Hypersthene Black Crystal Stone

Hypersthene Black Crystal

The positive energy of hypersthene is said to put us at ease in social situations. This stone is a wonderful way to carry this energy on you.
If you feel stressed or nervous, hold the stone to feel your worries melt away.
Hypersthene is a beautiful stone said to enhance self-esteem and emotional expression. It is recommended for overcoming shyness and makes a marvellous, practical gift for anyone who loves crystals.

“We carry light in our cells. By holding the hypersthene, the light in our cells, in our hand, starts to activate and vibrate with the crystal. Once activated, the crystal draws the stress out of the body via the palm. It helps to awaken our innate power and great abilities dormant in many. This is what I experienced as I meditated with the crystal.”
Senka – Meditation Guide, Healer and Author