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Corporate Meditation Canada Bay Sydney Inner West and for employees in Sydney, Australia

Corporate Meditation Canada Bay

Promote Stress-reduction to Boost Your Bottom Line

Decision-making. Cooperation. Longevity and endurance. Your people are your business. When stress derails their ability to perform, your business is bound to suffer. So today we’d like to talk about how corporate meditation is going to help your business’ bottom line not only stay healthy, but actually blossom.

Any business makes a huge investment in their employees. Any one employee represents not only money going out and coming in, but they also represent the business’ time – time training, their ability to turn over work by certain due dates, the time needed to search for a replacement if the employee is lost.

Workers who are stressed represent a diminished return on the investments of time and money poured into them. They cannot process their tasks in an efficient manner. Their brains’ creative centres are blocked at the “lizard brain” level, and their ability to work with colleagues becomes challenged.

Big Companies, Big Returns
Apple, Google, Nike, Time Warner, Yahoo!, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, and HBO – this is just a short list of international companies that have embraced corporate meditation as part of their business’ every day culture.

Emotional Intelligence

“Everybody knows this EI thing is good for their career. And every company knows that if their people have EI, they’re gonna make a shitload of money.”

– Chade-Meng Tan, Google

One of the major benefits of guided meditation for a business is Emotional Intelligence. Promoted by Google’s Chade-Meng Tan, Emotional Intelligence is your ability to keep your own emotions at a healthy even keel while being able to identify the emotions of others.
It’s kind of a big deal, and can have a huge impact on your business. Statistical studies back this up – Emotional Intelligence is a fantastic tool to have in your toolbox if you’re a manager, a team leader, or a bottom-rung employee.

Shift Your Brain
Corporate Meditation has another major measurable effect – it shifts brain activity away from the stress areas (the right frontal cortex and the fear-centre, the amygdala).
Freed from the drag of stress and anxiety, your employees are going to have energy resources that they can direct at problem-solving and creativity; they’re going to be able to participate in team efforts and anticipate your needs in a fuller fashion.

What to Expect with Our Unique and Ancient Earth Element Meditation
Like any mental or physical health exercise, you’re going to want to be guided into proper form and practice by someone with experience and expertise. Happily, Meditation in Sydney has just such a person ready and able to lend a gentle helping hand.

Earth Element healing is an ancient practice, originating in the Vedas (ancient Indian texts, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism). Meditation in Sydney is one of the few centres in Australia able to offer this practice.

Earth is of course one of the 5 major elements that surround us every day, the others being Fire, Water, Air, and Sky. When we’re healthy, we have a positive connection to these elements and they fill us with energy. This energy brings a sense of calm, and the ability to willfully heal yourself both physically and in a spiritual sense.  It’s this balance with the elements that your team will work towards with their corporate meditation.

The first step is to cleanse the air in the room. This is accomplished through the use of a Tibetan singing bowl that rings out with sound harmonics. Next you and your people will be guided into a relaxed state, then the earth element will be introduced through your third eye (the location between your two eyes). Each participant will be provided with a crystal to hold – the crystals help with balancing the energy that is the focus of our session.

Each individual of your team will be guided and be the centre of a channeling of this energy (the process is referred to as “shaktipat”). This energy cleanses your mind, purging toxicity, leaving the participants relaxed, energetic, and spiritually healthier. At the end of the session all of your team members are encouraged to write down in a diary what they each experienced.

3 Dimensions
There are 3 dimensions of our beings that are impacted by the session.

1. The first is the Spiritual Dimension. This is the core of who we are – our value systems formed by influences that lift us up and inspire us.

2. The second is the Mental Dimension. The realm of insight. Such insights can be brought about through contact with positive music, influential thinkers, other examples of art, and by concentrating on our own thoughts. This is why participants are encouraged to write down their experiences – returning and exploring those experiences can lead to insight into ourselves.

3. The final dimension is the Social Dimension. This is where we begin to feel secure in who we are. Flowing from within to our exterior (the way we relate to those around us), this dimension meshes with our sense of integrity – having the secure belief in ourselves to interact with the world in what we believe to be a positive manner.

Continuing on After the Session
If you and your team find the session of corporate meditation to be a positive and beneficial experience (and we’re pretty sure you will) then you can continue on with your exploration of the benefits of meditation through our Guided Meditation course. And of course, if you ever want to expand on your first steps into meditation with your whole team then Meditation in Sydney is always happy to help.

More Stress-Reduction = Less Red Ink
• Stress is hurting you and your business. Right now it’s slowing your work processes.
• It’s clouding your mind, and those of your people, making it difficult to tap into your intelligence and your imagination.
• It’s hurting your health, stealing your sleep, and sapping your energy.
• It’s increasing your health coverage payments and reducing the number of productive hours your employees can contribute to your company.
• There’s a good chance it’s also making you kind of grumpy.
• Guided corporate meditation is the way you’re going to fight back.

Contacting Meditation in Sydney is your first sure step into creating a healthier business – leading you to a healthier bottom line.




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