What is an Aura? What is Kirlian Photography of the Human body?

Human Aura Meaning, The human aura and astral colors, Kirlian photography human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

What are the Meanings of Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

Appreciating the complex functions of the human aura and higher spiritual energies offer a world of insight into the self. From the meanings of astral colours, and layers of the human aura to Kirlian photography – the life energy surrounding the body of all organisms is a wonder. Understanding the role of our unique bio-energy fields offer a multidimensional, holistic, and effective path to improving health and wellbeing. After all, it is the basis for countless native healing practices around the world.

What is the Meaning of an Aura? What Are the Astral Colours of the Human Body?

Enveloping all organisms is a subtle, layered bio-electric magnetic field. This is the aura – the human body’s etheric energy field. Astral colours present as a halo of light around the form(*1):

• Red.
• Orange.
• Yellow.
• Green.
• Blue.
• Purple.
• White.

The colours represent our unique nature, ideas, and passions(*1,2). Unless especially gifted with clairvoyance or sensitivity to these energies, most people cannot see auras(*2,3). Through chakra meditation, individuals can open the third eye to reach higher levels of consciousness. This, in turn, increases sensitivity and awareness of auras(*4). Auras of the human body can be dated back to ancient Vedic (prana), Japanese (ki) and Chinese (chi/qi) philosophy and healing(*5).

Seeing Auras – Kirlian Photography of the Human Body

Kirlian photography of human aura, nature and human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

The human bio-energetic field is highly complex and can be influenced by even the smallest changes in the self. Significant changes occur when an individual is suffering from disease, heartbreak or stress(*6). Even internal thought processes can influence the aura. Alternative healers and meditation guides use Kirlian photographs to provide therapeutic solutions for patients.

Kirlian photography of leaves, nature and human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

Kirlian photography captures the bio-energetic field of the subject through high-voltage photographs(*3,7). Its uses vary widely across mainstream and alternative medicine and in other scientific domains(*7).

Photography by Wikipedia User:MrX, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Matter of Science and Spirituality

We Are More Than a Piece of Rice

Human Aura Soul Meaning, The human aura and astral colors, Kirlian photography human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

Besides being of great interest to researchers and scientists, the human aura is said to connect us with higher spiritual powers. Dr Richard Gerber, in his revolutionary book (Vibrational Medicine For The 21st Century) suggested that higher spiritual (divine) bodies influence our physical bodies and souls(*3).

Gerber’s thoughts on this topic align perfectly with theosophical beliefs relating to karma and reincarnation – notably from theosophist, Annie Besant(*8,9). The influence of higher spiritual bodies also provides some explanation for the fact that the human body has no more genes than a piece of rice – yet is significantly more complex(*10). Furthermore, it also explains why some people can remember things they, themselves, in this lifetime have not experienced(*8).

Subtle Bodies and Chakras

As we have covered chakras and how guided chakra meditation benefits health in our other articles, I won’t go into detail about those here. Rather, I would like to introduce you to the seven bodies that make up the bioenergy (auric) field of the human body(*11). Although each layer seems separate, they are all intertwined and interconnected.

Human Aura Meaning, The human aura and astral colors, Kirlian photography human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

Auric Fields on the Physical Plane

• The etheric body is an etheric duplicate of the physical body. It exists in the same space as the physical form but has a much higher frequency or vibration(*3).

• The emotional body influences our emotions and is less tightly tethered to the physical body(*3).

 • The energy of the mental body vibrates even faster than the emotional and etheric bodies. It is the driver of our inspiration, ideas, inventions, and creations(*3).

Astral body

Human Aura Chakras, The human aura and astral colors, Kirlian photography human body. What are Astral Colours and Layers in our Aura?

The link between the physical and spiritual planes (and home to our chakras) is the astral body(*11). The chakras draw energy from the five sheaths (koshas) to connect to the physical body via the spine’s nerve plexuses and the endocrine system(*12).

The kosha of breath (prana – vital force) is what we use in chakra meditation(*13). Prana allows us to move stagnant energy and unblock chakras.

Causal Body

Moving out and up past the etheric template and celestial body is the ketheric (causal) body. According to Gerber, the causal body is the closest thing to what we understand as an immortal soul. It holds the records of our past lives. Upon each return (reincarnation), the soul achieves a greater level of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom(*3).

Buddhic, Nirvanic, Monadic and Divine Bodies

Higher spiritual bodies co-exist harmoniously, moving fluidly across multiple planes(*14). All auric fields are influenced by the following.

Intuitional (Buddhic) Body

The intuitional (buddhic) body comes from the Sanskrit term buddhi (enlighten, awaken, perceive)(*11,14). Although the word is similar, it is not related to Buddhism(*14). The buddhic body extends deep within the ego of the individual while also reaching to higher wisdom in the causal body.

Nirvanic Body

Also known as the spiritual or atmic body, the nirvanic body is integrated with our consciousness and soul – the whole self(*11).

Monadic and Divine Bodies

The monadic body sits just below the divine (logoic). It is the highest level of consciousness an individual can reach before becoming one with the divine and the creator(*11).

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