Rhodochrosite Crystal Pendant Necklace: Healing and Spiritual Properties

Benefits: Love – Protection-Chakra Balancing – Heal Trauma – Self-acceptance – Improve Memory

These beautiful pink rhodochrosite pendant necklaces are handmade with love and are charged with water and earth elements.

Using traditional Sanskrit meditation channelling techniques, the gemstone crystals in Senka’s necklaces are charged with powerful properties. These activated frequencies vibrate through your aura and chakras, offering the wearer multiple healing, spiritual, and protection benefits. Senka’s Rhodochrosite necklaces are ideal for:

• Healing of heart, body, and mind.
• Self-love and acceptance.
• Intellect.
• Memory.
• Chakra balancing (notably the heart chakra).

The charged gemstones help heal, calm, soothe, relax and protect the wearer. While wearing our necklaces, you will be protected from low vibrational energies and negative attacks. Senka’s pendant necklaces are especially helpful for those working in unbalanced, toxic or unsettled environments.

Cherish this rhodochrosite necklace or give it as a thoughtful gift to a loved one