Soul Connection Meditation. Guided Meditation to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Help You Sleep

Soul Connection Meditation. Guided Meditation for Anxiety, Sleep and reduce stress.

Have you Tried a 20 Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety?

Accessing Our True Inner Self

Many of us may spend our lives searching for knowledge in the outer world. Yet overlook the fact that the source of all answers and wisdom, lies within each of us. That universal wisdom is another name for the state of being all-conscious. At times in our life, we may find ourselves overwhelmed and thwarted by anxiety, fear, depression and hopelessness: yet we have a source of fearlessness within us that can help us overcome our inner turmoil. We fear death and the passing of loved ones, yet remain unaware that immortality is ours. We search and crave for love in many places, but there is an unconditional love within that awaits us with open arms. We feel alone and disconnected in the world; but there is a unity and connectedness within us that, when accessed, can enhance our relationships with others, with nature and with all life.

We can find lasting happiness when we look in the right place. True joy is not as elusive as we think. Within each of us lays the unlimited power and energy of the empowered soul. Its precious qualities include wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, unconditional love, connectedness and bliss. Tapping into our soul and its power can enrich and transform our lives.

Blockages keep us from tapping into our inner gifts and as a result, we remain ignorant of them. Wondering how we can remove the blockages we carry? What process do we need to employ to discover all we seek?

The process of guided chakra healing meditation with Senka can help you created the bridge to access your powerful inner self, your empowered immortal soul.

Meditation with Senka

Here at Meditation in Sydney, Senka has been guiding meditation classes for years and she has seen some miraculous changes in people. From the high-strung, ever-busy business people, to the mum’s and dad’s who can’t turn their minds off as they lay down to sleep and more. No two meditation journeys are the same, but the reason so many of us are turning to meditation is to remove anxiety from our lives. The good news is that guided chakra healing meditations work.

Meditation to Reduce Anxiety

Let’s talk about anxiety and meditation. If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you care about is battling anxiety. You are not alone. Did you know that three million Australians are suffering from anxiety right now? (*1) That’s 12% of our population!

So many people battle this invisible suffering for years without any relief. Western medicine isn’t the answer for everyone. Guided meditation may be what you need right now.

Can a 20 Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety Help?

One thing to remember is that meditation is a regular practice. Meditating for as little as 20 minutes a day can bring you benefits. Any time you can give to yourself for meditation is worthwhile. For many of the meditators who attend Meditation in Sydney’s courses, are discovering the 50-minute session each week is all they need. Everyone is different and there is a meditation that will suit your lifestyle.

Meditation as a Mental Health Activity

Traditional meditation practises often associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, but you do not have to follow any religion to meditate. Meditation is a mental health activity that soothes and heals the mind, body and soul. Just as you know when you need to go for a walk or work out, you know when you haven’t been looking after your mind. You don’t need any special ‘work out’ gear for meditation – particularly if you’re attending classes online. All you need is a quiet space, loose, comfortable clothing and the internet, connecting to our zoom meditations.

How Old is Meditation?

Meditation has been practised globally for 1000’s of years. Some even date meditative practices to the age of the Neanderthals(*2). Over time, it has evolved and spread, which means that if one type of meditation doesn’t work for you, another may well do.

The meditation classes(*3) that Senka runs at Meditation in Sydney are unique personal journeys of relaxation and healing. Her guided meditations are not the average, ‘breath in… breathe out’ exercises. They take you, your body and your spirit on a journey of healing.

Life is full of Beauty Quote - Guided Meditation to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Help You Sleep


You only need to experience severe anxiety once in your life to know you never want it back again. Unfortunately, that’s something we have to work to prevent and manage.

Survival Instincts

At its core, anxiety is a survival instinct ingrained in the human nervous system(*4). If you consider that we are almost exact replicas of our ancestors, this makes sense. When we were hunting and gathering, anxiety would have been helpful. We would have thought about the possible dangers ahead and had the opportunity to plan for them.

The issue that presents us now is that we do not need to plan for life-threatening events daily. Everyday events, such as traffic jams when you are running late for work, waiting for a health prognosis, preparing for an exam that will be held in two weeks, or a meeting with the boss next week – can all be sources of anxiety.

Anxiety is often described as a future worry – a concern about something that may or may not happen. We know that the risk of our lives being threatened in the exam room is quite low, but our body does not(*5). That is where anxiety often starts to present a problem for us. Over time, stress can become chronic and cause a huge amount of disruption to our mental and physical health – as well as our lives(*6).

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Sleep – How Does it Work?

Meditation changes the brain and increases grey matter(*7). The longer you practice meditation, the greater the benefits. Meditators who have recently been attending Meditation in Sydney’s online course have found benefits during just one session. However, they continue with more courses to keep building on the benefits. As each week passes by, more changes start presenting themselves. These changes happen:

  • In mind – becoming more resilient, more present and calmer.
  • In the body – reducing aches and pains, headaches and nervous tension.
  • In the heart and soul – feeling more open, understanding and loving.

Benefits of Accessing Our Soul

Once we tap into our great soul self, we can experience profound transformations that enrich every area of our life.

  • Personal relationships • Mental • Physical • Emotional Health • Spiritual Growth • Professional work • Attaining our life goals and so much more. This transformation brings joy and peace to our lives. Most of all contributing to a loving, lush, healthy, balanced and peaceful world.

If you are suffering from anxiety, don’t do it alone. Contact Senka at Meditation in Sydney. Join an online (or in-person) course to experience the benefits of guided meditation.

We hope to meet you and help you during your meditation journey! Until then, be safe and know you are not alone. 😊


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