Uluru Update ‘Magic Box’ Prophecy – Successfully Activated

Uluru Magic Box Update, Activation and Opening Meditation Australia December 21 2020. Thanks to the Elders, Steve Evan Strong and Lightworkers - Pleadian Goddess

Thanks to the Elders, Steve & Evan Strong and all the Lightworkers around the world!

We still need to continue with the meditations to keep charging the core of earth mother at Uluru. Listen to the Guided Meditation shared in this article.

There is so much to share and not sure where to begin.

Firstly, I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. For their continued guidance as we all move now from 3D to 5D earth.

Secondly, I give thanks to Steve and Evan Strong for sharing the Magic Box Prophecy to us all. In September last year, I first read about it and did not even get through the first paragraph knowing in my heart I had a vital role to play in the Activation. From that point on, every week, I guided meditations with my group to keep sending unconditional love continuously to Uluru to assist with the preparation leading to 21st December. It seemed so far away back then.

Many Lightworkers supporting the Activation

The traditional elders and first nation people, along with Steve and Evan Strong with the large group of lightworkers that joined them near Uluru and all the lightworkers worldwide, have focused unconditional love via meditation or ceremony to Uluru on the 21st December 2020.

IT WORKED!! The magic box is active and the vital life force power is flowing through the earth and awakening all the sacred places, song lines and energy lay lines globally.

Schumann Resonance

Here is an image showing how the Schumann Resonance spiked on the 21st December 2020 with all the global meditations taking place. Shown in the white burst that spike later that day leading into the evening.

Schumann resonance on the 21st December 2020 with global meditations

Message in a Dream

Now I will share what has happened to me, leading to this special event.

I recall in early November having a dream where an Aboriginal elder approached me. He was quite handsome with big brown eyes and looked me straight in the eye. By my side, I could sense the women and rest of the elders only showing their backs, performing one of the special Dreamtime sacred dances.

He showed me a box that looked like an old wooden TV set from the 50s, with one side broken. He just said ‘FIX IT! Then the dream suddenly vanished. A few days later, I remembered the dream and found it quite strange and not making any sense.

My Unexpected Astral Travel Meditation

A couple of weeks later, I returned home from a few meetings while working on various client projects. Felt quite tired around 4 pm and decided to take a power nap. The power nap worked out to be quite an unexpected deep astral travel meditation. Three of my powerful angelic guides took me straight to Uluru. Then we travelled into the heart of the rock where a box was lodged deep within the core. They were with me and I felt strongly they were protecting me.

When I wiped off the dust and picked up the box, I noticed it started to glow and pulsate a white and blue light. I could feel the weight and size of it and asked why is it working now that it is in my hands. They shared telepathically with me that I had Pleiadean DNA and that is what was required to activate it. That knowledge came to me as a huge surprise. They then guided me back to me my home and into my body. When I opened my eyes, I realised I was gone for an hour. It was a fantastic experience and I remembered every part of it.

Checking the Activation Process

From there on, each week, I kept checking in to ensure it was active and found the pulsation of energy kept growing day by day, week by week. Every meditation I guided, I ensured all my attendees sent unconditional love to Uluru after spending time in the sacred forest within my meditations.

The pulsation grew into a very powerful beat with energy radiating outwards expanding past Uluru in crimson, gold and white light all blending together. As it was getting more powerful each time I went to visit and check. My guides informed me most souls could not get this close as the power and force build-up was getting stronger. I could feel it moving through my spirit body when checking in on the progress.

The meditation I have created and sharing once again below is for you to enjoy and to heal yourselves, as we are all rainbow children of light.

This is the same meditation I shared to my tribe of lightworkers, attendees of my meditation group and anyone else who took an interest in it. All to prepare the energy of Uluru for full Activation. To make it ready for the elders to open and activate.


The night of the 21st with the tribe

Then came the night where I was invited to guide the meditation with a group of 20 in Redfern, Sydney. The energy I channelled and the army of angels that came through was the most powerful I have ever brought forth to date. I pulled in the new light from the sun, the energy from the planets aligned, all the love energy from individuals worldwide, and directed it all to Uluru.

Then took the tribe and angels through the sacred rock deep into the earth, so ignited a massive light in the centre of Earth Mother. Then back up to Uluru, then I brought everyone back into the room.

It took a while to get back into my body again.

The two closest to me felt the energy pulsating through me and shared later, they have never felt anything that strong. I started the meditation at 7.30 that went through to 8 pm. Intentionally behind the allocated time of 9 pm as I wanted to prepare the energy for the elders to activate the magic box. The elders were free then to open the magic box and start full Activation.

Some in the room said they felt all their chakras and third eye tingling. It was a lovely evening.

This is the same night of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the skies. Strangely over this time in Sydney, there was a lot of cloud cover and thankfully lots of rain throughout the year, so no bush fires this season. Also lots of solar flare activity during this time.

The two roads to choose

Now the two roads have formed and people have the choice which one they choose. The high road leads to living a life of 5-dimensional frequency. The other road, is the one choosing to stay trapped in the third dimension. What does this mean? I will share it in the next article. Please join my live zoom meditations starting 7.30pm, Wednesday evenings Sydney time. Wherever you are in the world, would love you to be part of our healing chakra visualisation meditation community. I still have a handful of my 4 month meditation course kits I can post out.

It was beautiful receiving an acknowledgement to release this knowledge now. Out of the blue, a first nation lightworker sat next to me just now, in one of my favourite cafés in Sydney. We had quite a lovely conversation about the current awakening and the two roads that have formed. Towards the end of the conversation, he looked at me and said I knew too much, smiled and left. I know now, that it is safe to release this information.

Love and light to you all. Let’s create an incredible 2021 for ourselves, our family and all we love. Now with Uluru activated, the song lines and lay lines across the earth reactivating, we are moving into the Golden age. This new timeline we are now in will bring in the high vibrational Goddess energy, that will grow strong from here on impacting all of us in different and positive ways.





• Schumann Resonance Screen shot - sourced from https://twitter.com/schumannbot
• Updates noted from Steve and Evan Strong https://www.youtube.com/user/Theforgottenorigins

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