Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety and Fear

Free Onlne Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Fear and Anxiety.

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety by Attending Guided Healing Meditation


My free online guided meditation video embedded above assists with relaxation, as well as dissolving fear and anxiety using the fire element.

Long-term practice of meditation can dispel both fear and anxiety. With regular practice it allows you to connect with your higher self! The part of you that is eternal pure consciousness. Not seeing the full truth of situations is what allows fear to grip you, in your day to day world. I encourage people to attend guided meditation classes to reconnect with your divine self to become empowered once again. For interim relief, between this course and the next, you are welcome to listen to my free fire element online meditation in the video above. Best to listen each night before falling asleep, to assist this dissolving fear and anxiety. The meditation will continue to work through you while sleeping to heal.

Getting Caught in Whirlwinds of Fear

We are currently witnessing this right now. People around us are being gripped by fear. The fear comes from over-exposure to the whirlwind of media, talking heads from the TV box and social media, spreading even more fear about the latest coronavirus. I see no evidence of it in my reality.

Connection and Grounding

When you regularly connect with your higher self through meditation, you absorb divine qualities from your soul and directly into your mind. Then, when you return to present moment after your meditation experience, you start to draw those powerful qualities into the now. Gradually you will find the physical world around you, starts to transform for the better. You will notice firstly stress disappearing from your mind and body. Then, you will continue to experience so much more, such as:

• Greater stability;
• Adaptability;
• Greater clarity of mind;
• Integration, and;

As you become more familiar with your higher self through the direct with meditation, intense fear begins to automatically dissolve with each session. In time, you will find fear and anxiety no longer existent in your thoughts. The feeling of fear vanishes, like a fog in the rising sun of greater consciousness.

Earth Element Guided Healing Meditation

An Antidote for Fear – Guided meditation helps to transcend the mind to go beyond normal thought. It helps you go beyond the senses and emotions. The knowledge to be able to accomplish the inward journey to your higher self, is what you learn in the Earth Element Guided Healing meditations in Sydney.

Awakening one’s consciousness is the antidote for fear. The regular practice of guided healing meditation eliminates fear naturally and efficiently.

Understand that guided meditation cannot instantly get rid of fears within you. Nothing works like a magic pill. Fear is associated with stress conditions that diminish the mind’s ability to be free and to know one’s mental potential. When most people are gripped with fear, they just freeze. Dissolving and removing the accumulated stress in the body, takes the regular practice of guided meditations. Over time the stress-energy within you disappears, and so does the fear. How long does it take? This is a very individual question and takes as long as it takes. Might be ten months of two years, depending on the severity of the condition within you.

Earth Element Guided Healing Meditation- An Antidote for Fear

Meditate for Strength and Healing

Most that attend my meditations find progress begins from the very first meditation session. It is better to start meditation sooner than later – before the conditions worsen. In every course, I see great results with each individual over the five weeks. The group meditation’s healing energy gets stronger as we grow and transcend together.

When you are in a stronger space, you become a pillar of strength and can care for yourself and others. Through this time with the constant mention of the coronavirus in the media, we need to support each other. Calling elderly neighbours, making sure people who are self-isolating have supplies.

Be aware that there is a lot of misinformation in the tabloids and on social media spreading fear.  When you connect with your true higher self, you will understand what is real news and what is not.

Guided Relaxation Meditation for Anxiety

Anxiety can accumulate to a point where coping with everyday situations is a mammoth task. Self-doubt, fear and worry sneak in. Anxiety even stops usually strong-minded and healthy people from;

• Putting themselves forward for jobs or promotions.
• Meeting new people and starting new relationships.
• Going out for social gatherings, and more.

No matter how anxiety impacts you, I’m sure you will agree; it is something we would be glad not to have in our lives.

Breaking Down Anxiety

Anxiety and worry about the future go hand-in-hand. They are both concerned with events that are yet to happen. A little bit of visualisation for how you may overcome obstacles is healthy. It helped our ancestors cope with dangers in the wild, and helped them learn what works and doesn’t work.

Anxiety becomes more intense when you are about to take on a similar challenge or situation, that didn’t end well in the past. The past situation may have been unresolved, which has left you with heavy emotions bringing up more anxiety once again.

Anxiety is a Future-Fear

Anxiety is debilitating because it allows worries and assumptions to escalate in our minds. Before we know it, the whole situation has played out in our mind so convincingly before it even takes place in the physical world, that it completely blocks any rational thought.

What we do know for sure about the future, is that we don’t know what will happen. We can’t predict with 100% certainty of an outcome, but anxiety can disable us, convincing us of what the future holds.


Anxiety in everyday life can include:

• Worry about our future, our family and friends, the country or the world’s future.
• If we are good enough; have done enough or will be able to do enough.
• Reaching work or personal goals and due dates.
• Relationships.
• Traffic and roadworks.
• Maintaining and improving our health and those we care for.
• Managing staff and teams.
• Work and study pressures.
• Finances
•Navigating conflict.

Anxiety is a fear of the future. It doesn’t exist when we stop and look back. Through the practice of meditation, anxiety slowly loses its grip and eventually will not have a place in your mind and life.

Free Onlne Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Fear and Anxiety - Fire Element

Free Guided Meditation

You are welcome to start with the free guided meditation video included in this blog. Turn the meditation on before you go to sleep each night for the full effects. In time, you will find that anxiety and future fears will start to disappear during waking hours.

Don’t forget that considering the future, making plans and feeling emotions, are all normal and healthy when in balance. We need a little bit of future-visualisation and planning to ensure individual safety and to weigh up risks. If we didn’t have this ability when we were nomadic, hunter-gatherers we probably wouldn’t have survived harsh environments, dangerous weather and wild animals.

When the future visualisations become overwhelming, turn into anxiety and impact our daily lives, they have to be brought back into perspective so we can let them go.

No matter what, don’t ever feel ashamed for having and feeling anxiety. It is a common experience in our busy and sometimes chaotic world. Sometimes, a little help to ground and bring us back to earth is all we need.

The Journey up North Continued

Free Onlne Guided Meditation for Relaxation - Water Tank destroyed by fire
Free Onlne Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Fear and Anxiety. Water Tank destroyed by fire

When the fires started burning north of us in Sydney – and the way they were spreading, I knew I could no longer sit back and do nothing. The fire of passion grew strong in me to be proactive and do something about it.

I cried so much when I heard Lewis the koala scream in pain when he was disoriented in the burning bush. He was walking across the road from one burning forest to another. A kind lady picked him up, covered him and took him straight to the koala hospital in Port Macquarie.

I, too, could’ve been gripped with despair and fear as I watched millions of hectares of national parks burn across the country, once filled with so much wildlife.

The trip north is an excellent example of how influential Australians can be when they come together, with mutual love and respect for our environment and wildlife.

An Underground Movement

Together, we have started an underground movement that is continuing to grow stronger every day. Together thousands of Australians are saving our amazing wildlife and all the precious sentient beings we share this planet with.

Together, we can stop the greed and corruption when we connect with our higher selves. As each of us awakens, we become more powerful than ever imagined.

A Night in the Forest

After Tilly and I met up again, we were guided to another private property of 900 acres. The entire bushland was burnt. The dams had water; however, everything around them was black. The couple who lived on the property were lucky their home and garden survived.

I was only later to find out that they could not get out of their property while the fire was burning around them. The couple had slept in a part of the forest on their land that the fire had already burnt. They didn’t know whether they would still have their home come morning.

When they woke up, miraculously they saw their home still standing, the vital garden intact and the wallabies returning. Everything else was lost.

Where is Tilly?

One day during the journey, Tilly and I were separated while travelling from one property to the next. She was helping snakes and lizards running for their lives from the fires. Tilly had stopped to move them across the road safely, so the fire trucks did not run over them. The fire trucks would fly past, without even noticing the wildlife crossing the road, as they headed towards the fires that were coming up the gully.

The map image at the bottom of this page, is the ground we covered over four days before Christmas in the wildfires up north, saving wildlife where ever we could. The properties were spread out across this route in areas that other wildlife rescuers may not have had access to.

The bags of pellets shared with the various property owners have helped to keep the wildlife alive around them, until the rains came in February 2020.

Thanks to Tilly Gray for finding the courage to join me. Your company, knowledge and help were invaluable, and it would not have been possible without you and the box trailer to contain all the vital supplies.

I hope this journey has inspired you all that are reading this article, showing you how we can help our wildlife to save them, heal our magnificent blue planet and make a huge difference for a better world! A huge thank you for all the donations made to Tilly.

Tilly and Senka on the left at the end of our journey
Tilly and Senka on the left at the end of our journey


This is the ground we covered over 4 days 2019 wildlfires saving wildlife
This is the ground we covered over 4 days 2019 wildlfires saving wildlife

Since I have returned, Joan Reid and Tilly have set up this fund raiser with the experiences shared. If you can, please donate as it will help all the wildlife carers across Sydney.

Please donate on this link to help save our wildlife

The black walk north to save wildlife from fires
The black walk north to save wildlife from fires

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