Meditation with Trees: Message from the Weeping Beech named Elk

Meditation with Trees, spiritual connection between humans and trees. Message from Elk 120 year old Weeping Beech and sister tree called Elm.

Message from Elk, the 120-year-old Weeping Beech Tree and the sister tree called Elm.

The spiritual connection between humans and trees.

For millennia humans have always had a strong connection with nature and trees.

Sadly, humans have slowly lost this most sacred connection, more so in the last two hundred years. Humans have slowly been brainwashed by the media and technology, which has caused a separation. Thankfully, we are in a time now where many are waking up and can see we need to change our direction and learn to reconnect with the earth once again as we are all earthlings.

Secret Garden Entry - Meditation with Ancient Trees, spiritual connection between humans and trees.

My Spiritual Connection with the trees

The short six-day escape into nature has been healing and rejuvenating for me. I rested in a beautiful estate in the southern highlands, surrounded by old gardens planted over one hundred years ago. I felt the spirit of the home and garden. I learned it was originally owned by a family that made their wealth from cattle. The lady of the house planned and planted the vast gardens surrounding the estate on the hill.

As I walked through the gardens, past ancient trees and fountains, I was captivated by this ancient Weeping Beech tree. As I placed my hands on the tree, I closed my eyes and immediately connected with the spirit of this wise and old weeping beech tree. I asked the tree’s name and saw Elk in my mind’s eye.

Meditation with Trees, spiritual connection between humans and trees. Message from Elk 120 year old Weeping Beech

I asked Elk about my concern with humanity in these times? The message I received was as follows.

“Many more will depart the earth plane in the latter part of the year. I saw people’s souls leaving like small light balls going into the skies. Elk showed me that all who awaken in these coming months and start taking care of their health have a better chance of survival.”

• Drink clean water; all fluoride, chlorine and chemicals must be filtered out and removed. By doing so, you will be able to shift and increase your vibration.

• Start detoxing now. Those that care for their physical body by detoxing will be able to remove most of the toxins in time to start repairing their body on a cellular level. Those who do not will drop in vibration and will be unable to remain as the earth moves into the higher energy vibrations of this part of the universe. Individuals who can hold the light and remain grounded as well will be able to shift and change as the new light energy is washing through us. The waves of this light energy will start activating us on so many levels.

We are all light beings, we are fractals of God’s light. Each and every one of us holds the keys to unlocking the great gifts and knowledge we carry in our souls from many lifetimes. Each and every human of light has the ability to be a powerful creator and manifestor. By recognising, holding and expanding our light, we become out of reach of the dark lower vibrational forces.

By raising our energy and vibrations together as a collective global community, we can bring darkness to its knees and watch it disappear. When the low vibrational forms can no longer feed on us in just one day, they cease to exist. The higher you continue to rise, the more out of reach and invisible you are from the dark.

Meditation is the perfect practice to focus on your soul, heart and inner light. Regular meditation practice can train you to focus, be more creative and raise your energy and awareness. Become expansive; generosity is vast and sheds light all around you.

We are in a time now we can embrace our light, our truth and our power and make a stand to become the sovereign beings that we are. No longer can we be ruled or governed. This is why we are now coming into a time where we will see government break apart and fall. The old system no longer serves us. We are in a time where we believe in ourselves and start making changes for a better world. It begins by tending to the land and plants around you, being free and being the caretakers of the land.

It starts by watching over and caring for the birds and wildlife around us. By checking in with family, neighbours and friends to ensure they are fine. Do they need a conversation, food or some help? When we share and assist with our immediate community, this ripples out to so many more that can be helped or awakened.

Watch how a ripple in a pond expands when you throw a pebble into it. The same way our energy flows through others to spread the light, compassion and kindness that we carry. Once we start awakening and tap into our great psychic powers, you will be in awe of the greatness that will soon begin to unfold from you.

Love and light from the spirit of the ancient and wise Weeping Beech Trees.

Elk and Elm xo

Secret Garden Wisdom - Meditation with Trees, spiritual connection between humans and trees.

This is the message I was inspired to write this evening and share with all that find this page. Right now, we are here to save ourselves, our families and stand in our power to heal the world.

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