The Aboriginal Prophecy- Why We are Focusing on Activating the ‘Magic Box’ in Uluru

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Healing and Activating the ‘Magic Box’ in Uluru with our Meditations

Using the technique of guided chakra healing meditation for relaxation and inner peace

Just a reminder that all my meditations are channelled and not scripted. They naturally flow through me guided from the divine source of the God light. I give thanks to all the masters and high angelic beings that work with me each and every day to assist with the awakening and healing of all. I share with you what I see and what spirit presents to me with each new meditation I guide. The meditation in this article is one of many different kinds I channel each session of the meditation courses. My zoom meditations are just as powerful as the in studio meditations I held, until Covid locked us all down and restricted the way we operate.

Sharing the ‘Magic Box’ Aboriginal Prophecy with you.

It is said in Aboriginal lore that many hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Pleiadean’s from another star system came to earth and embedded the “magic box” in the very core of Uluru. The earth solar plex chakra is in and under Uluru. It is ready and waiting to be activated now, by those in Australia who are pure of heart. The elders have said it will require around eighty thousand humans with pure hearts to help reactivate it, for a global earth healing and awakening to take place for all living beings on earth.

The Aboriginal elders of this ancient Gondwanaland refer to this device as the “Magic Box” This is truly a gift from the stars and its capacity is way more than we can imagine. It is waiting to be activated by us, the humans living on this land. When sung and turned on, the real force and power will only then be recognised.

The Aboriginal Elders of this ancient Gondwanaland refer to this device as the “Magic Box”

A Time of Change and Rejuvenation

Earth is currently going through very high resonance and gamma rays are streaming over us right now, continually amplifying our energies in these times. It is part of the great global awakening taking place at this moment in time. Please drink plenty of water, to keep you hydrated as we are being healed and reactivated on many levels in our bodies. For some, many memories are brought forth. Let them go as you are morphing into a new you—all old energies are currently leaving your body and transforming you into higher vibrations. Much like the work I have been doing on you all, to assist moving you into the golden age. There will be many good changes happening in 2021. A lot of truth will be revealed. Stay in your heart right now and in your love.

It has been foretold there need to be around 80,000+ people who are positive light beings and in their hearts, filled with unconditional love focusing on the magic box to activate it in December. It will then absorb all the pure energy from us, activate, then reactivate all the dreaming tracks and all the earth lay lines globally.

“In the ancient creation legends of “Dreamtime”, there is a story about a great ritual which has yet to be completed at Uluru. This ritual was meant to complete the great plan of the earth spirit. When the ritual is complete, then perfection will spread throughout the world, and death will disappear from all species. This event is symbolized by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which is destined to unite the Sun with the Earth – heaven with Earth. It is predicted that this cord begins to function in 2020 AD, at the time of the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction.” – Sourced from Robert Coon’s writings

Best to listen to this meditation in a quite place or while in bed ready to go to sleep in the evening. Do not listen to the meditation while driving or operating any machinery. Do not listen to this meditation in a public place. Only in your home or in a place with no people around you for best results.

The Magic Box Aboriginal Prophecy

Earth Mother is very aware of the higher resonance – that part of the universe we are in now, bringing ascension to all living beings. The Schumann Resonance has been moving in waves and soon will peak. Once the final ritual by the elders has been completed and the magic box is activated, the earth will vibrate at a higher level forever. Prophecy has it that if the magic box is not activated, the box will remain idle, and soon after the earth’s axis will tilt and the oceans will wash away virtually everything on the surface of the earth.

Your Light and Power

This is why I have been guiding meditations for the past 16 years with the assistance of my amazing divine angelic guides, helping bring everyone into balance. For when you are balanced fully, you are in your power and fear can no longer paralyse you. You will remain in a state of constant calm and trust, knowing all will be well and things will work out for you. Your light will shine strongly and you will create a beautiful world of harmony around you.

With this new course, we will continue to focus on sending pure soul love energy to the ‘magic box’ within Uluru until it fully activates in December 2020 with the help of the elders.

We all need to be in a state of pure heart to activate this magic box. The elders have said, once the Magic Box has been activated and switched on, it will fully activate the five sacred sites around Australia, followed by one in New Zealand and from there all the sacred sites will activate across the earth.

“At the precise moment of 9.04 pm on December 21st, 2020, all those who have heard the call to be part of this activation, are asked to stand facing Uluru, from wherever you are in Australia or around the globe and focus on sending your energy to assist the Aboriginal Elders who will be performing a predestined ancient ritual at Uluru itself. The Elders have been doing preparatory ceremonies over the past nine years, in the lead up to this event.” – Steve Strong and the prophecies.

Helpful tip about the water you drink; I highly recommend you use water filters that extract all chemicals out of drinking water including fluoride. The clean water will take a few months to clean you out and your health will return. The body is very good at cleaning itself out with your assistance. Then I filter the water with a magnetiser, that makes the water living water once again. To find out more, please email me at [email protected]

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. For their continued guidance as we all move to 5D earth.

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