What are the Benefits of Theta Brainwave Meditation?

Theta brain wave meditation benefits for the brain. Spiritual Connection, immune boosting Yoga Nidra

Why do I fall asleep while meditating?

Many beginners starting my meditations begin to experience the phenomena of accessing their Theta Brainwaves, even in the first course of five sessions.

Whether you have only recently started to experience meditation or are an experienced meditator and part of your daily routine, you will have undoubtedly been reaping the benefits of immune-boosting meditations. Do you ever wonder why you fall asleep while meditating? When you feel like you have fallen asleep, my voice is distant and you still return when I guide you back? This deep level of relaxation is where you experience theta brainwave activity. This natural phenomenon occurs while you meditate, allowing you to access your super consciousness.

Wondering what the benefits are exactly?

Healing of the body and mind through spiritual connection meditation

The mind and body experience an enhanced level of healing, growth and rejuvenation when accessed during the deep states of theta brainwave meditation. The mind and physical body can begin to restore and re-energise itself after and even during an illness due to the deeply relaxed state that theta brainwaves can help induce. Theta meditation techniques not only help with diseases but can also help you to recover from both mental and physical burnout.

 The immune-boosting benefits of meditation

Regular meditation helps you to reach and increase your theta brainwaves, encouraging your brain to optimise the function of your immune system. This is because theta brainwaves are strongly associated with your body and brain’s functions that help eliminate stress and increase overall vitality. It’s no secret how much harm that anxiety and stress can do to our bodies. Prolonged stress levels can damage our immune system through the over-release of harmful chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline. Thankfully, reaching the theta brainwave state can encourage the production and release of your body’s more pleasant neurotransmitters and chemicals, ensuring your immune system reaches and maintains optimum levels of health, wellbeing and balance. 

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation position with Senka. Why do I fall asleep while meditating? Theta brain wave meditation benefits for the brain.

Achieving a rare level of deep relaxation

Although theta brainwaves occur most often during sleep, this state can be achieved through deep meditation. Despite the hustle and bustle of modern life, you can enter a deeply relaxed state by simply encouraging your brain to release theta brainwaves through meditation.

Reduced levels of anxiety and stress

The ability to enter such a relaxed state will invariably lead to both short-term and long-term reduction in stress and anxiety, the benefits of which can potentially lead to a longer-lasting and happier life.

An increase in intuition

Gaining the ability to access theta brainwaves can help increase your natural intuition and further your confidence in trusting your gut feelings. Another way of looking at this is that theta waves enhance your perception of reality by allowing you to hear and see beyond your physical senses’ borders.

Connect with your subconscious

When you access the theta state, you allow yourself to achieve a deep connection with your subconscious – your unconscious mind, effectively connecting you to all your body’s cells which control and regulate your autonomic bodily functions such as breathing and blood circulation. Your subconscious is where your memories, emotions, imagination, intuition, and habits are stored. Accessing it can enable you to expand and access other levels of consciousness, which I prefer to call super consciousness. The awakening of the five-dimensional beings we all are.

Spanning the spiritual connection

It is often considered that the blissful and peaceful state achievable through accessing theta brainwaves acts as a bridge between our physical bodies and the realms of spirituality. People often report a deeply felt spiritual connection during theta brainwave rhythms, while others say they encounter both profound insight and spiritual awareness.

Experiencing the paranormal

Through the help of an open mind, theta brainwave activity can lead to paranormal experiences such as remote vision, out-of-body experiences know as astral travel, ESP, and many other related phenomena. Whether or not such experiences are deemed genuine, many of these experiences are found during high levels of theta brainwave activity.

What are theta brainwaves?

Put merely; theta brainwaves are ranges of the brain’s electrical activity, usually found between 4 and 8Hz. The qualities of the theta range are as follows:

• 4.5 Hz – Enables a Shamanic level of consciousness to be achieved
• 4.9 Hz – Enhances relaxation and deep sleep
• 4.9 Hz – Allows furthered introspection and relaxation
• 5 Hz – Less sleep is required due to theta replacing the need for extensive dreams
• 5.35 Hz – Allows free, efficient, and relaxing breathing
• 5.5 Hz – Intuition and inner guidance
• 6.5 Hz – The centre of the theta frequency: the creative frontal lobe is activated
• 7.5 Hz – Enhances creativity and problem-solving ability
• 7.5 Hz – Increased ability to overcome problematic issues
• 7.83 Hz – Schumann earth resonance
• 3 – 8 Hz – Lucid dreaming, meditation, deeply relaxed
• 3 – 8 Hz – Enhanced focus, memory, and creativity
• 4 – 7 Hz – Emotional healing, inner peace, mental fatigue is reduced
• 4 – 7 Hz – Near sleep brain activity and deep meditation

Finding theta brainwaves through meditation

Although the transition to theta brainwave activity often occurs naturally – usually during sleep – you absolutely can and indeed should access them whenever you like. How can you dip into your theta brainwaves?

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation position with Senka. Why do I fall asleep while meditating? Theta brain wave meditation benefits for the brain.
Caption for image above: The above image shares how ringtails relax during the day while sleeping as they are nocturnal. Inspiration is always drawn from nature.

Try Guided Meditations by Senka – Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is achieved when your body is in a complete state of relaxation. Through following verbal instructions shared by your meditation guide, you become increasingly and systematically aware of your inner world.

One of the best things about Yoga Nidra is that there is no wrong way to practice it incorrectly. Even if you fall asleep, you will still reap related benefits while your unconscious mind absorbs the information provided by your meditation guide.

What are the most common types of brainwaves?

Our brain experiences a whole range of brainwaves every day. Here are five of the most common brainwaves we typically experience.


Your brain produces delta waves during deep states of dreamless sleep. These are the slowest form of brainwaves and measure between 0.5 – 4Hz.


I found it very interesting how background data is currently being suppressed and not visible to better understand this brain wave better. With what you have learned above, I wonder why? Freedom of information and sharing to help humanity is our God-given right.

Measuring between 4 and 8Hz, theta brainwaves are produced during states of extreme relaxation and light sleep.


Usually produced when you’re relatively relaxed, calm, and not too focused on anything, alpha waves are found in the middle of the brainwave spectrum between 8 and 12Hz.


This frequency of brainwaves is produced when you’re focused, alert, and wide awake – often during decision making and day-to-day activities. These higher-speed waves measure between 12 – 35Hz.


The fastest waves your brain produces are gamma waves – most typically occurring while learning and other information processing forms. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that at upwards of 35Hz, these are the fastest brainwaves.

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I hope you have enjoyed my latest article on the benefits and symptoms of meditation and how it helps with humanity’s grand awakening. Feel free to email me at any time at [email protected]. More inspiring and informative articles will follow soon.




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