Alpha Brainwave Meditation: What are the Benefits?

Alpha Brainwave Meditation State and Alpha Brain Waves Benefits. alpha waves are associated with increases in creativity, intuition, and inspiration

What is an Alpha Brainwave State and association with increases in creativity, intuition and inspiration?

Our brain uses small amounts of electricity to function and process various signals and data in much the same way a computer does. These electrical currents vibrate during their journey around the brain as brain waves, pulsing at different speeds depending on what is being processed. A wave is one kind and pulsates at mid-speed. The Alpha State is produced while you are awake and while not concentrating on anything in particular. There are several benefits to alpha brainwave meditation, most notably an increase in creativity. Let’s take a closer look at the alpha meditation state, what alpha brainwaves are and how they function compared to other types of brainwaves.

What are the alpha brainwave benefits?

Your brain produces alpha brainwaves during states of relaxation, usually while you are not doing or thinking about anything in particular. This middle-of-the-road type of brainwave often increases creativity, intuition, and inspiration. A study conducted in 2015 found that participants could trigger a burst of creative thought if they focused on enhancing their brain’s alpha waves.

Therefore, the benefits of being able to produce alpha waves willingly speak for themselves. As alpha waves are mid-speed brainwaves found in the centre of the brainwave scale, this is known as centring, which in itself is similar to meditation. Centring can help you cope with and overcome various issues such as migraine headaches, insomnia, tension, bad habits, and a whole lot more. This type of brainwave can also help with relaxation and stress reduction.

Through guided meditation with Senka, you can achieve an alpha meditation state that can help you increase your levels of creativity. During the guided meditation process, you can attain a comforting form of relaxation while also growing compassion and empathy.

What are the main types of brainwaves?


This is the slowest type of brainwave, measuring between 0.5Hz and 4Hz. The most commonly occur during states of dreamless sleep.


Measuring between 4Hz and 8 Hz, theta waves are produced during light sleep or when you’re extremely relaxed.


Found in the centre of the brainwave spectrum, alpha waves measure between 8Hz and 12Hz. Your brain produces these waves while you are relaxed and not concentrating too much on anything.


Typically occurring when you are wide awake, focused and alert – usually while you’re doing your day-to-day activities or during decision-making processes. These faster brainwaves measure between 12Hz and 35Hz.


The fastest type of brainwaves is gamma waves, which measure beyond 35Hz, produced when you’re actively using your brain, such as while learning, intensely concentrating, and solving problems.

What happens if alpha waves become imbalanced?

When all is working as it should in your brain, all brainwaves are occurring in harmony in the correct balance. However, sometimes we can experience an imbalance of these waves. Specific mental and emotional issues such as depression and anxiety can occur when alpha waves are out of balance, often when more is produced in the brain’s left frontal cortex.

A 2019 study used a technique to stimulate the brain known as transcranial alternating current stimulation, or TACS, which was found to increase alpha brain waves while also helping to reduce symptoms of major depressive disorder.

This knowledge, coupled with the ability to produce alpha brain waves through meditation, can be incredibly beneficial to our bodies and minds – and the benefits of alpha brainwave meditation speak for themselves.

Through guided meditation with Senka, you can achieve an alpha meditation state that can help you increase your levels of creativity and attain a comforting state of relaxation.


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