voodoo spells.
• Witchcraft spells.

Potion to Remove Evil Eye, Curses, Hexes, Voodoo, Gypsy and Witchcraft Spells

This age-old elixir recipe comes from the ancient Sanskrit palm leaf scriptures that are over 8,000 years old. We are excited and honoured to be able to offer this very unique product. It was created to help dissolve and break curses, spells, and voodoo. Introducing our very own “Curse Breaker.”

This hand-crafted mixture will cleanse you and your home of dark spells and curses.

How the Ancient Curse Breaker Elixir is Made

Making this tonic requires time, knowledge of the ancient scriptures and how to channel powerful energies. The rose water elixir must be charged daily at the exact same time from one full moon to the next. The water is charged using a traditional Vedic method. What results is a potent magical essence that breaks and removes all curses, spells, or hexes.

Just as ancient and modern-day curses use the power of language to carry out curses and spells, so do the ways to remove these. Using ancient knowledge and language, curses, spells, and bad luck can all be cleared.

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As it takes a complete moon cycle to make this potion, stock levels can drop and sell out before a new batch is ready.

If we are sold out, please bookmark this page and check back or contact us. You may also be interested in our charged healing crystals.

Ingredient mixer to Remove Curse Spell, Getting Rid of and Undo a Witchcraft, Voodoo, Evil Eye, Hex, Spell, Gypsy Curses

How to Remove Curses or Spells with the 'Curse Breaker' Spray

Fire element Remove Curse Spell, Getting Rid of and Undo a Curse, Voodoo, Evil Eye, Hex, Spell, Gypsy Curses

Start using the spray as soon as you receive it. It comes in a glass spray bottle and will be completely charged with a unique energy vibration. Simply spray once each evening on the affected person or place until the bottle is emptied. A meditation will also be shared for you to listen to each evening before falling asleep.

For the best results, spray the formula onto your skin after showering or just before bed. Day-by-day, as you use the spray, you will feel the weight of the curse or spell lift. This powerful protective formula releases you from dark bindings and unnecessary shackles.

Meditation Testimonials 3 what others have to say. Guided Chakra meditation for healing, cleansing and balancing.

“I asked Senka for help to create something for my family as I believed my family was placed under some kind of curse or spell. Lots of accidents and negative things were happening to us constantly. She posted me this unique little product she created to help me and my family. This was used over a 31 day period. I sprayed it over my husband and two children every day. Slowly, I saw that my family were becoming more positive and the accidents and mishaps stopped occurring. I continued to use it until the bottle was empty. I must admit, I’d say it worked. They are all much happier and the bad luck seems to have stopped. Thanks, Senka for going out of your way to creating this unique product to help my family as I have asked.”

Joe Divine / Consultant

Where Do Spells, Curses, Bad Luck and Negative Attacks Come From?

Generally, a spell comes from a spirit, and a curse comes from a human being. Voodoo being like a curse comes from a small group using various parts and objects to embody the energy. Getting rid of a curse can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to take longer than is necessary.

Just as negative energies develop and grow slowly, they are also broken and removed slowly. This is the case no matter the source (witchcraft, voodoo, curses, spells etc.).

Finally, you will be free of the shadows and, once again you will feel your vibration rise.

How to Remove a Hex Spell

Hex spells are an old form of witchcraft and magick. They are not as specific as curses and can have good or ill intent. Throughout Dutch history, hexes were painted onto buildings to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits(*1). If you are concerned about a hex spell, the Curse Breaker potion can help. Spray the formula onto your body and/or home daily for 30 days (or until formula has been completely used).

How to Remove a Gypsy Curse (Arman)

Unlike spells, curses come from human beings and can range in severity. Gypsy curses originated with the ancient Romani (Roma) culture whose descendants were Hindus. They traversed the world as nomads. The majority settled in Europe where the Roma culture remains strong today(*2). Gypsy curses (Arman) are still considered to be real. This is not surprising given they originated from a highly superstitious culture rich in oral history(*3). As such, we thought it would be essential to mention that the Curse Breaker formula can help in removing gypsy curses.

How to Remove an Evil Eye Curse (Mati)

Fire element Remove Curse Spell, Getting Rid of and Undo a Witchcraft, Voodoo, Evil Eye, Hex, Spell, Gypsy Curses

You may have heard of people giving each other ‘the evil eye’. For many, it is far more than just a passing phrase or sour glance. In Greece over 3,000 years ago, the evil eye curse (Mati) and the power of the eyes were first written about prolifically by Plutarch(*4). The evil eye curse was also described by Greek poet, Heliodorus.

It is said that a person who glares at another with malicious intent and great envy can inflict the evil eye curse(*5). As a result, it is most often inflicted on those who have achieved great success(*5). The Curse Breaker formula effectively clears evil eyes. You can rebuild and achieve all your potential once again.

How to Remove a Voodoo Spell

Caribbean, Cajun and Creole cultures are renowned for Voodoo magic. Many priests and priestesses still practice today(*6). Voodoo spells and magic can be good or bad, depending on the user’s intentions(*7). To clear negative Voodoo magic, spray Curse Breaker onto yourself daily until finished.

How to Remove Witchcraft

Most cultures and religions have a mention of witchcraft in their history and present-day culture. Curses may be cast by witches or by spirits evoked to do the witch’s bidding. With an equally potent tonic, they can be broken, and balance restored – thus why the Curse Breaker is so helpful. It can be used on any of the hexes, curses or spells listed here and for bad luck and misfortune.

Bad Luck Removal

Everyone has had bad luck in their lives. From kicking your toe to a series of misfortunate events that leave you wondering, “What did I do to have such bad luck?” Bad luck can be caused by hexes, spells and curses. For some people, their vibrations are so low that their energy and aura is unhealthy and dim(*8). If this is the case, the chakras are most likely out of sync as well. For bad luck removal, we highly recommend the Curse Breaker tonic.

After finishing the tonic, you may also wish to realign your chakras or schedule a one-on-one meditation healing session in Sydney.

As this product is so unique, when it is low on quantities, I will let everyone know on this website. As the next batch will take a whole new cycle of the moon before it is ready. Bookmark and keep watching this page for updates.


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