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Uluru Full Moon Magic Solar Plexus Healing Northern Territory with Meditations by Senka

Uluru Magic Earth Healing and Kata Tjuta Valley of the Winds

A Journey Through Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory Over Five Glorious Days

As the plane approached Yulara, I was lucky to have a great view of Uluru from the sky before landing. All I can say is the magic of Uluru started there. Bob sat next to me on the flight and was the perfect gentleman.

When we landed at Yulara I felt the high energy as soon as I got off the plane and as I walked across the tarmac to the terminal to collect my bags. I instantly felt the freshness, clarity and high energy of this special place surrounded by vibrant red earth. A huge thank you to my fantastic friend Jessie, who joined me and made the trip to Uluru possible.

We dropped our luggage off to our rooms and walked up a nearby hill. There, we had a clear line of sight of Uluru. A lady named Christina offered to take a photo of us and we immediately connected. We three formed a women’s circle on the red earth and started sharing stories, knowledge, experiences and emersed ourselves deep in conversation. Christina is a Native American Indian from California and she was also there to connect to the earth and experience the unique energy of Uluru. Our conversations went well into the evening and over dinner.

Day 2: Grounding meditation

The next morning, we met up with the meditation group organised by Ocha. We drove out to Uluru Kata Tjuta national park, where we found the perfect spot to sit and together we formed a circle for our grounding meditation close to Uluru. A family of butcher birds joined us in a nearby desert oak tree. The juvenile butcher birds came down to feed on some banana skin. Once we completed the meditation, we then drove closer to Uluru and had lunch not far from the Mutitjulu Waterhole. We then walked along the trail, taking us to the Waterhole. It was breathtaking!

The first set of photos below are taken at the location where we had the grounding meditation.

The willy wagtail augered a blessing, an omnipresent message from great spirit

The Mutitjulu waterhole is surrounded by a small but thriving ecosystem of eucalyptus trees, providing water for both the wildlife and the local Aboriginal people. This was the first day I noticed a willy wagtail resting on the red rock and fluttering back and forth over the water to feed on insects. The willy wagtail followed me through the rest of the journey. As a soft breeze blew, I could hear the laughter of children playing in the distance over the mulga scrub where a community of 300 lived not far from this ancient sacred rock.

My experience of the willy wagtail on this journey was to let me know of a great gift that was yet to be shared from the universe with me. This little bird augured a blessing, an omnipresent message from great spirit. I was about to be gifted with incredible energy from Uluru in the coming days. This, I will share in the next blog article, part two of this magical experience.

What is Mutitjulu Waterhole?

Mutitjulu Waterhole – Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru has a stunning array of awe-inspiring landscapes, ranging from towering ancient monoliths to tranquil valleys, majestic peaks, and picturesque trails. Nestled within Uluru lies a hidden gem of natural wonder mainly unknown to most visitors – Mutitjulu. This unique waterhole is located on the eastern side of Uluru and features an intriguingly shaped pool of water situated at the base of the rock, as you can see in the photos shared below.

Beyond its stunning physical features, Mutitjulu holds a deep cultural significance for the Indigenous Australian community that calls it home(*1). For centuries, this oasis has served as a vital water source for both animals and humans alike. Today, it is a thriving community of nearly 300 Aboriginal people with a solid connection to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It encompasses Uluru and all of its natural wonders, including Mutitjulu.

The majority of the community is made up of Pitjantjatjara people(*2). However, there are also members of the Yankunytjatjara, Luritia, and Ngaanvatiarra groups who speak various languages, including Pitjantjatjara, Luritja, and Yangkunytjatjara. Together, they have a significant stake in protecting and preserving this remarkable region and all it represents(*3).

Uluru Solar Plexus

Located in Northern Australia, Uluru and Kata Tjuta remain sacred to the local Aboriginal community to this day. According to tradition, these sites are said to embody the solar plexus – the source of energy that sustains all living beings. When in balance, the solar plexus imbues individuals with a sense of personal power, wisdom, and decisiveness while supporting the vitality of the planet and its diverse inhabitants.

Female Dragon Ley Line and the Uluru Solar Plexus

Interestingly, Kata Tjuta is thought to be home to one of the world’s oldest human societies, with an estimated age of approximately 500 million years. Additionally, the Female Dragon Ley Line is believed to connect Uluru with Lake Titicaca, further highlighting the enduring spiritual significance of these remarkable sites(*4).

Uluru Magic

Whether it is magic, magnetic fields, or the earth’s natural chakra’s, Uluru is a place of high energy you can feel in every part of your being. It is difficult to describe in words the incredible peace and healing of this Country and it is no wonder there are so many foundation stories from Australia’s Aboriginal people that connect to this area.

Morning Camel Ride

DAY 3 AM: I enjoyed a camel ride with the group the next day and was the first to get onto the camel—a great way to soak up the sun in the morning while on the camel trail. I have included most of the photos in the slider below as the views were spectacular from every angle. Back at the camel farm, it was beautiful to see goats, guinea fowl, goats and a young wild buffalo. The only two red kangaroos I saw on my five-day trip had their own pen and were resting.

The farm is proud to be the home of over 60 working camels, each caught from the rugged wilderness of Australia. These camels are the backbone of the farm’s operations, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

It’s worth noting that most of these camels were caught in the wild and trained by Chris – a testament to his expertise and passion for working with these magnificent animals. With his guidance, the farm has grown from strength to strength and continues to be a leading attraction for visitors worldwide.

Afternoon Kata Tjuta: Walpa Gorge

That afternoon we drove out to Kata Tjuta for the first time. It was breathtaking, as you can see in the photos in the slider below. We made our way up the trail into the vast, deep gorge between the two most enormous stones, where we found the most amazing, tiny and lush ecosystem.

Stepping into Walpa Gorge feels like a journey into a natural temple of ancient origins. This unique area provides a sanctuary for various flora and fauna amid the surrounding desert landscape. As we approached the entrance, we were greeted by masses of pink daisies that only bloom in late winter. Meandering gently upward, a stony path led us past rare plant species and eventually to an opening of bushland where countless native spearwood trees were growing.

The kanyala/common wallaroo (a nocturnal kangaroo), can, on occasion be glimpsed as they hop across the creek bed among the sweeping rock formations.

We took a moment to walk below the soaring walls of the gorge while taking in the fresh air, breath taking views and awe-inspiring beauty of this extraordinary place.

It was marvelous to see the stream filled with water, the trees and shrubs thriving and the yellow honeyeaters darting back and forth. As we continued, the trail led us to a creek with more water flowing. The greenery was lush against the red rock, both Echidnas and wallaroos live there. I did not see either during my visit though.

Opening of the Mind to Higher Consciousness at Walpa Gorge

At the conclusion of the trail, we sat down next to a pond for the ‘opening of the mind to higher consciousness’ meditation to bring balance back to the mental body and higher mind. While sitting on a rock in the Walpa gorge, I found three little stones perfectly placed in a row where I placed my hand to rest. While meditating, three yellow honey eaters were flying back and forth above me, as they were feeding on nectar. They were a beautiful spectacle to watch. In the creek nearby, they washed themselves in the water and flitted here and there feeding in the shrubs. The energy in this place was fresh, crisp and incredibly energising.

Kata Tjuta Meaning

Since the mid-1990s, the magnificent rock formations known as Kata Tjuta were commonly referred to as ‘the Olgas’ or ‘Mount Olga’. However, ‘Kata Tjuta’ is the traditional name of this landmark. In the traditional local Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara language, it translates as ‘many heads’.

Ernest Giles, a German explorer was the earliest non-Indigenous person to witness the beauty of Kata Tjuta’s rock structures. IN 1872, he named the highest peak, Mount Olga in patronage of Queen Olga of Württemberg(*5). In the 1950s when Kata Tjutu was opened up to tourists the more casual nickname, ‘the Olgas’ gained in popularity.

In 1993, this special place was officially renamed from Mount Olga to ‘Mount Olga/Kata Tjuta. Almost a decade later, in 2002, the names were reversed to make the traditional name of the landmark first – ‘Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga’.

Within the park, the traditional name is used however many travellers still refer to this geological wonder as Mount Olga.

DAY 4: This is the day I received my gift and huge download direct from Uluru during the sunrise circuit walk. This I will share in the next blog (part two of this experience), along with many more photos to enjoy.

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Moon over Kata Tjuta spectacular lighting and view

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