Learn How Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation Helps to Energise and Clear Your Aura

Your physical body and chakras are tucked away beneath these layers of petals - Eucalyptus Flower buds

Chakra balancing guided meditation to clear chakras

All living beings have chakras and the extended energy field around your body is known as the aura, which is interconnected with the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies within you. Regularly practising the clearing, healing and aligning of the chakras in meditation ensures your overall emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Today, we introduce to you auras and chakras;
• What they are
• How they work
• How chakra balancing guided meditation helps to clear and energise your mind, body and spirit.

The Seven Main Chakras

The seven main energy centres in the body begin at the base of the spine being the base chakra, then leading you through to the top of the head being the crown chakra. This is where the seven main chakras reside(*1). Each point is an individual energy storehouse which the body and mind draw on to complete tasks and manage different situations experienced in your lifetime.

Of the thousands of chakras in the human body, there are seven main ones. Each chakra corresponds to a certain colour, bodily function or organ, an aspect of an individual’s character, emotions, as well as natural elements, deities and mantras(*2).

Understanding the position and meaning of all seven main charkas engery centers
Image Credit: Body Spiritual

The throat chakra represents the thyroid and parathyroid glands, respiratory system, jaw, teeth, and throat. When these parts of the body are diseased, the throat chakra would also be unwell, and possibly blocked. Another symptom of the throat chakra being blocked is the inability to speak up for yourself, to be assertive and speak your truth.

By strengthening the body’s chakras, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is also improved because they work hand-in-hand.

Everything and everyone is connected through energy vibrations.

The arrangement order and colours of the 7 main chakras
The arrangement order and colours of the 7 main chakras

Chakra Balancing and Alignment

Chakras are visualised as whirling circles of energy. The higher the energy vibration for each chakra, the faster it whirls – and the stronger it is. During illness or grief, the energy vibration slows and the chakra needs to be fine-tuned to get back to its optimal functioning level. Thoughts, actions, and stress can also directly impact energy vibrations and chakras. This is where mindfulness and guided chakra meditation assist. Guided chakra meditation takes the meditator on a visual journey where they follow the meditator through a guided visual journey, to clear blockages and increase energy vibrations.

When the body is calm, strong, and empowered, the chakras are all working seamlessly. When one chakra is blocked, the others will be affected because they are all connected and depend on each other. Just as nutrition and exercise are important in maintaining physical and mental health, so is caring for our chakras in our spirit body.

Vibrant Light Positive Auras

Auras are not visible to the naked eye however everyone can learn how to sense or feel them and in time see them with your third eye. Some describe feeling particularly good around some people, while others can make you feel drained. This is the aura at work. Your aura reacts to the energy field of others, sending signals to your body and mind. The more in-tune a person is with their chakras, the more they will sense other energies. Scientifically speaking, auras are electromagnetic fields that emit from all living beings(*3). This skill improves as you increase your energy vibrations and connect with your innate divine power.

Auras wrap around the physical body in a multitude of layers that are all unified and connected. Each layer in a being’s (person, flora or fauna) aura is influenced by the chakras.

Your physical body and chakras are tucked away beneath these layers of petals - Eucalyptus Flower buds

Visualising Auras

Imagine a beautiful flower bud that has not yet bloomed. Your physical body and chakras are tucked away beneath these layers of petals. Each petal that wraps around you is one layer of your aura.

The stronger the chakra and higher the vibration the stronger and brighter that part of your aura will be. For those who have complete balance and spiritually awakened, their aura will be completely white.

People can see vast changes in aura scans from one day to the next. The aura’s vibrancy dulls when chakras are sluggish or blocked and out of balance. If auras are blurred, dull or showing a dominant chakra colour, the chakras will also be in a state of imbalance.

When a person is not feeling their best, increasing the vibration of their chakras can help. Through methods such as guided meditation specifically for chakra clearing, chakras can be brought back into balance(*4). In turn, auras are cleansed, the body starts to heal itself and the mind opens. Thus attaining a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.

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