Guided Meditation Testimonials

Guided Meditation with nature sounds, Testimonials and the Benefits of Guided Meditation. Teaches you to be observant of every sound around you. Corellas playing in the trees

Benefits of Guided Nature Meditations and Testimonials

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I felt the little Corellas playing in my palm trees was the perfect backdrop for the 2 testimonials I have placed in the video.

Whenever we feel stressed or just escaping out of the city, the first place we think of is going to the beach, tropical islands or the lush green countryside. All these places of beauty and wonder is nature. Nature Meditation is being very aware of the sounds of the ocean, the rustling of the leaves in tree top canopies, the sounds of birds singing through the rainforest.

When my heart chakra opened in my early twenties and the continued practice of meditation, all of my senses have fully awakened with the union of nature.

Every sound near and far was accentuated. Nature Meditation Mindfulness teaches you to be observant of every sound around you. Right now as I write this to share the magic of nature, the little garden I have around me. It is evening, so I am hearing the sounds of crickets singing, the leaves rustling in the breeze and the chimes. Sometimes I hear the thud of the possum that visits the trees in my front yard at night, where I leave apples or banana for him to eat.

You might be wondering why am I sharing this right now. When you stop and listen, be still, just listen to your breath, then breathe deeper slowly filling your lungs with oxygen. Relax. Notice how your senses heighten, notice the rich and wonderful sounds of nature around you. Focus on nature, connect with the tree spirits around you. For that is where you will relax and find the peace you are searching for.

It is this experience that can be so profound, giving you a wonderful feeling of deep connection to the outside natural world. Superficial concepts that you are normally preoccupied with start to disintegrate. As you continue to meditate, you soon come to the realisation that it takes two to make a sound, one to construct the sound and another to listen to it. And with this realisation that you quickly come to the conclusion that we are all connected.

At one level, nature seems to beautifully bestowing its graces upon you. At another, you can imagine the plight of animals suffering their fate, and you realised how, as a society, we have not paid adequate respect and attention to our natural environment.

The nature meditation discipline of paying attention was not easy; but accepting the fact that nature and its inhabitants are being destroyed is harder. I knew from then on that preserving our natural environment is our calling, part of a very essential purpose in our lives. For if we did not have nature…where and how would we be?

Although survival of the fittest has led the world through generations of evolution, this should not be our motto when considering the earth as an entire ecosystem. Humans are the fittest, but that does not give us the right to eliminate sentient beings on this beautiful planet. We often only extend our minds to what is comfortable, but we must learn the sad truth about the implications of our actions.

I write this so every one of us is aware of what is taking place right now and that every one of us, together can make a huge difference by regenerating this great land we are living in. Search online for your local bush care group, they are always looking for more volunteers to help them. It is in these last remnants of Australian native bush land in your areas, that you will see the beauty and diversity of both small and large birds trying to survive with us. With this awareness, you will start to learn the bushes they need to live in and feed from, to start planting them in your yards so we can return their much needed habitat for nesting. Making a difference starts right now, by opening our eyes, hearts and minds to all the magnificent sentient beings will live alongside with.

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