Inner Fire Meditation and Rain Channeled When Saving Wildlife from Fires

Inner fire meditation and healing, guided sleep meditation rain and thunder. This meditation was inspired by my trip up north to help the wildlife from fires across forests on large properties.

Inner Fire Meditation Healing was channelled to me by Spirit, while travelling north to help save wildlife affected by the fires.


Dedicated to all the other amazing wildlife rescuers, carers and all those active in black walks to find any surviving wildlife. This meditation is for you to heal the earth and wildlife, by controlling the fires burning in any forest around the world to extinguish.

We covered the large area from Crowdy Bay National Park near the coast, through to Doyles River inland. A four-day trip shared with another amazing wildlife rescuer and carer by my side Tilly Gray, from Sydney Wildlife Rescue.

A huge thank you to Francis Pike who made this all possible, across many large private properties preserving bushland also affected by fires through most of them.

The Spiritual Experience

I was inspired to create this meditation guided by spirit to share with all. Right now, you must be awake to the real power, that every one of you possesses. You are eternal spirit in matter, experiencing this reality on our amazing blue planet called earth.

Meditation helps to reconnect us back to our soul, our very core and heal us from within. Once your spirit is energised and reconnected with the mind and body in complete realignment, you can then become fully empowered. You start to heal on all levels as you reactivate the spirit. Full belief in yourself restores your power.

In my earth healing meditation courses in Leichhardt Sydney, I help to accelerate this process in you. Many have attended my healing courses and have kindly shared their experiences and benefits as well as leaving five-star reviews.

By listening to this meditation, we can extinguish the fires burning in any forests and breathe new life back into the land by calling on the water element and air spirits. What we need to focus, visualise and act upon right now is the full regeneration of our natural world and replenish our wildlife with love and care. Most of all, we need to change our habits of consuming and change how we live right now!

While I was following in my car behind Tilly as we travelled to where her ducks were being dropped off at their new homes, I recall pausing at a roundabout. While waiting there, I remember observing a huge gust of leaves dancing in the wind. I watched them whirring as they were swept up in a circular motion into the sky before me in a tiny tornado effect. It was a special moment to witness and to see the leaves glimmering in the sunlight. A beautiful bird swooped down right in front of my windscreen into the leaves, then flew back up to the sky and disappeared. It was the most magical thing I have ever seen. It looked very much like a beautiful king parrot in glimmering greens and reds.

Not long after this meditation came through to me. It is a whole new way to work with the fire element to heal us and extinguish the fires in our forests.

On that day as I was following Tilly and the box trailer before me, I recall the fires burning in the bushland to my left in the distance. I believe it was the one that had been burning in Wollemi National Park for a day or two sadly.

So, I practised the meditation and applied it to the fire.

When Tilly and I reached our first stop after the ducks were all dropped off, she shared with me the fires app. She was fascinated that the app showed the fires had just stopped in Wollemi National Park. That was amazing! I had just focussed the meditation that had come through to me on those very fires!

Where we stopped to refuel and grab a late lunch, ash was falling around my car and feet. It was so disheartening to know so much forest was burning and so much loss of wildlife. As we continued our journey north into the evening towards Camden Head, I continued practising the meditation. At this time, I realised it is a perfect meditation to share with everyone, to heal and to empower each other. But, most of all, to heal our precious forests and wildlife.

Below is the lead up to our trip and the amazing people we met along the way who I am sure were guided to us by spirit. Generosity presented itself all around me and indeed restored my faith in humanity.

The Journey North & Encounters

The preparation leading into the journey north started just after the koalas were burnt in Crowdy Bay National Park. I was utterly moved by the footage of Lewis, the koala, in pain, screaming and disoriented in the fires. Lewis was saved by a lady only to pass away in care.

It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about the footage of Lewis and all the other wildlife that have been burned in the fires.

When the fires started late last year and then turned into mega-fires, I found it both gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to watch. Before our very eyes, we could see the immediate loss of vasts amount of wildlife and forests. The ancient forests and wildlife of this land, are what healed me and allowed me to grow into the individual I am today. They are what have enabled me to share this meditation with you.

I could not sit back being an experienced volunteer wildlife carer so, I asked if anyone from Sydney Wildlife would join me in the journey up north. A lovely young lady by the name of Tilly Gray put her hand up to join me. What an experience we had!


29th November – After enjoying such beautiful natural views on the Christian Brothers property, I made my way to Silverdale Fire Station. What unfolded next was amazing. Spirit guided me to the most generous people that helped to restore my faith in humanity. Many have been awakened and been proactive, wanting to assist wildlife and nature.

30th NovemberFire course at Silverdale Fire Brigade that Saturday to get my Fire Preparation certificate to do the Black Walks:

My mobile phone battery was almost flat, as I forgot my car charger. I stopped off at Silverdale bakery and ordered a coffee. I wasn’t sure where Marsh Street was so, I asked some lovely locals who were enjoying their Saturday morning coffee to direct me.

I was a stranger. When I shared that I was doing the fire course in preparation to go north to help the wildlife across private properties, the generosity that poured from them almost left me in tears of joy.

Generous Donations of Food for Wildlife and Medical Supplies for Treatment

A HUGE AND MASSIVE THANKYOU TO Linda Brandt, Karen Bedford and Rooty Hill Veterinary Surgery for the fabulous donations! I could not help but cry as the emotions welled up from within while taking the video. The amazing compassion and support people have shown me on this journey has been so heart-warming.

Personally, with 12 years of wildlife and rescue up my sleeve and Tilly with around three years up her sleeve, we can assist whatever we can find that is injured to save. All of these medicines will be helpful and useful.

They said they were going to gather supplies and drop them off to us while doing the course. They did just that and what a massive surprise it was! This is very easily close to $1000 worth of supplies! Such beautiful, inspiring and amazing people. Thank you to you all.

3rd December – Another huge thank you to the team at Bendigo Bank Leichhardt for the donations on this day. Just about ready for the trip up north on the 5th December.

The pillowcases we will use to place the injured into before setting up the boxes. More multivite pellets for marsupials such as bandicoots, wallabies, kangaroos and other ground dwellers. Water is always of great value and more. Once again, a huge thank you!!

Box Trailer Half Full with Feed for Wildlife up North to Share with Landholders
Box Trailer Half Full with Feed for Wildlife up North

5th December – Finally packed up my car with all meds, food, sheets and other donations. Went up to Monavale to help Tilly with packing and loading up the box trailer. Then we departed on our journey with the ducks, giving them forever homes up north before our trip to Camden Head where we were basing ourselves over the four days.

We drove all day, arriving in Camden Head late at night. There was so much smoke on the roads driving out of Sydney. Driving past Taree, we could see how badly the bush along the highway had been devastated by the canopy fires. Just getting ready to head out to properties now. Some of the properties have just been fire affected and still more smoke on the horizon — another fire burning somewhere not too far.

The bush was black and brown and the smell of smoke and ash thick in the air. When we were fuelling up at Wyong, I was watching ash landing all around my feet at the fuel pump and around my car.

Two female wildlife carers. Two cars and one box trailer all packed full travelling north. There were enough medications for the time being. The next focus was for me to buy bags of macropod food. 20 landholders were waiting ahead who would need more food to keep the wildlife alive on their properties. I ended up buying 30 sacks, 20 kilograms each. Around $800 of my money used in total for them, as I did not have time to set up a fundraiser before departing north.

This is an excellent example of how influential Australians are that come together with the same love and respect of our environment and wildlife. We start to create an underground movement that can save our amazing wildlife and all the precious sentient beings we share this planet with. Together, we can stop the greed and corruption, driven by love, care, and respect of our natural world. As each of us awakens, we become more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Tawny Frogmouth Juveniles Resting in the tree where we stayed at Camden Head
Tawny Frogmouth Juveniles Resting in the tree where we stayed at Camden Head

On a more positive note, it was great to see the Tawney Frogmouths perched in the tree where we slept overnight, I saw this as another positive omen of hope.

6th December – As I was getting ready to head out to fire-affected properties, I could see more smoke on the horizon — another fire burning not too far away. The bush was black and brown and the smell of smoke and ash was thick in the air.

It was great to have Australian Geographic journalists join us on our journey for the search of wildlife. They were capturing as much video footage as possible on every part of the trip. We made our way to Lorne to meet up with Francis, a property owner. She was successfully keeping all the wildlife alive with all the tank water she had stored across her property. Together we travelled as a small convoy over to the Doyle’s River property, being the first property of 150 acres.

Tilly Gray at the base of an old ancient tree affected by Fires at Doyles River
Tilly Gray at the base of an old ancient tree affected by Fires at Doyles River

We drove through fires still burning on the side of the road, to see if anything survived. It was just desolation as the fire had already torn through the forests two days beforehand.

Tiny pockets of living things did exist though. Small oasis’ (by creeks and rivers) had given safety to animals during the fires and now for the time being, food and water.

Most of the Doyles River property was burnt but there was still some water in the creek. Amazingly, a variety of small birds and various small lizards had survived around the river. Thankfully, a platypus spotted as well as lace monitors in the distance.

A plethora of birds, including scrubwrens, fairywrens, willy wagtails, spotted pardalotes, magpies, currawongs and some rainbow lorikeets had also survived.

Pond Survivors at Doyles Creek Once a Flowing River
Pond Survivors at Doyles Creek Once a Flowing River

A small wooden cabin and deck were still standing near the river. We found fresh scats from wallabies so we spread out bags of multivite pellets – some food to help keep them alive. For the ones that had survived near the pond, they had water to drink thankfully.

This trip is an excellent example of how influential Australians who come together with the same love and respect of our environment and wildlife can be.

Together, we have started to create an underground movement that can save our amazing wildlife and all the precious sentient beings we share this planet with.

Together, we can stop the greed and corruption, driven by love, care, and respect of our natural world. As each of us awakens, we become more powerful than you can ever imagine.

I will share more of our journey up north in the next blog as we covered so much ground in that short time.




4 thoughts on “Inner Fire Meditation and Rain Channeled When Saving Wildlife from Fires

  1. Robynn Ross says:

    Hi Senka,
    Now I have read every word of this, I get it. I need to hear of something positive. I had given Tilly some cash to support her trip up north, but have never met her. I took it on faith, thinking she would do the right thing and then she sent me some reports after the event.
    I really like to think I was a small part of your underground movement.
    Five hoppities have been sighted here, but no wombat scat evidence at all. It is raining at the moment and some grass plants are springing up near our creek beds. We have a lot of clearing up to do but will pace ourselves and do a bit at a time.
    The devastation of our wildlife is mind numbing but I thank you for your report here. Robynn 🐾🐾

    • Senka says:

      Thank you so much for the support Robynn. It has helped Tilly tremendously with petrol so yes has been used in good faith. Lugging the box trailer around was so important to deliver the food for the wildlife that was given to the private landholders to spread out for the wildlife to eat. All the widlife that came close to their properties and the support feeding worked. They are still alive and lots of rain now. Just found this post today being 15th March. Sorry for late reply.

  2. Noeline says:

    Beautiful meditation Senka. Seems it is working as the rains have come at last. Hope rain continues to assist the recovery of this horrendous damage to beautiful Australia. Blessings to you. ♥️

    • Senka says:

      Appreciate the feedback. Continue to like and share as the more listen to this meditation, the more we will be able to heal by bringing the rain. Most of all for our wildlife that needs all the help they can get out there by allowing the rivers to flow again with the much-needed rain that heals the forest. The damage by the fires is far greater than anyone can imagine. Apologies for the late reply. Refreshing to see real comments.

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