Remove and Undo a Curse Spell, Voodoo or Evil Eye

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Remove Curse Spell, Getting Rid of a Curse, Voodoo and Evil Eye. Curse Breaker works with a powerful vibration in the mixture over 5000 years old.

The Curse Breaker helps remove a curse, spell, hex or voodoo powerfully, as it contains a vibrational formula mix that is over 5,000 years old.

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We are very excited to include this very unique product created to help dissolve and break curses, spells and voodoo. Introducing our very own “Curse Busters”.

This spray bottle will help to purify people and places from spells, curses and voodoo. It dissolves all lower energies from your aura.

Whether you need help with evil eye curse removal, voodoo curse removal or a dark spell this especially made mixture will cleanse you and your home. A spell comes from a spirit, and a curse comes from a human being. Voodoo being similar to a curse comes from a small group using various parts and objects to embody the energy. Getting rid of a curse can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to take longer than is necessary. You can undo a curse with this tonic and completely cleanse your family and home.

The rose water in this bottle has been charged with a very secret and ancient formula. The ancient recipe (changed from ‘formula’ to avoid using the same word so close together) is over 8,000 years old and is derived from ancient Sanskrit palm leaf scriptures. The rose water has been changed from one full moon to the next, every day at exactly the same time, following an exact formula of a particular traditional meditation. It is full of a magical, ancient and potent essence to break, dissolve and remove any curse, hex or spell.

Fully charged with a unique vibration, it is complete and ready to use in these glass spray bottles. Spray every day, once a day, on the affected person or place until the bottle is emptied. Preferably directly on your skin after a shower and before going to sleep. Feel yourself become free of the unnecessary shackles and weight of any spell or curse, with this powerful protective potion.

Just as these negative energies build up slowly in the affected places or person, whether caused from voodoo, witchcraft, magic or curses, they will be washed away slowly, when used every day. Finally being free of the dark illusions. Once again raising your vibration, regaining strength and clarity.

As this product is so unique, when low on quantities, I will let everyone know on this website. As the next batch will take a whole new cycle of the moon before it is ready. Bookmark and keep watching this page for updates.

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“I asked Senka for help to create something for my family as I believed my family was placed under some kind of curse or spell. Lots of accidents and negative things were happening to us constantly. She posted me this unique little product she created to help me and my family. This was used over a 31 day period. I sprayed it over my husband and two children every day. Slowly, I saw that my family were becoming more positive and the accidents and mishaps stopped occurring. I continued to use it until the bottle was empty. I must admit, I’d say it worked. They are all much happier and the bad luck seems to have stopped. Thanks, Senka for going out of your way to creating this unique product to help my family as I have asked.”

Joe Divine / Consultant

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