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Creative Visualisation and Vedic Meditation Online Courses in Ashfield and Australia via Zoom.

Back in 2008 I had a remarkable experience I would like to share, involving sacred knowledge of the Vedas and the five-element Meditation shared with me. During my creative visualization meditation course, I combine techniques from both ancient Vedic techniques and weave in a channelled guided visualization to form my unique meditations.

I want to thank all those who have been attending my meditation course over the years. I have had people looking for creative visualization Vedic Meditation in Ashfield, Inner West, South and Central Coasts and around Australia. Many have travelled all the way to me in the inner West to join my meditation courses and now they can join me via zoom from the comfort of their homes. Meditation is a beautiful and personal experience which I am grateful to share with all, joining my unique healing guided chakra meditations.

Keep reading to learn about how I have been gifted with the great knowledge of the protected ancient Vedic five elements meditations.

What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic meditation originates from ancient India’s Sanskrit scriptures called the Vedas, which date back to 1500 BCE(*1-2). Vedic meditation is a process of connecting to the inner self.

According to Vedic science, the individual state consists of three parts. The physical body, the inner faculty and the deep inner self – which are all intrinsically connected(*1). Vedic meditation accesses connects and strengthens every part of the individual. Studies on Vedic science and Vedic meditation reveal unbelievable connections between meditation practice and health benefits(*1, 3).

Vedic Guided Chakra Healing Meditations by Senka infographic
Guided Vedic Creative Visualization Meditations Channelled by Senka infographic

Three Fundamental Human Parts Accessed During Vedic Meditation

Deep Inner Self

The deep inner self is our higher consciousness. It witnesses, observes and activates the inner faculty. This is the source of wisdom and creativity within all human beings. In the ancient scriptures, it is the source of all creation and knowledge(*1).

Inner Faculty

The mind (inner faculty) abounds with thoughts, ideas, plans, judgements, choices and our imagination. It witnesses the physical body and determines between pain and comfort.

Physical Body

The physical body is the human body in its raw form. It is the only state we can see and touch, and it is the conduit between what exists outside and our inner-selves.

What is Visualization Meditation?

Visualization meditation is the practice of focusing on and imagining an image. It may be a colour, a shape, an object or your surroundings. During the Guided Meditation Visualization sessions, you will close your eyes and visualize the words you’re hearing. To unleash your imagination, let go and allow yourself to be taken somewhere else.


Vedic visualization Meditation Classes Parramatta. Bharati performing at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Helensburgh.
Guided Vedic visualization Meditation Course. Bharati-Corinna-Glanert performing at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Helensburgh upon her visit to Sydney.

Sacred Knowledge from Ancient India Lives on in my Meditation Classes

Five years ago, I was contacted by a German lady named Bharati from an ashram in India. She had heard about me and my Creative Visualization meditations here in Sydney. Bharati was living in an Indian ashram studying spirituality and various ancient meditations for a few years.

We started to get to know each other over the internet. Within a few months, she said she wanted to come to Sydney to meet me. Bharati wanted to share ancient sacred knowledge translated from the ancient Vedic Sanskrit scriptures and do a workshop with me as well. So, I offered to have her stay at my place and assisted her with the workshops.

Before I knew it, Bharati was at my place. When she settled in, she could feel the earth spirits I had invited into my home. I helped her out with the workshops. It was an unforgettable and unique experience to all that joined my meditations at the time.

An Old and Powerful Soul

Bharati said her guru mentioned that she’d be meeting a very old and powerful soul when she arrived in Sydney. Upon her arrival, she was to pass on the sacred and ancient “Five Element” meditations. These meditations have been protected by the Brahmin priests for over 5000 years. I was beyond flattered when she passed them over to me.

Now is the right time for these sacred and powerful meditations to be shared with all those that have open hearts. They are for those with the genuine intention of helping others and improving our world in the time of our great awakening.

Bharati in Sydney Meditation Weekend Retreat
Bharati at my place

I have included the photo of Bharati on my sofa bed and also above performing at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Helensburgh.

Mastering the Scriptures’ Five Elements

After Bharati returned to India, it took me three years to complete and attune my vibrations with all five elements of the ancient meditations. It is this powerful energy that I channel and share with everyone that joins meditation. This enhanced energy helps to heal negativity, stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other ailments of our modern-day lives.

This is a little note that her guru wrote for me.

“I am giving some formulas in supernatural energies. It is a very shortcut way of gaining the Divine Grace, energy formulas, in a short time. This knowledge is from five thousand years ago. This is the first time to bring it out completely. It is the knowledge of supernatural saints. Now it can be used. This healing energy removes all negativity, just like that.”

I will share more on these ancient meditations with you in time.

Setting the Canvas for Each Day

To set the pace for the day, you have to learn to be still and have a time of attunement in the early morning on waking – before your mind becomes embroiled with the events of the day.

Your life is like a clean canvas without a mark on it. Let those first strokes on waking each day to be clear and definite. Let them be full of love, inspiration and expectation of the very best for the new day ahead of you.

The mornings are the best time to find yourself in a tranquil, receptive and impressionable state. In that state, you will be able to direct the activities of your mind along the highest and most desirable path.

Enter the new day prepared for the very best to happen in everything you undertake.
Step by step, see the perfect pattern unfold for the day and for you.
Yesterday is behind you, and you are in harmony with all of life.



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