Guided Meditation for Healing in Australia

Heal your Body, Eye Healing Meditation and Meditation for Autoimmune Disease Repair. Chakra Cleansing Guided Meditation. Guided meditation is used globally

Eye Healing Meditation and Meditation for Autoimmune Disease Repair

Spending months, even years visiting doctors and specialists, undergoing tests and taking medications with side-effects are all too common experiences. Australians aren’t alone in these challenges. Globally, the world is facing unprecedented diseases, viruses and stress. In Sydney, Australia, a group of people gather weekly for guided meditation for healing. Together, they are restoring energy, vision, pain, and mental health. Most of all focusing on restoring balance on earth, with distant healing.

Eye healing meditation and meditation for autoimmune diseases are two of many types of illnesses and diseases addressed in guided meditation.

At the end of each course, we talk to participants about their experience. Last month, one participant reported that her site had restored after suffering a severe virus. Another found positive ways to manage an auto-immune disease. Read on to learn about the healing power of meditation and how science is backing it.

Positive Mind-Set

Guided meditation is used globally in modern therapeutical environments. From the ancient cultures of our past to the present day, we still utilise meditation to:

• Re-focus the mind;
• Ground our energy centers with the earth, and;
•Create positive mind-sets.

Thanks to comprehensive studies and scientific data, we now understand what the ancients have always known. Guided meditation enhances empathy, relaxation, awareness, sensitivity, and opens our minds to change (*1).

Energising Meditation

Guided meditation engages the brain and activates neurons. These neurons then activate thousands of pathways in our bodies. As a result, we un-clog and open up our energy. During guided meditation, the body is at a deeper rest state than during sleep(*2). This is what contributes to feeling refreshed and energised. Simultaneously, meditation supports the immune system by flushing out toxic chemicals and bacteria.

Empowering and Calming Meditation

Through guided meditation, participants reported feelings of elevation and empowerment(*2). Challenges and negative energy impact them less. Working through depressive episodes and turmoil is easier. The heart feels strengthened. As a result, individuals are calmer and less anxious. Science can explain this elevation. Guided meditation dramatically reduces blood lactate, which at high levels is a stress and anxiety marker(*2).

Eye Healing Meditation and Meditation for Auto-immune Diseases

During a recent course at Meditation in Sydney, one of the participants restored her vision after a severe virus had taken hold in her body. This participant isn’t alone in her experience. Meditation increases immune function, improves health and survival rates in HIV/AIDS patients(*2). There is a 50% drop of cancer and heart disease found in long-term meditation participants(*1).

How does guided meditation heal ailments? It opens, strengthens and protects links between our brain’s neurotransmitters and our:

• Endocrine system (including our hormones);
• Immune system, and;
• Nervous system.

In scientific circles, guided meditation fits into the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)(*2). The fundamental basis of health is the ongoing balance of each system. When a system falls out of balance, the others follow suit, resulting in disease and illness.

Best Guided Healing Meditations in Australia

For many of us, modern medicine doesn’t provide the answers or healing we need for our bodies and minds. Every day, more people turn to traditional therapies.

Whether it is your first visit or if you’re returning to work through a new ailment or life challenge, everyone is welcome, and everyone is made to feel comfortable.

People attend our guided meditation courses to help with:

• Illness;
• Disease;
• Wellbeing;
• Mental health – notably anxiety and depression, and;

To participate in the next course held by Senka at Meditation in Sydney, please visit


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