Meditation Courses & Classes in Sydney

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Zoom Courses are currently scheduled for Wednesday evenings.

Each course consists of five classes, one night a week starting at 7.35pm.

Guided Meditations by Senka, offers very effective Stress and Anxiety Management Techniques. Earth Element healing and Guided Meditations is a combination of New Age, Ancient Vedic and Ancient Tibetan styled meditations all rolled into one. My meditations are perfect for beginners and also perfect to help to support those practicing more advanced styles of meditation.

Follow this link to the “One Medtation Course of 5 Classes” valued at $138  Click on the “Enrol Now for $138” button, to secure your place.

Join Our Meditation Classes in Sydney Today and start Training How to Meditate

Whether you are a beginner, had some experience or an experienced meditator, you will find our meditations will help you. Our meditation courses are as follows;

• Every Tuesday from 7.35pm – 8.50pm. The course is $135 for 5 weeks.

Parking available on the park side of Norton Street.  Learn more about the benefits of meditation and how it can change your life.

Wondering How to do Meditation?

We guide you on a journey to meet your guides and other enlightened beings. Firstly, as we begin, we work with the breathe, relaxing you. Then take you on an illuminating journey to work through the healing, clearing, aligning and balancing of your main chakras. Akin to working with colour therapy to heal your body. Working with the chakras originates from ancient Vedic and Tibetan meditations. Once in the deepest part of the meditation, we work with channeling the high energy into your third eye called ‘shaktipat’ in sanskrit and sound harmonics using the Tibetan Bowl made by Rinpoche. The pure earth element energy is transferred into your third eye that helps to open it and awaken you.

The second part of our meditations we focus on healing the earth and The last part, pulling the high energy back within you and creating protection circles around you before leaving the meditation room. All this takes place in an hour and a half.

Over the past eight years of guiding meditation, I have watched the lives of over a thousand participants improve, both in health and happiness. Many transforming their lives for the better.

For your one to one healing session with Senka, call 02 9569 6580 or email [email protected]

Meditation Course, Healing Session and Course Pack Sale

Chakra Guided Meditations - Buddha head meditation divider

Taking bookings now for the next meditation course starting late January 2021.

Tuesday 12th March9th April 19SOLD OUT
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