Chakra Guided Meditation for Balancing, Healing and Sleep

Seven 7 Chakra Guided Meditation Balancing, Healing Sleep.

Meditation for Chakra Clearing (Plus! Answers to Your Meditation Questions)

When I say, ‘meditation for chakra clearing’ – are you thinking, ‘chakra… what?’ By the end of this blog, you will be a chakra balancing sleep meditation guru in your own right!

We are going to delve deep into the top questions asked by you about chakra guided meditation for balancing and healing.

Do you need to put chakra balancing and healing on your list?

Here are a few questions to answer, to help you decide if it’s something you could benefit from doing.

  1. Do you feel anxiety or worry?
  2. On an average night, do you sleep all the way through to wake up feeling refreshed?
  3. Are headaches, aches and pains all too regular?
  4. Does your mind race non-stop?
  5. Are you nervous about an upcoming work or study presentation?
  6. Is your physical health 100%?
  7. How about your mental health – are you coping?

Chakras are vital to maintaining physical and mental health. Keeping your chakras balanced is also the best way to ground your spiritual self and care for your inner being.

What is a Chakra?

Let’s start at the beginning. Everyone has chakras located throughout their bodies. In more scientific terms, chakras are referred to as energy centres(*1).

To best explain what chakras are, first turn your mind to your physical body. You know you have a kidney, liver, lungs, heart, lymphatic system, endocrine system and so on. You also understand that if one isn’t functioning well, the others are also likely to follow suit.

For the body to manage the stresses, toxins and lifestyles of today’s world, every single organ and part of the bodily system must be in top working order.

Chakras are the energy centres working behind the scenes – the things that don’t show up on x-rays – yet still exist.

Seven 7 Chakra Colours and Frequencies - Guided Meditation Balancing, Healing Sleep. Guided Chakra Meditation for Beginners

What do Chakras Look Like?

A swirling disc of colour symbolises each chakra. During a meditation for chakra clearing, you’ll hear the lead meditator describe swirling discs and swirling spheres in all different colours.

Chakras, Colours, Wavelengths, Frequencies and Energy

The colours of the chakras directly correlate to the wavelengths of colours visible to the human eye. Each colour also has a rate of energy. See below.

Where are the Chakras Located?

Sit down with you back up nice and straight. Visualise a straight line starting at the base of your spine (root chakra). The line travels up past your belly button (sacral chakra), lungs (solar plexus chakra), heart (heart chakra), throat (throat chakra), forehead (third eye chakra), top of your head (crown chakra) and up to the heavens. These are where seven major chakras reside throughout the body.

What do Chakras do?

Chakras are the source of the material body’s energies (life-force or vibrations)(*1).

Did you know that each chakra corresponds to certain emotions and organ function? When a chakra is blocked, the associated organs, hormones and emotions don’t function properly.

The energies of the body should flow through each chakra. When there is a blockage, things like blood pressure, swelling, pain, fear and anxiety start to emerge.

In a future post, we’ll provide a complete list of all the organs and emotions which relate to each chakra. You’ll be able to identify which chakra needs specific attention.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact Senka at Meditation in Sydney for help.
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Heart Chakra Example

In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, which means to be ‘unstruck, unbeaten and unhurt’(*2). We have all felt that heavy aching that seems to be pouring out of our heart – the heavy feeling of loss, grief and loneliness.

Globally renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher(*3) would say these feelings are purely withdrawal symptoms from dopamine (the love hormone) – and she would be right… in part. It is a combination. The heart chakra runs sluggishly when we experience heartbreak. Focusing on healing and clearing the heart chakra in times of grief and loss is a helpful way to find balance again(*4).

If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of meditation, have a read of Meditation in Sydney’s blog called ‘Why Is Meditation Good For You?

How do You Activate, Heal and Balance the Chakras?

There are many ways to activate, heal and balance your chakras. Some of these include:

  • Positive affirmations.
  • Activities that support the chakras (i.e. for the heart chakra, spending time practising giving and receiving love with close friends and family(*4)).
  • Grounding yourself in the present (being mindful).
  • Chakra guided meditation (balancing and healing)

At Meditation in Sydney, meditations for chakra clearing are led by Senka who has mastered the chakras, elements and the transference of energy. Senka’s guided meditations take you on a visualisation journey to heal the chakras.

Attendees of Senka’s meditations attest to their effectiveness(*5).

“All the skills people need to heal themselves are within them. Every person has this power – they only need to be taught how to access it.”

– Senka (Meditation in Sydney founder and meditator)

Chakra balancing sleep meditation classes are running online every week. In-person sessions are looking to resume in July 2020. These classes are suitable for all levels of meditation.

Are You Thinking of Returning to Meditation?

Classes regularly see prior attendees. Now and then, it is beneficial to return to a guide to refresh meditation skills and give the chakras a supercharged boost of energy. As a result, classes book out quickly with new and returning meditators.

Balance and Healing? Yes Please!

How do I Register for Chakra Guided Meditation Classes with Senka?

The easiest way to book your place is to visit the Meditation in Sydney website and head to ‘Meditation Products > Meditation Classes’.

To save you time, here is the direct link to the classes page – Zoom meditation online

Meditation in Sydney – in Your Home

If you aren’t in Sydney, there are lots of other options for you. Senka hosts regular meditation sessions online, and there are digital downloads of meditations available as well.

Online meditation

Digital downloads



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