Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Your Energy Guided Meditation

Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Meditation. Meditation for Grounding and Centering with Gaia.

Grounding and Centering Meditation, filling you with light in these challenging times.

It is important to be aware that we are all energy conduits. You are spirit in matter. Our mind, body and soul are all part of the earth grids. We are in times we need to be mindful of what we watch and absorb into our minds. I highly recommend you switch off the TV and start living your life. Turn to gardening, cooking, time with family, eating together. Focus on your work and focus on your own self-healing.

What we think and feel ripples through us and the quantum field surrounding us. This is why it is so important to remain grounded and centred in these times. Even if one thousand of us are grounded, our energy fields can impact and heal tens of thousands around us.

How can we heal the Earth with this technique?

The 3D matrix is collapsing around us and the great change in all of us moving more and more into the 5D new earth energy.

Many of us are experiencing and swimming in many different kinds of emotions. We all carry the Christed light within us and we can all stand together, to assist with the shifting and changing energy of the earth. We also have the power to change the narrative taking place around us, by being genuine with ourselves and embracing our emotions and feelings without judgement nor attachment.

By connecting to the Geomagnetic Grids and Electromagnetic fields of the earth, we have illuminated the land and assist earth mother Gaia with the healing and changing process. The light comes in through us and we anchor it into the earth. As we do this, we are pulling out the chaotic energy from the earth, feeling the energy in our bodies and releasing the energy. By doing so we are changing the armageddon timelines that were once predicted.

As I write this tectonic plates around the earth are shifting, volcanoes are erupting and while we are all here on earth, we are assisting with the change and stabilization. We are all here in service to help earth mother Gaia with releasing all the pain, desolation, abandonment, loneliness, anger, fear and torture experienced over many centuries. Together we are of service now more than ever before to anchor the light in the earth and through our human vessels, releasing all the emotions moving through us from the earth.

All you need to do is recognize what you are feeling and release it. The light will continue to shine through all of us. This is a time we need to be kind to our bodies and be very aware that we have been blessed with a good immune system. A time to be mindful of what you are feeling and understand it is ok. Whether it is sadness, grief, loneliness, anger, pain or others, do not own the energy and do not make it personal. Just feel it and release it to the god light as we continue to evolve into beings of light, through these clearings we are experiencing while in lockdown. Love the energy you feel moving through you right now in whatever form it is. As you are authentic with your emotions and remain genuine with yourself, the narrative around you will start to change. You are being of service to all of life by doing so.

Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Meditation. Meditation for Grounding and Centering with Gaia. Spring native pink flowers
Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Meditation. Meditation for Grounding and Centering with Gaia. Spring native flowers
Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Meditation. Meditation for Grounding and Centering with Gaia. Spring native white flowers

The greatest connection now is with your very own heart and anchoring the light into the heart chakra. Be authentic with yourself and acknowledge your feelings as they are right now. We are heaven and earth. Our soul is the essence of heaven and our bodies are earth. Do not make your emotions personal and do not blame anything outside of you. Just let it flow through and out of you. Release!

We are all here in service to earth mother Gaia, we are the pillars of light to anchor through her. Loving the body and loving the land is the way to stabilize the energy of the earth as she is physically shifting right now. We are all connected, we are all shifting, we are all healing. It is for us now to use our free will to allow all that ancestral dense energy to be released from the earth. Honour the energy and release it by remaining non attached.

Drop the narrative of my truth and what is their truth and judgement. This is disempowering in these times. Bringing heaven and earth together is by unifying the consciousness in your body. We affect the land, nature is the spirit, we are all here in service. Honour the land you walk on, which is also your body. Peace and harmony will continue to be formed within you. Do not make your emotions personal, do not blame others around you. Understand we can transmute the energies moving through each and every one of us.

We will continue to glow and be energized with the light. Raise your frequency by owning the energies and let it go through you. Do not make it personal. Many are experiencing a myriad of ascension symptoms. Follow the guided meditation I have shared with you here and start getting yourself grounded now

2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Healing and Grounding Your Energy Guided Meditation

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you Senka, very helpful reminders about the healing benefits of meditation <3
    Just realised…medication is almost the same spelling as meditation..just replace it with better T

    Putting more effort on meditation can certainly do wonders <3

    • By Senka Your Meditation Guide says:

      Pleasure Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your note. Yes the words are similar. The more we meditate, the more powerful we become :0)

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