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Happy New Year to you all as we start a new 2016, also know as the Chinese zodiac year of the Monkey.

Searching for Guided Meditation Courses Near Me? Then look no further.

I love the feeling of being refreshed after the holidays. The challenge now is to keep the balance, centeredness and peace we are feeling at this time, for it is in this state that you can achieve so much in your day to day lives and be able to hold your own in difficult situations. I personally have been practicing daily, the ancient sky element meditation over the past 45 days, that Bharati brought over from India to share with me. You have all had a taste of the Earth Element energy, that I have channeled into you and the transformation back to health and happiness you have all felt directly as a result. With the daily practice of the Sky Element, my energy is getting stronger each day so there is more to share with you all when we start the new course.

New Meditation Course Format – I have also changed the format of my meditations this year. They are set up as meditation courses. To book in, you buy the course which is five classes over five weeks. I have set the classes so twelve people maximum can join each course from beginning to end to gain the best results. That way we all grow together in the same space.

So far six have secured their bookings with payments. Leaving six more spots available to fill before I  close off the first course starting on the 9th of February and finish it on the 8th of March. The second meditation course will start again on the 22nd of March (estimated date). Will keep everyone informed with these newsletter broadcasts, when I plan to start up the second course. To buy the course, just go to the bottom of the home page on my website

What is the Sky Element meditation and why is it important?
This is a section that was written by a Brahmin priest, for it is their lineage that has safe guarded this ancient knowledge and brought it into the now and shared it with me in Sydney.

“Through the sky, you can connect to the angels. You can get the highest healing power. You can prepare yourself, change yourself to be a great healer through nature, through the sky. You can command directly on Shiva. The sky mantra belongs to Shiva. He completely covers this galaxy and all the galaxies beyond with the huge energy, huge cosmic energy. It has no limit. It’s unlimited, infinite. In the sky creation, in the sky nature, there are completely unbelievable things. There are other galaxy beings that have no human body forms, only energy forms. These other galaxy beings are very, very strongly related to the Shiva energy, strongly hooked. They sucked huge cosmic energy and became very powerful supernatural souls. They can lift any object, and move in a fraction of a second like astral bodies. Their souls have huge capacities, all comes directly from the Shiva energy.

Seven hundred, eight hundred years back, on this Earth planet, forty percent of humans had capable souls. Five thousand years back, this planet had huge powerful souls. Rama, Krishna, even Shiva came directly with a human body to take care on one level. That’s why we can see, especially in India, many supernatural energy miracle things. The kings and their fathers, their kings and their fathers, they recognised the energy. They built huge forts, huge temples. They never built big palaces; they built temples. Most of the people lived in temples. At that time, there was not a huge population. One village would only have sixty people. All the people practiced huge mantras, they received the highest energy.  That’s why nowadays we can see the power in the ancient temples in India.

After that period the population grew huge and the natural conditions went down. The negativity rose and the robbery, cheating, and egoism came, taking a strong hold on the people. Before all this, there was huge unpopulated lands. When you start to meditate with the Shiva energy, you start to feel the light inside you grow. When your soul starts to pull the energy to itself like a magnet, then you will automatically be able to suck the cosmic energy, the Shiva energy. The huge sixth sense is growing. After this, if any person comes with an illness, you can feel strong energy looking on them. Through your eyes you can feel strong capable energy. Even though the people around you are not recognising your power, by way of your touching and giving the energy, you can make them feel so great, so happy. It’s only possible through a strong, direct hook to Shiva; connecting to the Shiva mantra through the sky.”

This is only a small section I have copied from the scriptures given to me seven year ago, to share with you. I have been refreshing and renewing this element within me. I have felt the shakes, where any low energy has left my body before Christmas. I am feeling a power being renewed and growing in me. I have practiced this meditation in nature over seven days when I have stayed with my friend Francis who owns a property right next to a forest inland of Diamond Head. I was blessed with a beautiful experience where the nature spirits all came to me at once on the fifth day and met with me in the evening. I saw them all and they did have the elf ears. They were child like and all very beautiful. I will hold that vision in my thoughts to paint it one day. All the stress has left my body and I drove back to Sydney on the seventh day feeling so much better and through another dramatic storm that we have had, that has been cleansing our air and skies. The power of nature is incredible and still the greedy few are determined to destroy it in today’s world. Once again, remember the power is in each and everyone one of us. What are you spending your money on? Where was it made? Do you need it really? Many of us are coming together as one globally, we are a community of millions and the power is with us united. is a great example. A movement that is constantly growing as we are all awake to the fact that we now need to hold our politicians accountable as they can no longer be trusted.

I am looking forward to meeting with you all again at the meditation studio in the Hatha Yoga Center on Norton Street, Tuesday the 9th February. Across the road from the park. Together, we can continue to heal ourselves and the world. Most of all our sacred and natural places right here in this great southern ancient land we all live in called Australia.

Meditation Benefits You
So how do you ease your way into daily meditations? Meditation is similar to any other physical or mental practice – it’s best if you begin by being guided by a meditation expert. Luckily Meditation in Sydney is a great place to start. I work with Earth Element healing energy that is channeled directly into your third eye and one of the oldest practices dating back to the ancient Vedic Scriptures believed to date back around 6 – 7,000 years old. 5000 BC.

Have questions? Email or call me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have on 02 9569 6580 or send me a note through my contact page.


MEDITATION CD: The meditation CD contains a series of five short and easy guided meditations. Read more Click here.

ONE TO ONE HEALING MEDITATION: The Earth Element Healing Process opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Call Senka today on 9569 6580 to book yourself in for a personal healing session. Read what others have to say

HEALING CRYSTALS: There is an amazing pyramid selenite crystal that has been charged ready for you to place in your bedroom to create protection whilst sleeping. Also a fluorite pyramid that you can place in front of your computer to absorb the electromagnetics from it, keeping you safe while working. Click hear to view our crystal range.

I am at the Hatha Yoga Center on Tuesday nights, to guide the meditations and help you to release your stress, anxiety and depression. We start at 7.35pm sharp.Take care and see you on Tuesday the 9th of February, the first night of the new meditation course. You are always welcome to return and join. Don’t miss out on your spot, if you do, we can book you into the next course.
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