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Guided Meditations – Who We Are

Senka MeditationSenka has been practicing meditation in Sydney for 20 years. She is an intuitive meditation guide and takes participants on a  guided meditation journey to release their body, mind and soul from stress and routine. Senka is the director of her own advertising and web design company and has worked with some of Australia’s largest hotel chains and corporations, both national and international. She credits a great portion of her professional success to the benefits of meditation.

“I started meditation when I was 18 years old to help me get through the HSC – I couldn’t get my brain to switch off at night. With the help of meditation, this was quickly corrected. Throughout my life I have turned to meditation to get me through some rough personal times. My usual coping mechanism to stress was to distance myself from family and friends and bury myself in my work. This clearly was not a good stress management technique, when I started to regularly meditate and then started to guide meditation groupsI’ve never looked back!

Meditation has given me inner strength and power, enhanced stress relief in both mind and body, and has provided improved clarity of thought and heightened creativity. From what I have learnt over the years I have created a unique Four month Meditation Course. It is important in today’s fast-paced and stressful world that we stay grounded and clear headed so that we make the decisions that are best for us at any given moment.

Guided Meditations can help you to stay sane when things around you feel out of control. A great way to feel anchored, like a tree in the eye of the storm.

Senka’s approach in her meditation classes is to help you find that centeredness within, offering many benefits in your life. She guides meditation to help focus your mind in ways that leave you refreshed and energised. Senka takes a relaxed approach and is all about balancing and aligning your chakras, whole body and mind.

Senka has a passion for animals and volunteers for Saving Sydney Wildlife Australia in her personal time. She has been volunteering for a few years. Rescuing both brushtail and ringtail possums, exotic birds and has wildlife living naturally in her very small inner west garden!

See more about what Senka does and how you can get involved to help our wildlife. With the climate getting warmer and changing each year, our wildlife needs all the help we can offer them. As one individual, you can save many. A great way to reduce both stress and high blood pressure.