Manifestation, Visualisation & Resetting Bioenergy Codes With Guided Meditations

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A Paradigm Shift in Thought Echoes Throughout the World

Life is often anything but predictable. Sometimes it is like being repeatedly guided towards rough waters. Every so often, there comes a time when a paradigm shift in thought occurs. We are in one of those manifestation periods right now. When many minds and souls come together in such a grand visualisation, profound change follows. We have seen people in meditation classes resetting their bioenergy codes, balancing their chakras, releasing negativity and reclaiming their power. People are letting go of shackles that have been binding them. They (we) are manifesting a new, and better future together. There is an awakening of people around the world. It is an exciting time! More and more people are standing up for their truth, power, and freedom.

Our Bioenergy Codes and Traumas Are Linked

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We carry with us our struggles and traumas from every challenge we have faced in our lives. We carry them with us in our minds, in our spirits and in our cells.

Even after reading every self-help book and going to every counselling session, you may still feel blocked. Science says this is because trauma is absorbed and then stored in the cells of the body(*1,2).

We are so glad science is finally catching up with the ancient Sanskrit teachings!

To get the body in full working order, the cells that have absorbed our traumas and stress must be cleared. Balancing and activating the chakras through experienced guided meditations is how you heal your body, mind and spirit simultaneously(*3).

Trauma is oftentimes carried from one generation to the next, ingraining itself throughout the cells of the human body.

 Guided Meditations for Manifesting Your Best Self

As the negativity continues to be held, it can reduce the ability to feel happy and settled. It also wreaks havoc on the major chakras. When chakras are blocked or not functioning properly, manifestations can be hard to activate.

During guided meditation classes with Senka, you can simultaneously clear your chakras and more readily start to manifest a better world around you. The more you practice guided meditation, the more easily the meditations will flow – the stronger you become, and the more powerful you will grow and manifest your visions quicker.

What is the Global Awakening?

Visualization Manifestation Meditation Sydney, James L. Oschman quote

If you are anything like us at Meditation in Sydney, you try to reduce the amount of news you are fed each day. It can become exhausting! There is a positive to be taken from all the current uproar around the world. From Canada and Europe to Australia and New Zealand, people everywhere are peacefully standing strong – together. This kind of worldwide solidarity has not been seen for decades – perhaps since the women’s movement in the 1970s.

For the truckers in Canada, the parents in Washington, or the two million protestors in Canberra, there is a common thread. Solidarity, freedom, peace, love and honour. Standing in our truth as the sovereign beings of light we are.

There are many more people around the world who are releasing their shackles(*4). Some are speaking up for themselves at work while others are finally telling that special someone how they feel. This is a beautiful thing. When individuals start to value themselves enough to look after the ones they love, their communities and themselves, great change happens.

Now, it is Your Time

Now is an ideal time to work on your own manifestations. What does your community, family and friends need? What do you need in your life?  We are in a time of manifestation and creating a new reality and a new world.

Peace – Love – Honour

There are so many good values being returned to the sovereign beings that we are. Use this time to add your energies to the worldwide manifestations for a better tomorrow. Now is your time to release the shackles of the past and blossom into the very best version of yourself.

Join a class in our Sydney studio (Friday evenings) or online (Wednesday evenings). We are excited to help you blossom into your best self 😊


To learn more about meditation, please feel free to browse our website. Our door is always open (metaphorically speaking), so feel free to make contact by phone (02) 9569 6580, email or via our website.

Visualization Manifestation Meditation, Senka in front of the 1000 arm Chenrezig Dalai Lama 2008 Sydney
Visualization Manifestation Meditation, Senka in front of the 1000 arm Chenrezig Dalai Lama 2008 Sydney



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