How I began group guided meditation and my experience meeting a Tibetan Monk called Sonam

Senka with Sonam the Tibetan Monk, The experience with Sonam the Tiibetan monk and how Senka started guiding meditation seventeen years ago.

The White Lotus Light Healing Guided Meditation Video at the bottom of this article will help carry you through into the New Year.

Sonam saw the radiant white light around my crown chakra.

When I was sorting out my journals, the photo above slipped out and landed on my computer. A sign to write an article about how I started guiding group meditations seventeen years ago and a part of my journey five decades ago.

I recall going to the Townhall in Leichhardt one weekend (seventeen years ago already), to visit the Tibetan Monks and the stalls others had set up selling Tibetan made goods. The hall was full of people and the monks were mingling with the public. I noticed a tall monk on the other side of the hall that made eye contact with me and smiled, he walked up to me and asked “Are you teaching meditation?” I looked at him perplexed and puzzled and I asked him “Why do you think I am guiding meditation?”. He then said you have a lot of high energy around your head and a beam of light above your head and flowing through your aura. This is not common. You are shining brightly, if you are not already teaching then you will teach soon. Then he smiled again and walked away. This inspiring and insightful Tibetan monk was Sonam and I am so pleased I made sure I captured a photo of us together back then. Since then, we have crossed paths a few times.

All I thought was Wow! Something I never thought of doing back then and yet felt I had just received a huge compliment and acknowledgement, a healthy change was about to take place in my life. At that time, I have come out of a toxic relationship and decided to start working on myself, clearing my energy and reconnecting with the source.

My early experience with the Devic Kingdom

My spiritual journey started when I was one year old that was quite magical. A time I saw the divas and air spirits as golden angels. Yes, I actually remember that experience when my mum left me in a pram in the home garden. I recall crying when she took me into the house as I did not want to leave the nature spirits. Their energy was so pure and loving. Even now when I reflect on that memory my heart is filled with warmth sharing this very special moment with you.

There were many magical and beautiful experiences in my life with nature spirits and the angels. Like many of us living on this beautiful earth, not all of our experiences were positive. I better understand now, how all of our experiences good and bad are what shape us to be the person we are today.

Our life experiences combined, allows our soul to grow and mature. Always stay strong, centred and positive and live in the moment. Bring all of your thoughts out of the past and out of the future, back into the moment right here and right now. When you do this, you will feel your greatest power and be very grounded as well. What you do right now, shapes your future. Turn off all distractions around you, like your smartphone, tv etc. Most of all switch your 5G smartphone to 3G. 5G is not good for our auras as it disrupts our energy fields. Spend time in nature, swim in the ocean water, go for walks in parks, where you can connect with the earth. Listen to your body, mind and spirit. When all is aligned, this is where your greatest healing begins.

How I started Group Guided Meditations

Not long after meeting Sonam in the Townhall, strangely enough, I was pushed by a friend to take over guiding meditations. The meditation guide she has organised did not show. It took a bit of convincing then I turned around to Dilek and said “ohhhh ok!” I mapped out the best combination for a guided meditation session, that gradually over time was turned into a Guided Chakra Healing Meditation Course spanning over a five-week period. In the first session at her beauty salon in Leichhardt four people showed. In the second session the following week, there were ten and on the third session and third week, twenty people came to the meditation I was guiding. It made me so happy to hear all the positive feedback and watch their auras shift, energise and glow after the experience.

I also recall how I felt such strong buzzing energy for fifteen minutes before guiding each session. It was as if my guides worked on me and through my energy field, cleansing and purifying my energy field and raising my vibrations. This happened every week for the next six months. My energy was getting clearer and stronger throughout this time. There were are few times I was not well, as all and any form of illness and negative energy left my body rapidly. Around 2007 I was the first person to create a meditation website in Sydney. A month after it went live, I had close to thirty people showing up to my guided chakra meditations every week. It was amazing!

Since then, competitors started creating websites from 2009 onwards. Naturally, the volume of clients that joined started to peter out. The studio I am using now has the capacity for thirteen participants after Covid. Twenty participants could fit pre-covid.

Spiritual Retreats near me. Dalai Lama Buddhist meditation retreat. Tibetan Monk Sonam and Senka at weekend retreat and workshop.

I bumped into Sonam again when the Dalai Lama had a weekend at the Sydney Olympic Center in Homebush. He saw me, walked up to me and asked “Are you guiding meditation courses now?” I said, “yes I am!” With his big warm smile, he said “Very good. Continue as it is very much needed in these times” then joined the other monks that were waiting for him. That weekend I had the spiritual experience of the thousand arms Chenrezig with the assistance of the Dalai Lama.

Then again, a few years later I attended the Dalai Lama at Darling Harbour before they pulled down the entertainment centre. Again Sonam saw me, walked up to me to say hello and was very pleased I was still guiding chakra healing meditations. I recall watching the people who were sitting at the café around me, they all had their hands near their food, meditated for a few minutes before consuming their lunch. In that moment I could see and feel the glow of light all around me when they practised this form of gratitude. It was wonderful to see so many people awakened and connected to their divine source. It was at this event that I bought the Tibetan singing bowl I now use before commencing the meditation session, which was made and blessed by Lama Rinpoche. Each time I use the singing bowl, it clears the studio and extends a thousand blessings to every participant in the room with me. There is so much more to share with you and will do so in future articles.

With all the meditations I have channelled from the high divine beings, the journeys and healing energy anchored into each meditation session; I can now see more than ever before, it is all about planting the seed of light into every person. This is the time now to be fully awakened, to stand in your truth with eyes wide opened as independent sovereign beings. This is a time to embrace the truth and the time to say no to deception.

Stay strong and bring close to your others that are awakened and of a high positive frequency. This will help you to get through such challenging times. Be aware that you are not alone, as many are awakening all around us.

Please enjoy the white lotus healing meditation below. I channelled it directly from the divine guides and devic kingdom, after my swim in the ocean and in the national park. A meditation to help you focus on your own personal healing. Enjoy and may we create a magical, healthy and prosperous 2022 together.

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