What happens when you meditate?

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What is Guided Chakra Meditation?

A Great Way to Live!

What is guided meditation by nature - caring for wildlife helps to heal the mind and soul What is guided meditation by nature – caring for wildlife helps to heal the mind and soul

We live in a world that is constantly telling us that life is difficult. Does it really need to be so hard? Through meditative practices you can unlock the intuitive part of yourself which makes decisions easier, helps stress fade and brings access to the universal abundance of time, money, contentment and happiness. We all approach healing differently. Some like to retreat, some like to push ahead. Some deny illness and others embrace all forms of healing whole heartedly! Healing through meditation, or in one-to-one spiritual healing sessions, is about bringing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of yourself back into alignment. It’s also about showing you how fear can stand in the way of your ability to manifest everything you want out of life.

To heal is to recognise yourself within the full scope of your potential. That is, to know your ability to overcome physical or emotional challenges, to manage time effectively or to draw financial wealth into your life. To heal is to recognise the ability you hold to be creative in your approach to life and the challenges that come your way.

Importantly, healing your life is about getting to know your true self by accessing the power and strength that resides within you. Meditation helps you to access this power and strength because it helps you shed the unwanted effects of fear. Rather than feeling stress or fear rising uncontrollably, you will be able to take control and see yourself as the resilient being you truly are.

The following articles will assist you in better understanding What is Meditation? Enjoy!

There is a great little article written on me by Chris Sheedy “Love Your Work” published in “Sunday Life”

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