Protection Crystal Pendant with Distant Healing Bundle

Protection Crystal Necklace Pendant including a Long Distant Healing

7 Chakra Healing Pendant

This unique pendant is layered with Ruby placed on the sliver engraving, Amethyst as the first layer, Fluorite in the second layer, Lapiz Lazuli as the third, Amazonite in the fourth, Yellow Citrine in the fifth layout, Orange Calcite as the sixth and   Obsidian as the seventh layer.

The combination of all these crystals in the one pendant, helps me to activate all the healing properties to then weave through each chakra once worn. I have completed a distant healing for a client located in Perth and removed some shadows that were trying to penetrate the aura. All fully cleared now. The aura (souls energy field around the body) is healing right now and mending itself with the assistance of his divine self. I will be activating all the properties of the crystals within this pendant with a combination of the fire and earth elements, to assist with rapid healing. The crystal will be fully charged and last for months while he wears it, weaving through the energy field another layer of high elemental energy that will fully protect and add another light shield layer to his aura.