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Learn to Meditate: In Person & Live Online
Meditation Classes For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Our guided meditation classes and courses combine earth element healing, new age (modern), authentic ancient Vedic and Tibetan methods. Our weekly classes are ideal for beginners wanting to learn how to meditate. They are also attended by meditation practitioners wanting more advanced styles of meditation.

Classes are held in Leichardt with attendees even driving from western Sydney to attend. For those who cannot join in person, live online classes are held on Zoom.

“Senka’s wisdom, knowledge and experience as a teacher are unparalleled.”

 Meditation is a tranquil, relaxing, and healing experience. All are welcome to come and take a break from their busy schedules each week.

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Learn to meditate Sydney, Live Online Meditation Course for beginners with Senka.

(In-Person in Sydney & Live Online Via Zoom)

Whether you are a beginner, had some experience or you are an advanced meditator, you will find our meditations will help you. No matter what your level of experience, all our classes accommodate beginners to advanced meditators.

Each course runs for five (5) weeks with one class per week.
Classes can be attended in person, or you can connect via Zoom from the comfort of your home.

• Relax.
• Rest Your Mind.
• Mental Clarity.
• Strenthen Your Heart.
• Relieve Stress.

• Relax.
• Rest Your Mind.
• Mental Clarity.
• Strenthen Your Heart.
• Relieve Stress.

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 Learn more about the benefits of meditation and how it can change your life.

Leichardt (Inner West Sydney) Meditation Studio Classes

Guided Meditation Rooms for beginners on Norton Street and Chakra Meditation - Sydney Australia Inner West

Where: 220A Norton St, Leichardt (Hasha Yoga Desha Centre)
(view in Google Maps). Parking is available on the park side of Norton Street.

When: Weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. 7.30pm – 8.45pm.
Course Length: 5 weeks (1 class per week).
Price: $167 ($33 per class)

Allow me to guide and navigate you back to your soul connection.
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Live Online Meditation Classes (Zoom)

• Where: The comfort of your home.

• When: Weekly on Wednesday evenings. 7.30pm – 8.45pm.

• Course Length: 5 weeks (1 class per week).

Price: $110 ($22 per class)

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Learn to meditate Sydney in Studio, Live Online Meditation Course for beginners with Senka.

Learning to Meditate (For Beginners): What to Expect During Meditation Classes

Highly experienced teacher, healer, and meditator, Senka will take you on a visual journey during each class to meet your guides and other enlightened beings.

At the start of every class, we take you through breathing techniques to get your body and mind to relax. Then, we take our first steps on an illuminating journey to work through your main chakras. During the meditation you will heal, clear, align and balance your main chakras. This is akin to working with colour therapy to heal your body. Working with the chakras originates from ancient Vedic and Tibetan meditations.

Once in the deepest part of the meditation, we will channel the high energy into your third eye (called ‘Shaktipat’ in Sanskrit). Using sound harmonics of a Tibetan bowl made by Rinpoche, the pure earth element energy is transferred into your third eye.

• Deep breathing relaxes the body, stabilises blood pressure, and helps the body exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen(*1).

• Clearing your chakras allows energy (prana) to flow, connecting the mind and body. Many feel a tingling throughout their body as the chakras clear and prana flows freely(*2).

• Colour therapy has been used for healing since the time of the ancient Egyptians(*3).

Learn to meditate in Sydney in nature, Live Online Meditation Course for beginners with Senka.
Learn to meditate Sydney, Online Meditation Course for beginners with Senka

Earth Healing

During the second part of the meditation, we bring our collective focus together to heal the earth.

To close, we return the high energy within you and create protection circles around you before leaving the meditation room. All this takes place in an hour and a half.

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“Over almost a decade of guiding meditation, I have watched the lives of over a thousand participants improve, both in health and happiness. Many have transformed their lives for the better.”

One to One Healing

If you would like to learn more about one-to-one healing, please click here, or call or email Senka.

Phone: 02 9569 6580 Email: [email protected]


*1. Harvard Health Publishing. Relaxation Techniques: Breath Control Helps Quell Errant Stress Response. 2020.
*2. Pikörn, I. What Prana is and How to Feel it. Insight Timer. 2020.
*3. Azeemi ST & Raza SM. A Critical Analysis Of Chromotherapy And Its Scientific EvolutionEvidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. Vol. 2. No. 4. 481-488 (pp). 2005.

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