Guided Meditation for Motivation, Focus & Energy: A Message From the Divine Archangel Gabriel

Guided Meditation for Motivation Energy, Archangel Gabriels message on Motivation.

Motivation by Archangel Gabriel

We recently received a message from Stephan Davies, who kindly offered to write up the section of this article sharing a message channelled from Archangel Gabriel. Read on to learn about Archangel Gabriel, his message for us and how to use guided meditation to focus, increase motivation, energy and connect with the divine.

Prepare to be uplifted!

Archangel Gabriel – The Divine Messenger

Guided Meditation for Motivation Energy and Focus, Archangel Gabriels message on Motivation. Chakra meditation boosts motivation and energy

Archangel Gabriel is one of the most well-known archangels in history. Gabriel was (and is) crucial to both ancient and modern religions (Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Muslim) and spiritual belief systems. He is a divine messenger who brings hope, inspiration, and salvation. Gabriel regularly reaches out to our realm to deliver messages(*1). Perhaps, the most well-known message Gabriel has given is the one to Mary, where he told her she would be the Holy mother of Jesus(*1-3).

Stephan channels the following from Archangel Gabriel

“Hello to all,

This is Archangel Gabriel. Let’s talk about motivation. Motivation is something that many do not clearly understand.

What am I sharing? – The drive to achieve. This does not need to be a spiritual goal; it can be a manifestation or a change in your life. The examples listed require motivation.

So basically, I am going to share why we get motivated, how we get motivated and thirdly, what motivation does when you surrender.

Motivation is a feeling that arises within us and desires change, either with the environment or the self—this is the most basic explanation.

Once this well of energy is accessed, motivation endows us with the direction and drive required to engage with the environment in a problem-solving, adaptive and open-ended way. When genuinely motivated, we can achieve almost anything.

If you think it is unattainable, then you will not be motivated.

Motivation arises when you feel the desire to accomplish or turn a wish into reality. The real question is this: What happens when you are genuinely motivated?

When motivated, you give your whole self to the outcome. An example could be opening a new store, or problem-solving a complex mathematical equation. In either case, motivation will help achieve the desired result.

Soon you are going to be very, very motivated. That’s right, you, the person reading this message.

Motivation will help you in many ways, not just one way, not just two ways, but many ways. So, the secret to motivation is this: genuinely understand, trust and believe that you can do it, get it, or achieve it.

Nothing is impossible, absolutely nothing. Believe in yourself one hundred per cent and be motivated.

You Can Achieve Your Goals

I am Archangel Gabriel and bringing the message of motivation. Many of you could use motivation right now. If you sincerely want to achieve something, whatever it may be, with the help of the divine, angels or God, you can achieve it. 

To achieve a goal, you work towards it. If you enjoy what you do, there is no limit to how far you can go, or what you can achieve.

Let me conclude with this note – those who know what they are doing will get unique, wonderful, joyful, incredible outcomes. You can achieve this too. The only secret you need to understand is this – trust. Trust and believe in yourself.

Guided Meditation for Motivation Energy and Focus, Archangel Gabriels message on Motivation.

Guided Meditation for Focus, Energy and Motivation

In addition to focus, guided meditation dramatically boosts motivation and energy. Our bodies can often feel like they are lagging, foggy and bogged down. Clearing the chakras in our meditation course, allows energy to flow freely through all the major nerve centres of the body. Boosting mental clarity helps with memory, processing complex problems, and seeing the bigger picture. Guided meditation increases blood flow throughout the body, which fuels our muscles to tolerate more and heal quicker.

In the many articles shared, we learn about the incredible benefits of guided meditation. Ready to start your meditation journey? Great! We would love to meet you in the next meditation course held at Norton Street, Leichhardt, inner west of Sydney.


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