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Best Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomia and Anxiety (Plus Improve Physical and Mental Health)

Best Guided Sleep Meditation in Sydney I would like to welcome all the new people [...]


What Happens When Modern Science Catches Up with Ancient Healing? Bioenergetic Frequency Healing

For Illness, Pain, Inflammation, Stress, Energy, Clarity and More. Quantum Physics Frequency Healing Imagine your [...]

Online Meditation for Sleep and Distant Energy Healing using the Air Element

New Zoom Online Meditation Course Dates Released Over the past few weeks, a wonderful group [...]

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Weekend Meditation Retreat – Spiritual Healing Retreats for both Young and Mature

Searching for “Spiritual Retreats near me around Sydney”? (You’ve Come to The Right Place!) We’re [...]


The healing power of Tree Meditation

The healing power of Tree Meditation It has been proven Trees communicate through their roots, [...]

Guided Healing Meditation for Anxiety and Paranoia

Find out how Guided Meditation helped Alex Healing and dissolving the symptoms of Anxiety and [...]

How the Earth Element Guided Meditation Relieved Anxiety for Helen

Sharing how my Guided Meditations Relieved Anxiety for Helen Let me share this inspiring story [...]

Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation Meditation helps to…. Lower blood pressure, release stress, improve sleep, be happy ANALYSIS/OPINION With [...]