The healing power of Tree Meditation

Tree healing and grounding meditation. Enchanted Rainforest Guided Meditation. When we meditate with them, the aura of the trees heals us.

The healing power of Tree Meditation

It has been proven Trees communicate through their roots, sharing sugars and their life force with each other.

The magical life of trees, so ancient and wise and we can learn so much from them. When we meditate with them, the aura of the trees heals us.

Apart from being one of the oldest living beings on earth, trees are spiritually advanced and in a constant meditative state. Their language is the subtle energy of the life force drawn from the earth and heavens above. Trees help with opening energy channels within us, also known as our chakras. Trees unite the energy of earth and sky, embodying the connection point of both spheres.

Scientists from Denmark and Hungary have completed a study discovering that trees also have circadian rhythms – just as we do!

1) Trees have Remarkable Healing abilities

As observed by Taoist masters, not only do trees convert CO2 into oxygen, they can absorb negative energy and change it into useful positive energy. As the roots of the trees are rooted in the earth and branches stretch out to the sky, they are the perfect connectors of heaven and earth. They are creating an even higher dimension of universal forces.

2) Healing properties of the Sydney Blue Gum and the Eucalyptus family of trees

The eucalyptus trees are seen as the king of the forest — the ability to heal and give a sense of clarity, leadership and focus. The eucalypts boost the immune system, increase energy, cleanses the body, providing a sense of connection and rejuvenation.

Be proactive and plant one today on your council strip if you live in Australia! Time each and every one of us gives back to our earth right now. Ensure your water it twice a week for a few weeks, until it takes hold in the soil.

“The Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation with Senka helped me relax and put outside influences out of my mind. I could concentrate and I was more focussed and more productive at work – which is a part of why I started meditation with Senka, and I’ve only been doing it a short time.”

 –Participant, Meditations by Nature, in Sydney with Senka

3) Trees help restore your energy when you escape the city?

Heading out of the city to the mountains and other wild natural places around Australia is always a great experience. We all know that feeling of relief, seeing the city drop out of view in the rear-view mirror and escaping to a natural world of beauty and wonder.

When we can’t get away from the city, we still need to find peace and inner balance for our mind, body and spirit. Guided meditation incorporating chakra balancing and clearing, brings us the healing, balancing and peace we are searching for. The earth element energy is channelled directly into your third eye by Senka accelerating the process, while in the deepest part of the meditation.

“I found it helpful to calm my mind and step back from a busy life at school with loads of stress. It helped me to sleep as well, which was incredibly helpful during exam periods. It brightened up my day.”

– Participant, Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation by Nature with Senka

4) Circadian Rhythms in Trees (and Humans)

All living beings, sentient or human have energy and their own ‘rhythms’ which change throughout the day. We are mostly familiar with living beings similar to us, such as animals. Our ancestors synced with mother nature centuries ago to assist with both healing and to energize, yet science is only starting to catch up now?

“To imagine that a tree has a heartbeat is not as far fetched as you may think? András Zlinszky, Bence Molnár and Anders S. Barfod from Hungary and Denmark, headed a unique study that trees do have a unique beat within them, very similar to a heartbeat. Simply amazing!!”

What did they discover? All trees presented change, some more significant than others as night fell. Nearly all returned to their original position by morning. Through terrestrial laser scanning, they could see leaves change position during the night. The branches of trees dropped by eight centimetres over the course of the night. By morning, they had returned to their original position – as if awakened. Ready to take on the day.

5) Why is this significant?

It further supports Puttonen’s study of specific tree species located more than 2,000km apart showing precisely the same change – thus eliminating local influences. It also encourages scientists to continue their work towards proving what we already know, about the energy we can feel in the earth. In Australia, it is the energy of the ancient first nation people and the energy of country that connects and grounds us. We are heartbeats as one on earth mother. But we are also all one, connected and sharing the earth energy trees, plants, animals and humans.

6) It is proven that Trees in Urban Spaces reduces crime

“There is a strong relationship between higher levels of the tree canopy and lower levels of crime, regardless of socioeconomic factors. In New Haven, Connecticut, a 10% increase in tree canopy was associated with a 14% decrease in property crimes and a 15% decrease in violent crime. Similar results were found in Baltimore, with a 12% drop in all outdoor crimes for each 10% increase in the tree canopy. In Chicago, an old rail corridor turned tree-lined trail had the unexpected result of a rapid decrease in the local crime rate. A public housing development, also in Chicago, had 48% fewer property crimes and 56% fewer violent crimes in or around buildings with more green space.” 1.

“I found the meditation helpful in making me calmer and better able to deal with life’s pressures. Sleeping better as well. You feel that your body is centred, and you can cope with life in general and all the things that you have to deal with. We’ve looked forward to coming every week.”

– Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation Participant, Meditation in Sydney.


Be aware of the incredible healing power of trees and the earth, when you take the time to connect with them. Their energies have an extraordinary impact on our physical and emotional selves. There is still so little we know about the healing power of trees.

When I meditate with a tree, I find the entire meditation experience is enhanced and amplified with its effectiveness.

Join my meditation groups in Sydney as I continue to share and practice Meditations by Nature in the Inner West on Tuesday nights.

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