Ocean Meditation for Balance and Self Healing

Ocean meditation by nature with Senka - guided meditation course online in Australia

Ocean self-healing short 10 minutes guided chakra meditation

Free Short Guided Meditation (Use as a Stress & Anxiety Relief Meditation)

Self healing meditations increase balance and double as stress and anxiety relief meditations.

The best time to meditate is in the morning just after waking. So, try your best to fit this free short guided meditation (10 minutes) in at the start of your day – before coffee, packing lunches, doing school runs and going to work. I know, it’s another thing to schedule in, but it will be worth it. Plus, you deserve ten minutes to yourself!

If the morning is not suitable, then I highly recommend listening to the meditation before falling asleep. The reason being is that the healing energy of this unique meditation will continue to work through you while sleeping.

Ocean Meditation During Lockdown, Stress and Anxiety

Guided chakra meditations help balance our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as resolving stress and anxiety(*1, 2). If you are experiencing worry, anxiety or fear, listen to this ocean self-healing meditation.

To reach and help more people, I have uploaded this live short guided meditation on YouTube.

3 ways to capitalise on your time during a 10 minute short guided meditation

So, you have decided to do a short guided meditation each day. How best can you capitalise on this time to garner the greatest benefits of meditation? Follow these three tips and remember, meditation is as important as going for a walk or brushing your teeth.

If you have any questions, contact an expert meditator such as Senka at Meditation in Sydney who will be glad to help you on your meditation journey.

1. Expect your mind to wander

Your mind will wander to your to-do list, that sound outside, why your foot is itchy and if you closed the chicken coop door. That’s ok! The true art of meditating resides in becoming aware of when your mind wanders and the practice of bringing it back to the meditation. The more you practice coming back to the meditation, the easier it will become.

2. Treat yourself with compassion and kindness.

Whether you meditate for ten minutes or two hours, this is YOUR time to allow your body, mind and spirit to heal and find balance. Let go of any guilt you have for giving yourself this time. If you only meditate for ten minutes per day, you still have 1,430 minutes left for everything else.

3. Allow yourself to feel what is going on.

If your feet are tingling, let them tingle. If you feel a floating sensation, go with it. As you meditate more often, you will start to notice all kinds of physical sensations. Some people even feel little sparks of warmth in their heart (heart chakra). Accept these sensations because they are all part of the meditation doing its work. If you’re not feeling anything, don’t stress because it will happen.

Can a 10 Minute Self Healing Meditation Help?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you take one second to stop and be mindful or spend hours meditating, all are beneficial. Unfortunately, time often doesn’t permit most people to dedicate hours to daily meditation. Ten-minute meditations are an ideal length to fit into each day.

Watch this video to find out how meditations by Senka are transforming the quality of life for the better, with all that attend regularly.

Anxiety and Stress Meditation

All of the Meditation in Sydney’s meditations help relieve stress and anxiety; however, you may find some that work better than others for you.

Guided chakra meditations work in mysterious ways. As the chakras clear and anxiety and stress release from your body, you start to feel lighter and more resilient.

Meditation Not Only Directly Targets Anxiety and Stress; It Provides Complimentary Support Including Improved Sleep And Neuroprotection.

Sleep is a significant factor in stress management. When we aren’t sleeping enough and aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t able to let go of stress.

As a result, stress continues to build and negatively affects:
The ability to manage sudden changes.
• Our tolerance to just about everything.

Meditation is proven to improve sleep length, sleep quality and it increases the likelihood of waking up feeling fresh(*3, 4).

Neuroprotection sounds like a new kind of cybersecurity – and I guess it is a security in a way. Meditation is neuroprotective, which means it supports brain links that are beneficial to reducing and coping with stress and negativity.

Meditation also increases grey matter (something that declines as we age)(*5). We’ve all met people who seem as if all of their stress and worries flow off them like water off a duck’s back. For those of us not blessed with such natural talents, we can increase our resilience through meditation.

Finally, we are Forced to Reflect

The pace of the world seems to increase with every advance in technology. Computers and devices make it quicker and easier to order food, pay bills, talk to friends and family and work from home. Yet, there still seems to be no time left.

One of the greatest downfalls of this ease of access is there is no downtime. There is little time to reflect or pause because we are always on the move and doing something. Our minds are continually focusing on what to do next or wondering what that message or email was.

Finally, in lockdown, we are pausing and finally have the time to reflect on what is important in our lives right now. Many are taking time out and going for long walks and finally noticing the beauty and magic of nature around them. People are becoming more patient, and communities are being formed once again.

Ten 10 minute guided meditation infographic - Ocean meditation by nature with Senka

Health and Technology Combine

One of the silver linings of our constant advances is the ability to learn and connect digitally. We have come to realise the benefits of social platforms, chat and video software during these difficult times of lockdown.

I have been live streaming short guided meditations each week live on Facebook and preparing to guide my meditation course online via Zoom. With the assistance of this technology, I can reach more people who require healing and support during this time.

You are not alone, and you are always surrounded by energy. When your energetic body requires healing and balancing, turn to meditation to align your mind, body and soul as one. Follow my short guided chakra meditations on Facebook to assist you in love and light.


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