Online Meditation for Sleep and Distant Energy Healing using the Air Element

Distant Energy Healing with the Air Element and Meditation for Sleep and Healing at night. New Zoom Online Meditation

New Zoom Online Meditation Course Dates Released

Over the past few weeks, a wonderful group of people from across Australia have been joining me for online meditation to assist with sleep and distant energy healing. Each week, I transfer healing energy to each individual via the air element within the deeper part of the guided meditation. Only those who have mastered and aligned with the elements can transfer distant healing in this way.

Winter is a Time to Recover and Prepare

Winter has arrived and with it, a time to reflect with the changing seasons. The wind bellows through urban and regional streets, children play in the fallen golden leaves and we are searching for last year’s warm socks. Winter is a time for rest and rejuvenation. A time to prepare for the fruits of spring and a time for us to remember that we – you and I, need to care for ourselves so we can be our best, most beautiful, balanced and healthy selves every day.

Below, I share with you new course dates for online meditation and explain the power of air healing.

Meditation for Sleep and Healing – New Course Dates Announced starting Wednesday the 10th June.

I am humbled to have seen so many people find balance, better sleep, pain disappearing and to be able to release their stress and anxiety over the past few weeks. Guiding meditation online with zoom has allowed me to reach people from across the country in need of support and healing in this point in time.

Now, as we are nearing the final session of the course, I am happy to announce the next course dates for online meditation.

The next course will start on Wednesday the 10th of June and continue weekly until the end of the five-week course on the 8th of July.

If you would like to join us, please visit my website to book your place. Spots fill up quickly as more and more people are hearing about me and looking to guided meditation to heal and balance themselves.

Surpassing Physical Limits with Distant Healing

Did you know that you and I don’t have to be in the same room for me to transfer healing energy to you? Whether you are in the same place as me or not, I can transfer healing energy to you via the air element. The air element is one of five that I have mastered over the years and shared with me from the sacred 5000-year-old scriptures in India.

Air Element Meditation and Air Healing

Wherever you are right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment and exhale all your worries out to the universe. With each breath in and out, the body moves rhythmically with the air element that surrounds us.

The air element is quite special as it is one we find to be quite tangible because we can feel it, and we can breathe it in. We can feel the crisp winter air as we inhale. We can feel it as the brisk wind ruffles our hair and yet we cannot see it.

The Air Element is Our Connection to the Heavens

The air reaches up to the heavens and links us to the angels that protect and guide us. It is a cosmic force. The air element is all-powerful energy which fuels fires and evokes natural disasters, but it is also an element that soothes.

• It moves seeds to the fertile ground to sprout.
• It cools our cheeks on a hot day.
• It fuels our fireplaces during icy evenings.

It is the air element which provides us with the power to awaken our cosmic powers. For me, it provides energy to channel healing to others over great distances. Air is the element I use to send healing to each attendee of my online meditation classes directly.

Familiar and New Faces Together

I hope to see some familiar and new faces during the next course. Many people return to my meditation classes for refreshers and to focus on new challenges they are being faced within their lives. From relieving anxiety, stress, chronic pain to insomnia, life tends to introduce new challenges for us to overcome. Together, we can heal ourselves, each other and earth mother.

If you haven’t tried guided chakra meditations or elemental healing before, sign up to my online classes. Classes are held online weekly as a 5-week course, so you can join from wherever you happen to be around Australia.


The next five-week online meditation course details:
Held via Zoom (free software) online.
Every Wednesday from the 10th of June to the 8th of July. Only $100.

Book your spot on the Meditation in Sydney website.

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