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Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

How Meditation Helps with Focus, Stress and Anxiety (Psychotherapy & Psychology Perspective) The benefits of [...]

Guided Meditation to Reduce & Release Stress for Carers

Whether Caring for Family Members, the Elderly, the Disabled or Our Wildlife, You Need Time [...]

Meditation with Trees: Message from the Weeping Beech named Elk

Message from Elk, the 120-year-old Weeping Beech Tree and the sister tree called Elm. The [...]

How I began group guided meditation and my experience meeting a Tibetan Monk called Sonam

The White Lotus Light Healing Guided Meditation Video at the bottom of this article will [...]

Beginners Guided Visualization Techniques: Easy Meditation Practice

The Best Guided Visualisation Meditation Techniques for New Meditators Guided visualization meditation is an easy [...]

Alpha Brainwave Meditation: What are the Benefits?

What is an Alpha Brainwave State and association with increases in creativity, intuition and inspiration? [...]

Best Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomia and Anxiety (Plus Improve Physical and Mental Health)

Best Guided Sleep Meditation in Sydney I would like to welcome all the new people [...]


Guided Vedic and Creative Visualization Meditation

Creative Visualisation and Vedic Meditation Online Courses in Ashfield and Australia via Zoom. Back in [...]

Chakra Guided Meditation for Balancing, Healing and Sleep

Meditation for Chakra Clearing (Plus! Answers to Your Meditation Questions) When I say, ‘meditation for [...]

Online Meditation for Sleep and Distant Energy Healing using the Air Element

New Zoom Online Meditation Course Dates Released Over the past few weeks, a wonderful group [...]

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