Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Best Guided Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety. Brings you back in charge of your life, assists with dissolving the negative effects, returning your calmness

Best Guided Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety

Anxiety can have a major negative impact on your life if left unaddressed

It creeps into and can take over your everyday life, making you afraid of choices or situations that normally wouldn’t bother you. This leads to a diminished capacity to make decisions and, at its worst, to just live your life in a manner that makes you happy. Guided meditation for anxiety is a strong tool for you to use to take back control of your life.

Take a step back
One of the core components of meditation is that it gives you the ability to see yourself and your life. Imagine you’re on a raft in the middle of a storm – waves crash around you, rain obscures your vision, wind howls around you, making it hard for you to hear. It’s difficult to get your bearings in such a situation, right? And how are you supposed to make informed decisions about your life when you have no bearings?

Now imagine a helicopter swooping in, strong enough to weather the storm. From their bird’s-eye view position they can spot an island just a little way away from your raft, one you couldn’t see when you’re down amongst the waves. They guide you in to safety. Guided meditation for anxiety is like that helicopter – it allows you to take a steadier, wider view of your life rather than being caught up in your current situation.

Guided meditation for anxiety
As the lovely Mel in our video attests, meditation helps one calm that anxiety that can have a crippling effect on our lives. So how does it work?

Your meditation guide is going to teach you how to become an observer of all the fears tumbling around inside of your head, instead of your usual practice of trying to fight them. You will no longer obsess over fears or problems you can’t solve. Guided meditation for anxiety will allow you to take that necessary step back and say, “This isn’t a situation I need to fear. That’s not me talking, that’s my anxiety.” It can be amazing how this simple shift in your paradigm can make a huge positive change in your mental and physical well-being.

You’ll no longer react in a hair-trigger manner. You won’t be in the situation anymore, you’ll be observing it from above and realising that it’s not something that should cause you panic.
Guide meditation for anxiety will also help you see when situations or developments in your life aren’t helping you become the kind of person you want to be. Say for example you’re in a bad relationship. When anxiety ruled the day you might have feared that there was no way you could go it alone, the consequences being that you remained, giving in to those fears and not being the person you want to be.
But the step back afforded you by meditation will help you weigh the consequences of staying against those of leaving, and to recognise anxiety as the source of your fears, and therefore anxiety is the reason you’re not leaving instead of the actual real consequences.

Guided meditation puts you back in charge of your life
Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows what a game-changer it can be. It’s a struggle just to get through moment-to-moment situations, never mind crafting the life you want to lead. But learning meditation gives you the leg up over that anxiety, putting you back in charge. It’s your way of telling your anxiety that you’re going to be the boss of your life again.

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