Unity, Meditation Community and the Power of Dreaming Together

Fire Goddess formed from sorry sticks, Quantum Guided Meditation and Consciousness Community

Sunlight Meditation – Positive Manifestation Meditation to Stop Rain

The flooding along the east coast has been devastating. During guided meditation classes, from the 2nd to the 8th of March, we focussed our energies on these people and the drenched land. We had incredible results from just two classes that focused on these positive manifestations. Meditators attended my guided meditation and quantum healing classes in Sydney and via Zoom. They united their consciousness into one to bring sunlight to the land.

Below, I reveal these remarkable outcomes the meditation community achieved. I also share with you the humbling experience I had at ‘Unity, The Meeting Place’ festival where I learnt about the power of dreaming together.

Sunlight Meditation, Positive Manifestation Meditation, Quantum Guided Meditation and Consciousness Community.

How a Unified Consciousness Turns Positive Manifestations Into Reality

I want to share with you how powerful we are when we 100% focus on what we intend to manifest. A perfect example was last week during the guided meditation with my online group of five. We dedicated a section of the meditation to specifically focus on separating the clouds, stopping the rain, and draining out the land. This was on Wednesday the 2nd of March, and it worked! The heavy constant rains that started at the end of February began to ease on Wednesday through till Sunday the 6th of March. Then the heavy monsoonal rain returned.

Sunlight Manifestation during Quantum Healing Guided Meditation

Quantum Guided Meditation and Consciousness Community. Sunlight Positive Manifestation to Stop Rain

I decided to guide the same manifestation during the second session of my quantum healing guided meditation class. This group was held on Tuesday the 8th of March. I guided the meditation towards clearing the clouds, opening up the blue sky and letting the sunlight shine upon the land again.

We then visualised thousands of volunteers coming from around Australia to help and support those affected by the floods. The final focus was a manifestation of the water draining into and filling the underground tunnels, for a full cleansing of the earth.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is the healing of the body with the mind – the union of science and alternative medicine(*1). It dates back to ancient Sanskrit, yet the term ‘quantum healing’ wasn’t coined until 1988 (by Deepak Chopra)(*2). Science has since proven its beneficial effects on the body including a significant boost to the immune system(*2).

The Power That Resides in You and the Meditation Community

The great news is it worked again! On Wednesday the 9th of March the rain stopped. Once again, we have been enjoying the sun and clear skies. I feel it is important to share this great achievement, so you can realise how the creator lives within you – in your soul. You are powerful when you keep a positive mind and clear intentions on the good things you want to focus on in life.

It is amazing how quickly you can manifest when your frequency continues to rise, with the assistance of the regular practice of meditation. These positive manifestation meditations work when you focus on healing the earth, communities, and the betterment of others.

Positive Manifestation Meditation, Unity Quantum Guided Meditation and Consciousness Community

I also want to share the wonderful experience I had at ‘The Meeting Place’ with you. It was a weekend of camping in nature and learning from the elders of the land.

UNITY, Meditation Community

Healing our sacred land and all the people on our wonderful planet is something I have always believed we can achieve. Together, we can transform our lives for the betterment of all. The organisers of The Meeting Place passionately echo these thoughts and incorporate community across every element of the festival(*3). I was excited to head off to Darkinjung Country for a weekend of creating, sharing, empowerment, local food, music and most importantly, unity. 

Darkinjung Country – Central Coast, NSW

Sunlight Positive Manifestation Meditation to Stop Rain in the Australian Bush

The traditional lands and waters of the Darkinjung people are strong in culture, legacy, and history. Darkinjung people would often travel for 100s of kilometres to gather just as we all did during Unity. Their communities shared stories, wisdom and unified their consciousnesses to manifest goodness for the land, spirits, and people.

I was humbled to be welcomed onto this ancient land by Uncle Col Lyons(*3). I extend my respect and thanks to the Darkinjung people of the past, present and future.

A Cacophony of Frogs, Insects and Night Owls Singing Together in the Light Rain

When we arrived at the site, it was raining heavily and continued while we were setting up the tent. It was so refreshing to feel the rain in the bushland washing over me.

Once settled within the dry tent, it was such a wonderful experience to fall asleep to the sounds of nature.

Black Cockatoos Signal from Spirit, Consciousness Community Manifestation Meditation, Quantum Guided Meditation

I stayed for two of the five-day-long weekend. The river was so serene on this property. The corroboree around the fire in the evening with didgeridoos was magical. As the elders called in the spirits of the land, a pair of Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos flew high above us in the sky before sunset.

A Sacred Fire

Fire Spirit Consciousness Community Manifestation Meditation, Quantum Guided Meditation

Here, you can see a very tall form in the fire. The fire shaped itself into one of the spirits of the past and joined the group.

The following photo is another that is quite special.

Fire Goddess formed from sorry sticks, Quantum Guided Meditation and Consciousness Community

The sorry sticks are flat on the ground and pointing towards the fire from all four directions. All those present during this event placed an intention into each red ribbon. The combined energy moved through the large sorry sticks into the fire. The fire then formed into the shape of a goddess in this photo.

Mind and Body Healing and Rejuvenation

Consciousness Community, Positive Manifestation Meditation, Quantum Guided Meditation. Sunlight Positive Manifestation to Stop Rain

The next day I enjoyed a lovely remedial massage in the tents set up by the river. The tents sat beneath the canopy of the tall trees filled with birds singing in the breeze and gentle rain.

Meditation and Consciousness

The power of one’s consciousness is infinite. In each of us, we have the ability to repair our minds, bodies, and our earth. We have seen this in our meditation classes, in unified visualisations like those at The Meeting Place, and on even larger scales. When we unify our consciousness with others, we manifest great change and positivity in our world. What underlies meditation and consciousness is the ‘great self’ and the power within(*4). To access it and effect good in your own life, the people you care for and the world, all you need to do is practice.

Guided Meditation and Quantum Healing Classes

Learning meditation and being guided by a trusted expert is an experience like no other. In fact, the actual practice and the effects of traditional meditation really have to be experienced to be believed.

Come along to a class in Sydney or join via Zoom. Join our meditation community to improve your health, wellbeing, and manifest great intentions for the world.

Bookings are still available for classes starting the 30th of March and the 5th of April. Book in for meditation quickly as spaces fill up fast.

Sunlight Positive Manifestation to Stop Rain, Quantum Guided Meditations

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