Alpha Brainwave Meditation: What are the Benefits?

What is an Alpha Brainwave State and association with increases in creativity, intuition and inspiration? [...]

What are the Benefits of Theta Brainwave Meditation?

Why do I fall asleep while meditating? Many beginners starting my meditations begin to experience [...]

Best Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomia and Anxiety (Plus Improve Physical and Mental Health)

Best Guided Sleep Meditation in Sydney I would like to welcome all the new people [...]


Guided Vedic and Creative Visualization Meditation

Creative Visualisation and Vedic Meditation Online Courses in Ashfield and Australia via Zoom. Back in [...]

Uluru Update ‘Magic Box’ Prophecy – Successfully Activated

Thanks to the Original Elders of this sacred land, Timothy for reaching out to me [...]


The Aboriginal Prophecy- Why We are Focusing on Activating the ‘Magic Box’ in Uluru

Healing and Activating the ‘Magic Box’ in Uluru with our Meditations Using the technique of [...]

What Happens When Modern Science Catches Up with Ancient Healing? Bioenergetic Frequency Healing

For Illness, Pain, Inflammation, Stress, Energy, Clarity and More. Quantum Physics Frequency Healing Imagine your [...]

Learn How Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation Helps to Energise and Clear Your Aura

Chakra balancing guided meditation to clear chakras All living beings have chakras and the extended [...]

Soul Connection Meditation. Guided Meditation to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Help You Sleep

Have you Tried a 20 Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety? Accessing Our True Inner [...]

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Chakra Guided Meditation for Balancing, Healing and Sleep

Meditation for Chakra Clearing (Plus! Answers to Your Meditation Questions) When I say, ‘meditation for [...]